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  1. [4:37 AM] King!: What do you want
  2. [4:43 AM] theDomo: are you okay what's going on?
  3. [4:43 AM] theDomo: someone said that you were thinking that I was doing something
  4. [4:43 AM] theDomo: hey if you ever think anything contact me I won't lie to you
  5. [4:43 AM] theDomo: I don't want to be enemies I want to be friends
  6. [4:43 AM] King!: Like what
  7. [4:43 AM] theDomo: someone told me that you removed me because you thought I was talking garbage about you
  8. [4:43 AM] King!: someone said that you were thinking that I was doing something'
  9. [4:43 AM] King!: About what
  10. [4:44 AM] theDomo: someone said that you were thinking that I was doing something'
  11. [4:44 AM] King!: Like what doing
  12. [4:44 AM] theDomo: someone said that you were thinking that I was doing something'
  13. [4:44 AM] King!: The Something is
  14. [4:45 AM] theDomo: someone said that you were thinking that I was doing something'
  15. [4:45 AM] King!: And who Said it.
  16. theDomo started a call that lasted a few seconds.Today at 4:45 AM
  17. [4:45 AM] theDomo: call
  18. [4:45 AM] King!: I cannot call Not on pc, let me get on pc
  19. [4:45 AM] King!: In 15 mins
  20. [4:45 AM] theDomo: okay I really want us to work this out because I don't want you to think of me that's not true
  21. [4:46 AM] theDomo: I was notified that someone said that you think I was talking garbage about you with gifts or something
  22. [4:46 AM] theDomo: personally I would never talk garbage about you
  23. [4:46 AM] theDomo: I want you to know that I defend you every chance I get
  24. [4:46 AM] theDomo: I understand you're just stressed out and paranoid it's okay. I would never do anything bad to you
  25. [4:47 AM] theDomo: I'm here for you man if you need to talk I'm always here if I'm asleep I'll respond when I wake up :slight_smile:
  26. [4:59 AM] King!: U would want never anything Bad to me?
  27. [4:59 AM] King!: I mean you threatened to dox me before
  28. [5:04 AM] theDomo: I only said that because we were fighting and you wouldn't stop and I explained to you why later and I thought we squashed that
  29. [5:04 AM] theDomo: are you just really paranoid?
  30. [5:09 AM] King!: fighting?
  31. [5:09 AM] King!: you threatened my family.
  32. [5:09 AM] theDomo: ???
  33. [5:09 AM] King!: that will never be forgiven.
  34. [5:09 AM] theDomo: I never threatened your family
  35. [5:09 AM] theDomo: that is where you're wrong dude why do you keep saying that
  36. [5:10 AM] theDomo: I never bring your family into it at all why are you being so mean
  37. [5:10 AM] King!: This is where this conversation already ends.
  38. [5:10 AM] theDomo: Jesus Christ dude
  39. [5:10 AM] theDomo: can you not squash the beef even though we both agreed that we did
  40. [5:10 AM] theDomo: why dude why do you always have to go back on your word
  41. [5:10 AM] theDomo: you said it was over
  42. [5:11 AM] theDomo: I haven't said anything negative against you or bad in a long time
  43. [5:11 AM] theDomo: I haven't done anything
  44. [5:11 AM] King!: Nah that cannot work.
  45. [5:11 AM] King!: and never will
  46. [5:11 AM] King!: we both know this
  47. [5:11 AM] theDomo: you're the one who said that you squashed it was over and now you're going back on your word
  48. [5:11 AM] theDomo: dude why can't you make up your mind what is wrong with you
  49. [5:11 AM] theDomo: you have issues you need to get help you need to see a doctor
  50. [5:11 AM] theDomo: Jesus Christ dude you are so paranoid
  51. [5:12 AM] theDomo: no one is out to get you there is no war there is no battles there's no winners there's no losers
  52. [5:12 AM] King!: Nah
  53. [5:12 AM] King!: you came to me.
  54. [5:12 AM] theDomo: you're paranoid
  55. [5:12 AM] King!: nah
  56. [5:12 AM] King!: you are a freak.
  57. [5:12 AM] theDomo: no I asked you what was going on because I'm not understanding and you removed me as a friend and kicked me
  58. [5:12 AM] theDomo: and I asked people I wasn't freaking out
  59. [5:12 AM] theDomo: I simply asked you a question that's not freaking out are you retarded
  60. [5:12 AM] theDomo: you are the one freaking out
  61. [5:13 AM] theDomo: calm down dude and think about your actions
  62. [5:13 AM] King!: you should think of what you did.
  63. [5:13 AM] King!: i never saw an apology.
  64. [5:13 AM] King!: i said sorry on my part for the 'fat cunt'
  65. [5:13 AM] theDomo: Jesus Christ I apologize for threatening to dox you
  66. [5:13 AM] theDomo: this is the internet dude calm down
  67. [5:13 AM] theDomo: this is why nobody likes you
  68. [5:13 AM] King!: i don't seen an Apology about the family, neither do i know about the dox thing.
  69. [5:13 AM] King!: Dude.
  70. [5:13 AM] theDomo: this is why all of your friends are going to turn on you this is why nobody thinks you're a good guy
  71. [5:14 AM] King!: which planet do you live on
  72. [5:14 AM] King!: nobody likes you.
  73. [5:14 AM] theDomo: goodbye
  74. [6:41 AM] theDomo: hi
  75. [6:41 AM] theDomo: why are you twisting conversations and lying to people
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