Breakfast - In heat

Mar 8th, 2014
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  1. >You are Shimmer Light.
  2. >... Most ponies, while in heat, lose control of themselves.
  3. >You, however, keep your composure completely.
  4. >... And while you become incredibly weak in the cold, you become incredibly powerful in heat.
  5. >"Heat" meaning both warm weather conditions as well as wanting to hump anything with the ability to move.
  6. >... Not that you have that urge.
  7. >You have control.
  8. >You also have a bag of groceries in your mouth.
  9. >... Your house is almost completely void of food, you had no choice but to go shopping.
  10. >Currently, you're halfway home.
  11. >The only ponies in sight are... the foals you always see together, the chubby moth you usually see with them and... that bat-moth freak?
  12. >You thought he had a sign on him saying "Do not allow near children, for they may get cut on all of his edges", why is he even near them?
  13. >Either way, he doesn't look too happy. The chubby one seems to be pampering him with more attention than she's giving the foals.
  14. >The foals, by the way, are climbing all over him. No wonder he doesn't look happy.
  15. >You'd probably feel sorry for him, if you didn't hate him.
  16. >The orange foal stops climbing for a bit to stare at you as you pass by.
  17. >She's one of the only ponies who seems to notice you in your daily life.
  18. >Maybe she's the only one foolish enough to care.
  19. >You don't care about them, they shouldn't care about you.
  20. >Their incessant babbling dies down as the distance between you grows.
  21. >You don't get peace, however, for you spot a group of moth mares walking on the other side of the street.
  22. >The group consists of the dull brown one, the yellow-yellow one, the one with green mane and tail, the brown and white one, and... the peach one; you haven't seen her in quite a while.
  23. >The dull brown one seems to be a bit away from the group but is still part of it; the brown-white one is riding on the green-haired one; and the peach one is sighing obnoxiously.
  24. >"It's too bad Hexy doesn't want to hang out, she really would've loved it..."
  25. >Hexferry turned down being with them? Maybe you're getting to her after all.
  26. >The yellow one decides it's her turn to speak up.
  27. >"And Meisa's sick..."
  28. >This makes the peach one sigh even louder than before.
  29. >Eavesdropping is fun and all, but these mares won't say anything you care about any time soon.
  30. >You stop listening and keep walking.
  31. >...
  32. >A white moth stallion passes by you at an alarming speed with a jar of what you assume is nectar in his grasp.
  33. >Not soon after, another stallion, whose colors remind you of a bee, rushes past you with a look of extreme anger on his face.
  34. >"Virgo, I swear, if you don't give it back right now..."
  35. >His yelling fades out as he chases after the white one.
  36. >...
  37. >Your house is now in sight.
  38. >With the knowledge Hexferry didn't want to be with her friends, you have confidence you won't see her leave her as she leaves her house today.
  39. >The sound of an opening door disturbs your peace.
  40. >... You've been wrong before, much to your dismay.
  41. >Hexferry wobbles out of her house, staggering as though she's trying to hurry but physically can't.
  42. >She's breathing heavily and she looks... hot, as though she's burning up.
  43. >She stops to catch her breath a few meters in front of you.
  44. >"Hey..."
  45. >...
  46. >Is she seriously talking to you?
  47. >She raises her head to look directly at you.
  48. >"Did you..." she pauses to pant heavily. "Did you see Caramel? I... have to apologize to her."
  49. >You weren't aware you did, but you stopped just ahead of Hexferry.
  50. >She's probably talking about one of the mares in the group.
  51. >...
  52. >You shake your head and walk around her.
  53. >Hexferry groans and begins her journey to catch up with the mares.
  54. >You turn around to see her progre-
  55. >... She's in heat.
  56. >Just like you.
  57. >There's no way she'll get to them.
  58. >... Your thoughts take some unwanted paths.
  59. >The rest of your time in heat is completely uninteresting.
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