Not Friend, Waifu!

Apr 14th, 2021
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  1. “Will you be my wife?” And with that you sent a red superchat to your girlfriend Shirakami Fubuki with a smug smile on your face. “Wife? No no! Frie-“ Fubuki took a quick pause as she read out your name during the stream, her face visibly blushing and her ears perking up excitedly. After a short and brief second of that absolutely adorable expression, she fake coughed to cover up the fact that she became extremely flustered in front of her live audience. Satisfied with her reaction, you switched off your pc and left to prepare dinner and a nice warm bath for your girlfriend. Tonight is gonna be a special night after all!
  3. As you prepared dinner you started reminiscing the time where you first met Fubuki. You were just a lowly intern at Cover tasked with creating graphic designs for publicity and since you were actually quite competent and dedicated to the job, you were given the chance to sign onto the company once the internship period was over. By chance you were assigned to be Fubuki’s personal design artist for her thumbnails and her event posters. From there you were able to eventually get to know her personally and you two connected over your common interests over video games and anime. One thing led to another and you are now officially her boyfriend. Though you both have to hide that in public or you will literally get headhunted by her fans.
  5. As you were setting down the dishes on the table, you heard the door slowly creak open and a tired “I’m home..”, you immediately rushed out to greet your tired and cute girlfriend at the front door. Upon spotting your face, she blushed profusely before rushing towards you and burying her head on your chest. You wrapped your arms around her lithe frame and stroked her soft and fluffy ears, her tail wagging rather quickly behind her. “Y-you idiot!!!” She shouted and weakly beat on your chest. You chuckled softly and simply leaned down to place a quick kiss on her lips. Her face lit up even more and she wrapped her arms around your neck, returning the kiss with as much vigor as possible, the stress of today forgotten in this tender moment.
  7. “Would you like dinner or a bath first?” You asked after pulling your lips away from hers, staring deep into her beautiful teal colored eyes. “B-bath please..” She bashfully whispered before squeaking in surprise as you princess carried her to the bathroom. The food might get cold but that can wait! As you reached the bathroom, Fubuki signalled to be let down before running into the room and closing the door on you. You kinda felt disappointed that you can’t join her in the bath but that was quickly disregarded as the door creaked open with a pair of fox ears slowly emerging with Fubuki’s red face peaking out of there. “Aren’t you going to join me?” She said in a soft tone and blushed harder when you immediately discarded your clothes and entered the room while Fubuki grabbed your hand and led both of you into the tub.
  9. The two of you have long gone past the stage where being naked around each other is no longer embarrassing. During the time you spent with her in the bathroom, you asked her how was work today while helping her to shampoo and clean her hair. “Work was really stressful today! Dance lessons were really tiring and manager san really wanted me to stream from the office right after the lesson to promote our new concert! It didn’t help that a certain someone had to send that stupid superchat to make me flustered all day… Thanks..” She whispered that last part while sinking herself into the water to muffle herself. You chuckled while you start to give her shoulders a good rub. “Sorry for that, I just wanted to tease my girlfriend a bit at work! Besides, I’m sure you’ll forgive me after my surprise for you after dinner.” You exclaimed before turning her around to give her another peck on the lips just to observe her cute reaction. As expected she turned beet red before relenting and relaxing against you.
  11. After the bath finally comes the dinner! Thankfully the dinner hasn’t gone cold and is just good enough to still be considered hot. You two ate in relative silence while you nervously digged into the food, nervous about what is to come later. Fubuki noticed this and was about to ask what’s wrong before widening her eyes. A small box, which suspiciously looked like a ring box, fell out of your pocket from your fidgeting. You gasped in surprise as the precious box fell onto the ground, mentally cursing yourself from ruining the surprise after so much set up.
  13. “Fuck it” You say before grabbing the box and going up to Fubuki and kneeling before her, her expression still one of shock. Staring up into her eyes with a determined expression, you say in faux confidence “ Shirakami Fubuki, Will you be my wife?” You slid the bright azure crystal ring into her finger as you stared at her face, afraid that she will reject you but keeping up the image of confidence on your face. Your eyes widened as saw her ears perk up sharply and her tail started to wag intensely, not unlike this afternoon but this time, she had a genuine smile on her face with tears of joy slowly streaming down her beautiful and gentle face. “Yes! Yes I will be your wife!” She claimed before pouncing on you and kissing you deeply as you both proclaim your love for each other, your own tears dripping down your face as you returned the kiss. Finally, after all those nights of saving money to buy a ring and planning this very night, it all pays off. Your girlfriend Shirakami Fubuki is now your lovely wife.
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