Jan 5th, 2016
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  1. Postgis Plugin: PSQL error:
  2. ERROR: column "height" does not exist
  3. LINE 1: SELECT ST_AsBinary("way") AS geom,"feature","height","name",...
  4. ^
  5. Full sql was: 'SELECT ST_AsBinary("way") AS geom,"feature","height","name","religion","way_pixels","width" FROM (SELECT
  6. way, name, religion, way_pixels,
  7. COALESCE(aeroway, amenity, wetland, power, landuse, leisure, military, "natural", tourism, highway, railway) AS feature
  9. way, COALESCE(name, '') AS name,
  10. ('aeroway_' || (CASE WHEN aeroway IN ('apron', 'aerodrome') THEN aeroway ELSE NULL END)) AS aeroway,
  11. ('amenity_' || (CASE WHEN amenity IN ('parking', 'bicycle_parking', 'motorcycle_parking', 'university', 'college', 'school',
  12. 'hospital', 'kindergarten', 'grave_yard', 'prison', 'place_of_worship', 'clinic')
  13. THEN amenity ELSE NULL END)) AS amenity,
  14. ('landuse_' || (CASE WHEN landuse IN ('quarry', 'vineyard', 'orchard', 'cemetery', 'residential', 'garages', 'meadow', 'grass',
  15. 'allotments', 'forest', 'farmyard', 'farm', 'farmland', 'greenhouse_horticulture',
  16. 'recreation_ground', 'village_green', 'retail', 'industrial', 'railway', 'commercial',
  17. 'brownfield', 'landfill', 'construction') THEN landuse ELSE NULL END)) AS landuse,
  18. ('leisure_' || (CASE WHEN leisure IN ('swimming_pool', 'playground', 'park', 'recreation_ground', 'common', 'garden',
  19. 'golf_course', 'miniature_golf', 'picnic_table', 'sports_centre', 'stadium', 'pitch',
  20. 'track') THEN leisure ELSE NULL END)) AS leisure,
  21. ('military_' || (CASE WHEN military IN ('danger_area') THEN military ELSE NULL END)) AS military,
  22. ('natural_' || (CASE WHEN "natural" IN ('beach', 'heath', 'grassland', 'wood', 'sand', 'scree', 'shingle', 'bare_rock', 'scrub') THEN "natural" ELSE NULL END)) AS "natural",
  23. ('wetland_' || (CASE WHEN "natural" IN ('wetland', 'marsh', 'mud') THEN (CASE WHEN "natural" IN ('marsh', 'mud') THEN "natural" ELSE wetland END) ELSE NULL END)) AS wetland,
  24. ('power_' || (CASE WHEN power IN ('station', 'sub_station', 'substation', 'generator') THEN power ELSE NULL END)) AS power,
  25. ('tourism_' || (CASE WHEN tourism IN ('attraction', 'camp_site', 'caravan_site', 'picnic_site') THEN tourism ELSE NULL END)) AS tourism,
  26. ('highway_' || (CASE WHEN highway IN ('services', 'rest_area') THEN highway ELSE NULL END)) AS highway,
  27. ('railway_' || (CASE WHEN railway = 'station' THEN railway ELSE NULL END)) AS railway,
  28. CASE WHEN religion IN ('christian', 'jewish') THEN religion ELSE 'INT-generic'::text END AS religion,
  29. way_area/NULLIF(2.38866::real*2.38866::real,0) AS way_pixels
  30. FROM planet_osm_polygon
  31. WHERE (landuse IS NOT NULL
  32. OR leisure IS NOT NULL
  33. OR aeroway IN ('apron', 'aerodrome')
  34. OR amenity IN ('parking', 'bicycle_parking', 'motorcycle_parking', 'university', 'college', 'school', 'hospital', 'kindergarten',
  35. 'grave_yard', 'place_of_worship', 'prison', 'clinic')
  36. OR military IN ('danger_area')
  37. OR "natural" IN ('beach', 'heath', 'mud', 'marsh', 'wetland', 'grassland', 'wood', 'sand', 'scree', 'shingle', 'bare_rock', 'scrub')
  38. OR power IN ('station', 'sub_station', 'substation', 'generator')
  39. OR tourism IN ('attraction', 'camp_site', 'caravan_site', 'picnic_site')
  40. OR highway IN ('services', 'rest_area')
  41. OR railway = 'station')
  42. AND way_area > 0.01*2.38866::real*2.38866::real
  43. ORDER BY CASE WHEN layer~E'^-?\\d+$' AND length(layer)<10 THEN layer::integer ELSE 0 END, way_area DESC
  44. ) AS landcover
  45. ) AS features WHERE "way" && ST_SetSRID('BOX3D(-8720241.934886048 5045761.111161055,-8718407.446207201 5047595.5998399)'::box3d, 900913)'
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