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  1. <align="center"><size="40px"><u>Welcome to SCP:SL EU WEST server</u>
  2. <align="left"><size="25px"><u>Rules</u>
  3. <size="20px">
  4. [1] No cheating allowed, this will result in a permanent ban
  5. [2] Any racist, sexist or abusive comments are forbidden
  6. [3] Micspam/earrape will result in a ban
  7. [4] Play your role, excessive teaming with non-allowed teams is not allowed
  8. [5] Ghosting isn't allowed
  9. [6] No prolonging the round
  10. [7] Respect the server staff
  11. [8] These are only the basic rules, use common sense. If staff find unfitting behaviour they will act accordingly
  12. <size="25px"><u>Communication</u>
  13. Discord:
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