MGE Side III Asuramis + Afterword

Dec 4th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. The Secluded City Asuramis
  2. Haaa... Fuuu... Ufufu♥ That was a wonderful time...♥
  3. While we were having sex, something very good must have happened, the song of serenity was echoing throughout the city, and I wondered what would happen...♥
  4. Ufufu♥ Well, somehow or another, it became like this...♥
  5. Your erection hasn’t gone away, and I’m still holding your lower half with my tentacles, detaining your penis like this... Haa♥
  6. Isn’t this nice♥ This is our proper state, as neither I nor you wish to separate our bodies...
  7. Moreover, this place is the “Graveyard of Ships”... Because the song of serenity was echoing earlier, no one will come here.
  8. This heap of piled up ships is what my lord has carried here thus far...
  9. Although it is called a graveyard, many of these ships are waiting for repairs, so they may be reborn as new buildings... They are ships awaiting resurrection.
  11. ...You see a light coming from the other side of this mountain of ships?
  12. You’ve done well to notice it. Another city is over there.
  13. Originally, this place was where my lord gathered and buried the humans that had lost their lives and sunk into the sea together with their ships in the Great Asuramis War or one of the many repeated conflicts in this sea...
  15. And now, that light, “The Secluded City Asuramis”... Ghosts, Phantoms, Wights, Liches... It is a place where the dead spend an eternity of pleasure with the Incubi who have been resurrected by their own necromancy.
  16. Even if they don’t talk about it anymore, they can guess what happened to themselves...
  18. This place that bears the name of my lord, “The Asuramis Sea”... Anyone who step foot here, be they human or monster, cannot escape the monstrosity “Asuramythra”...
  19. Thus, neither can you, who is now buried in my tentacles like this, having your penis lustfully devoured by me...♥
  20. We are the darkness lurking in the sea. Humans captured by us like this shall never escape...♥
  21. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  22. Afterword
  23. Good work, dear customer!
  24. You made it to the bottom of the sea!
  25. I’m a mermaid from Court Alf’s Tourism Center! But you already knew that!
  27. How were the seven islands and the voices of the seven divas!
  28. Our dear customer will be heading home now... Well, perhaps not♥
  29. Somehow or other, it seems you’ve been united with some island’s diva or song maiden♥
  30. Who in the world is it, and what kind of things did you do! Did you do it?!
  32. Ah, you, the customer by herself over there!
  33. The boyish Succubus! Are you looking for a partner in Court Alf?
  35. “I’m searching for my wandering teacher...
  36. Yeah, teacher is a monster scholar, and I’m his apprentice.
  37. W-we don’t have that kind of relationship!
  39. But, yes...♥
  40. Maybe one day, I’d like to have a relationship like that, and sink to the Queen Diana together? Ehehe...♥”
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