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  1. Premise: First player to enter the game becomes the Hunter. He's equipped a weaponItem (variable, default:stone sword ). Each additional player to join the game becomes the Prey.
  3. Players join the game and are free to start exploring the map. Once the number of players reaches the Minimum Players (variable, default 4), the player who is to be the Hunter is selected at random. If Minimum Players is set to 0, The first player to enter becomes Hunter.
  5. People entering an active game (the Minimum Players has been reached, or a player has been assigned Hunter role) are invisible and invulnerable for for a period of time (variable, default:45 seconds) while they look for a hiding place. After that period, they must avoid the Hunter. When a Hunter strikes a Prey with the weaponItem, that Prey player becomes the Hunter and the previous Hunter becomes a Prey. All Prey once again become invisible and invulnerable and the game carries on.
  7. Powerups: Potion effect Speed I when stepping on Powerup Block (variable, default:Glowstone)
  9. If enabled in the config (true by default):
  10. After a certain time has passed (variable, default:240 seconds) without the Hunter being able to locate and strike a Prey, a reveal event happens placing beacon signals at the location of all players. The Hunter beacon is one color (variable, default:red) and the Prey beacons are another color (variable, default:white). These beacons will persist for a set length of time (variable, default:60 seconds) and do not follow the player.
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