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Anonymous #OperationGreenRights - OpColtan Leaks from AVX

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Aug 26th, 2012
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  8. Anonymous #OperationGreenRights - @OpGreenRights | OPCOLTAN phase II
  10. HACKED!
  12. SQL FOUND'
  14. FlyerPress:
  16. Resume Press :
  18. AVX It's a big firm wich produce ceramic and tantalum capacitors, connectors, thick and thin film capacitors, resistors and integrated passive components.
  21. AVX was directly involved in Congo war of 1998.
  22. UN accused AVX, and many other firms to be interested in illegal coltan extraction and war in DRC
  23. ( Democratic Repubblic of Congo )
  24. Usually Coltan was stealed by war groups from Congo mines and carried out to the firms.
  25. Million of people lost their lives in Congo war, nature was destroied in order to dig coltan and a lots of gorillas were killed.
  26. Unfortunatelly UN decided to abandon the case and never punish the responsibles of the war an nature devastation.
  28. Coltan, and more other minerals, are digged whith bare hands with an exhausting and unsafe work.
  29. Coltan is quite radioactive so miners have terrible illness.
  30. Also a commitee by the english government called RAID collected imputations against TRAXYS and other firms involved in Congo war. Mrs Feeney was an important member of RAID's committee.
  31. She said that UN received strong pressures from USA and other counrties in order to stop the trial,she also said that the accuses were true.
  32. So,now in 2012 the situation in Congo is not far from 1998. A civil war has grew up in Kivu, east Congo, in 2012 and it's due to the warlord Mr.Ntaganda formerly involved in 1998 war for coltan. We underline that
  33. Kivu in very rich in coltan mines. So we know that AVX was directly involved in Congo's
  34. war in 1998 but no one force them to pay for their crimes and in 2012 no one can guarantee that AVX is not taking coltan from Congo's war areas.
  36. AVX and other involved firms published an ethical code in 2010; they claim that they don't get tantalium from war areas.
  37. NOW a new civil war is growing up in Congo and is totally hypocrite to share DRC in different areas in order to say that some of these are war free.
  38. AVX, UN trial refused to punish you, but operationgreenrights doesn't forget.
  39. AVX, is the time to pay for your crimes, the trial is the whole mankind.
  41. Our aim is to controll every single data of the aforementioned database. Ovbiously the Dump is very big, so we invite people and journalist to controll the datas personally. At a first look we notice that the db contain a long list of email contacts from the majors of technology.
  42. This proof that big firms like Microsoft, Siemens, Motorola, etc. are still buying technology from AVX.
  43. Majors, as everyone knows that AVX had been formerly accused by UN, but they are not interested about so they continue to pay AVX in order to produce parts for cellphone, computers etc.
  44. We release the dump of database from so that everyone can investigate in order to proof your misdeeds.
  46. We ask for a new trial by the UN in order to invesitgate AVX's activities and other major companies in the DRC and in other war areas.
  47. Naturally, the bad working conditions of miners and the respect for the ecosystem should be investigated.
  48. At the moment, Anonymous #Operationgreenrights continues in its effort to sort out the truth about the illegal ore trade.
  51. We are Anonymous.
  52. We are legion.
  53. We don't forget.
  54. We don't forgive.
  55. Expect us!
  59. Press ESP # OperationGreenRights OpColtan fase II Press AVX
  61. AVX Es una gran firma cual producir condensadores de cerámica y tantalio, conectores, condensadores de película gruesa y fina integrados, resistencias y componentes pasivos.
  62. AVX estuvo involucrado directamente en el Congo la guerra de 1998.
  63. ONU acusa AVX, y muchas otras empresas a interesarse en la extracción de coltán ilegal y la guerra en la RDC
  64. (Repubblic Democrática del Congo)
  65. Por lo general, Coltan es robado por grupos de guerra de minas del Congo y llevadas a cabo para las empresas.
  66. Millones de personas perdieron sus vidas en la guerra del Congo, la naturaleza fue destruida para cavar coltán y una gran cantidad de gorilas muertos.
  67. Desafortunadamente ONU decidió abandonar el caso y nunca castigar a los responsables de la guerra una devastación naturaleza.
  68. Coltan, y minerales más otros, se cavó un poco con las manos desnudas con un trabajo agotador y peligroso.
  69. El coltan es muy radiactivo para los mineros tienen una enfermedad terrible.
  70. También un comité del gobierno Inglés llamado RAID recogen imputaciones contra Traxys y otras empresas involucradas en el Congo la guerra. Sra. Feeney era un miembro importante del comité RAID.
  71. Dijo que la ONU recibió fuertes presiones de EE.UU. y otros counrties con el fin de detener el juicio, ella también dijo que la acusa eran ciertas.
  72. Así, ya en 2012, la situación en el Congo no está lejos de 1998. Una guerra civil ha crecido en Kivu, en el este del Congo, en 2012, y es debido a la Mr.Ntaganda señor de la guerra participado antes en 1998, la guerra por el coltán. Ponemos de relieve que
  73. En Kivu muy rica en minas de coltán. Así que sabemos que AVX estaba directamente involucrado en la guerra del Congo
  74. en 1998, pero no una fuerza que paguen por sus crímenes y en 2012 no se puede garantizar que no se está AVX robando coltan de las zonas de guerra del Congo.
  75. AVX y otras empresas involucradas publicado un código de ética en 2010, afirman que no reciben tantalio de las zonas de guerra.
  76. Ahora una nueva guerra civil está creciendo en el Congo y es totalmente hipócrita para compartir República Democrática del Congo en diferentes áreas con el fin de decir que algunos de estos son guerra gratuita.
  77. AVX, ONU primera instancia se negó a castigar, pero OperationGreenRights no olvida.
  78. AVX, es el momento de pagar por sus crímenes, el juicio es la humanidad entera.
  80. Liberamos el volcado de la base de datos de para que todos puedan investigar para probar las fechorías.
  82. Somos Anonymous.
  83. Somos legión.
  84. No olvidamos.
  85. No perdonamos.
  86. Esperenos!
  90. AVX HACKED - DUMP data from
  91. LINKs : http://4eiruntyxxbgfv7o.onion/paste/show.php?id=366c1005d5065780&plaintext=1
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