Nottinghamm's Blink Flail in GemStoneIV

Jul 30th, 2018
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  1. Star-of-Krrska
  3. Your sight clouds a little as your song begins, slowly fading into blindness with each passing melody. Four measures in, your vision clears, but what you see is something completely different than reality. You find yourself in the middle of what appears to be a heavily crowded area surrounded by well-armed shan warriors. Despite the fact that you are empty-handed, the creatures are thankfully ignoring you as if you were merely a fly on the wall. Two males, one human and one dwarf, come into view to your right as the shan scatter away from them. The dwarf swings a perfect maoral-handled mithril flail at one of the creatures, scoring a direct hit! Almost immediately, his flail lights up with hundreds of tiny blue sparks and then flares with a dull grey beam. The beam snakes out toward the target and kills it! Your song continues and your vision blurs yet again.
  6. As you sing, you feel a faint resonating vibration from the mithril flail in your hand, and you learn something about it...
  8. The first thing that strikes you about the flail is the weight, which is about 7 pounds. In your best estimation, it's worth about 23,350,000 silvers. You can also tell that the mithril flail is predominantly crafted of mithril.
  10. Verse 2:
  13. When your eyes focus, you seem to be effortlessly moving alongside the hunting duo and watching their every move. The human appears to be a wizard, given his natural abilities to both bolster his defenses with a translucent sphere of magic and cause the very earth to become molten underneath the feet of his targets. The dwarf is an able warrior, using his flail to block, parry, and attack through his targets' defenses and pummel them into submission. At their first chance, the warrior hands his flail to the wizard. He mutters a few incantations and gestures at the weapon. The weapon glows slightly, but nothing else seems to happen. The wizard mumbles and tries again with the same result. Growing visibly annoyed, the wizard tries again quite a few times until, finally, the weapon suddenly glows with an intensely blue light which seems to be absorbed into the flail. Your vision blurs as the wizard returns the weapon to his friend.
  16. As you sing, you feel a faint resonating vibration from the mithril flail in your hand, and you learn something about it...
  18. You sense a faint aura of magic shrouded with a haze of necrosis around the mithril flail. You sense that this is some type of holy item. From the pitch of the vibration you determine that the purpose of the flail is as some type of weapon. It has been forged by a member of the Artisan's Guild. In addition, its use appears to be magically restricted in some way.
  20. Verse 3:
  22. The next measure of your song clears your vision, bringing into view yet another grisly battle scene. The wizard and warrior seem to be taking their task in stride, using a lethal combination of spellcasting and weapon-wielding to wreak havoc on the field. Without warning, one of the warrior's strikes causes his flail to again light up with hundreds of tiny blue sparks! This time, a hissing stream of acid flies towards his target causing great injury! Though the warrior's followup strike does not flare, the third does, killing his opponent. The hunting duo then proceed to claim their prizes as your vision begins to blur. As the scene fades to black, an underlying, almost inaudible harmony lingers in your tempanic membrane, drawing you closer to reality and focusing your attention on the flail in your hands.
  24. As you sing, you feel a faint resonating vibration from the mithril flail in your hand...
  26. It has a bonus of +40 from a normal flail, and the way it vibrates in tune with your voice tells you that it requires skill in twohanded weapons to use effectively. It also has some type of special ability, but you can't tell what yet. The flail has a significantly increased effectiveness in combat.
  28. The flail hums clearly, indicating that the item will prevent itself from being used unless the acting party meets certain conditions.
  29. You think that you could probably find out something more about the nature of the flail's restriction if you tried.
  31. Verse 4:
  33. As your eyes focus on the flail, the eyelid inlaid into it suddenly blinks at you! For just a moment, you get the feeling you are somewhere else... but a quick blink of your own eyes shows you that it was merely a vision. Your song concludes, leaving you feeling drained for a few seconds thereafter.
  35. As you sing, you feel a faint resonating vibration from the mithril flail in your hand...
  37. The harmonics generated tell you that the flail inflicts more fearsome wounds when it strikes, has been permanently infused with a divine flaming substance and has been sanctified for use by a Cleric or Paladin in the fight against the undead.
  38. The mithril flail resonates with your voice, indicating that it has been enchanted by Jayvn.
  39. A strange necrotic haze sours your melody slightly, indicating that Isola has infused the flail with the fifth tier of permanent Ensorcellment.
  40. The flail has been bound to Nottinghamm via the spell Sanctify.
  42. The flail hums clearly, indicating that the restriction's conditions are as follows:
  43. This item is restricted to use by Nottinghamm.
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