Seren form — @crybabyjoon

Jan 19th, 2017
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  2. slot — tao
  4. full name — Choi Ha Na / Hana Choi
  6. age — 22
  7. birthday — July 3, 1995
  9. height — 162 cm / 5'4
  10. weight — 46 kg / 100 lbs
  12. face claim — jeongyeon (twice)
  13. backup face claim — park shin hye (actress)
  15. languages they speak —
  16. —English (100%)
  17. —Korean (100%)
  18. —German (48%)
  19. —Spanish (90%)
  21. languages they want to learn —
  22. —Japanese
  23. —Mandarin
  24. —Arabic
  25. —Greek
  27. birthplace — San Francisco, Los Angeles
  29. hometown — Jeju City, South Korea
  31. STAR
  32. background — growing up, Hana was born in San Francisco, Los Angeles and was fairly popular for a young girl. she was known for being the pretty girl who was incredibly sweet and nice, as well as smart. though, she was sweet and caring, she wasn't really seen with anyone because she was usually distant. Meaning, she didn't really grow up with anyone, her parents playing big roles as a lawyer and a doctor and she didn't have any siblings. sooner or later, Hana had to say farewell to the small amount of friends she actually cared for, to move to her fathers birthplace, Korea. there, she opened up more and became even more popular, receiving love notes here and there. even though she opened up more and she changed, she still didn't get any attention from her parents.
  34. family —
  35. —choi seung joo / 44 / father / lawyer / 38%
  36. —choi areum / 43 / mother / doctor / 50%
  38. nationality — american
  39. ethnicity — korean
  41. personality — Hana is a caring and sweet person, she doesn't let a sick person pass by her and takes care of them as if they were a baby. she's really friendly, can easily be enjoyed to be around by others, and very thoughtful. though she's known by many and has at least given a nice chat to everyone she knows, she is very distant at times and has difficulties with showing her emotions and letting others into her life. unlike herself, as in taking care of others, Hana doesn't like wasting people's time or being noticed much. it's hard for her to tell someone how she's feeling because she's afraid of coming out as petty, and she's afraid of people leaving her or not enjoying her presence, so she doesn't let people into her life the exact moment she mets them. it does take time to let her understand what type of person you are, but the moment she understands you, she'll be extra friendly and like a young mother who worried about you nonstop. she has the mother aura but she can be submissive at times, having to be taken care of and loved at specific times.
  44. —korean & japanese dramas
  45. —people that work hard
  46. —being noticed
  47. —hanging out with those she's close to
  48. —ham sandwiches
  49. —dark / neutral colors
  50. —the number 5
  51. —american rock bands
  52. —sweet strawberry flavored anything
  53. —documentaries about history
  54. —extra sized clothing
  55. —romance
  57. dislikes —
  58. —spanish dramas
  59. —those that are extra lazy or just are unenthusiastic
  60. —being ignored
  61. —being alone
  62. —not having anything to do
  63. —neon / bright colors
  64. —people with high egos
  65. —people that speak their minds when not asked
  66. —blue berry flavored anything
  67. —math / anything having to do with deep thinking
  68. —clothing that reveals too much / too tight clothing
  69. —blood
  71. trivia —
  72. —she owns two cats named Cactus and Sunflower
  73. —likes caring for small plants
  74. —writes a lot about whatever in a notebook she carries everywhere
  75. —really likes wearing big hoodies
  76. —is known for showing her fangirl like emotions
  77. —has a soft spot for rappers
  78. —her favorite idol is kim namjoon from bts
  79. —her favorite actress is lee joo young
  80. —likes saying "I'd turn gay for her in a heartbeat" on a daily
  81. —can stay up for a whole day without sleeping
  82. —really likes spicy chicken sandwiches
  83. —believes her lucky number is 5
  85. LONELY
  86. stage name — Hana
  88. stage persona — she's really energetic, always trying her best to bring the crowds mood up and follows along with the fan chant (or that thing they do like for ex. KIM NAMJOON KIM SEOKJIN MIN YOONGI– yeah that), jumps around almost everywhere and is always back hugging members.
  90. idol relations —
  91. —Amber [f(x)] ; since they're both americans, both thought they could be close because of the fact and they really did
  92. —Seokjin [bts] ; she sees him as an older brother she's never had and he sees her as a sister that needs care
  93. —Johnny [nct] ; they're really goofy together and enjoy one another's presence
  94. —Baekhyun [exo] ; they really like bothering one another to the point where it's annoying others
  96. suggested album songs ;
  97. —whistle ; blackpink
  98. —200% ; akmu
  99. —for now ; kwon jin ah (it's more like a female & male so maybe one of the members sings it with their interest?)
  100. —TT ; twice
  102. requested scenes —
  103. —she's practicing her dancing, when she's made a wrong turn and injure her ankle, resulting in having it broken.
  104. —her buying lunch for all the members, and possibly the exo members as well.
  106. requested scenes between you and him —
  107. —since her ankle is broken, he decided to take care of her and baby her. feelings growing stronger.
  108. —she's frustrated and keeps messing up on her lines, he helps calm her down and slowly learn her lines with his help as well
  109. —they go on a date, but they act shy and act like they don't see it as a date.
  110. —omg very cute & shy moments pls
  113. anything else — nope, nothing else :')
  115. note to ceo — hello! hopefully you take in my form!! also, please don't be saddened because I'm pretty sure your apply fic will get much more noticed! I'm happy you had tao, or the three members in general, because I'm actually a huge fan of his. please don't forget about your health while doing this a preparing the apply fic! hopefully you do much better and receive the views you want!! ♡♡
  117. password — tao / kai
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