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The Blood line of Charles.

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  1. During the life of jamescp,
  2. the house made by king charles 1st,
  3. lived supreme, making its name known a vast military and power:
  5. Lord Charles 1st.
  6. Emperor Kingjames 11th
  7. Lord,Prince Jake98 1st (N/A, not known where he currently is)
  8. Lord, Prince Joseph57 the 3rd. (Stepped down, from charles,prince, and his house)
  9. Empress adhara the 1st. (Ex- empress, found and slaughtered after betrayal)
  10. Prince Asitor2nd (Died, becoming Nathaniel2)
  11. Lord nathaniel2 (Banished)
  12. Lord Zacharie (Found and murdered)
  13. Lord Zacharie2nd (Dictatorship came to an end)
  14. Lord,Prince,Emperor helper, Cynical the 4rth (He is asitor,nathaniel2,zacharie,and zacharie2nd)
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