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Jun 27th, 2013
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  1. Hi!
  3. I was sort of shocked when I saw the score as I thought i did pretty bad in quants. AWA topics were pretty straightforward and I was pretty happy with what I wrote. Then came Quants. Quants was significantly tougher than powerprep and I had to do some guessing to save time. Verbal started off easy. But RCs that came in the middle were tough as hell. I got two pretty hard RCs one after the another. That sorta kicked me in the nuts and I thought i lost it. I guess I lost my verbal 50-70 there. Sentence completions, analogies and antonyms were pretty straightforward. No words out of barrons thankfully. I guess the actual scoring mechanism is a bit more lenient when compared to powerprep; I'm pretty sure i messed up more than 3 questions in quants.
  5. I spent about 2 months preparing ... about 40 days of preparation along with work. Finished Barrons, Novas and content during this time. Took about 20 days off from work and focused on word list revision, Kaplan verbal workbook, Bigbook and exam sims...
  7. I'd recommend the following materials for each section:
  8. -Verbal-
  9. Antonyms - Kaplan Verbal
  10. Analogies - Kaplan Verbal
  11. RCs - Novas (Hands down)
  12. -Quantitative-
  13. Novas and Barrons
  14. -AWA-
  15. Novas Novas Novas !!
  17. Some of the other aids that i used include a hell lot of flashcards and mp3 word lists (listened to them while commuting). I also highly recommend Word Master Vocabs. Although not GRE oriented, it's an excellent resource to learn some new words.
  19. And the scores of all the full length tests that I attempted in chronological order:
  20. Barrons I V590 Q430 (Fooled around in Quants Confused )
  21. Peterson I V520 Q570
  22. Kaplan CAT I V600 Q690
  23. Kaplan CAT II V600 Q740
  24. Barrons II V650 Q630
  25. Powerprep I V680 Q740 (Sept 19th)
  26. Princeton CAT V700 Q780
  27. Barrons III V650 Q770
  28. Barrons IV V650 Q700
  29. Barrons V V720 Q700
  30. Princeton CAT 2 V740 Q800 ( This sorta made me feel complacent)
  31. Powerprep 2 V680 Q750 (A week before) (This broke my heart)
  32. Kaplan CAT 3 V610 Q750
  33. Poweprep I again V710 Q770
  34. Powerprep II again V680 Q770 (Day before the exam)
  35. GRE V700 Q800
  37. Attempt powerprep exams atleast twice... a lot of different questions popped up the second time I attempted them
  39. Best of luck everyone ... and thanks a lot to everyone here for making this forum active! Oh yeah... few other tips
  41. <> Keep going no matter how much you think you screwed the previous questions ... its important to stay focused on the question in hand. This comes with practice !
  43. <> Learn to let go: Being an comp sci guy, i never used to give up on a math problem. I would spend an inordinate amount of time trying to solve them. Even though this is honorable, it is a pretty dumb thing to do in GRE, since timing is very crucial. Thanks to quitting and guessing 2/3 questions, i managed to finish the section in time and get a 800
  45. -alter
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