Anon's Current Stats

Oct 3rd, 2021 (edited)
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  1. Statistics and equipment:
  2. HP: 75
  3. MP: 25
  4. Arachne Silk Tunic - 2DMG Reduction - A white tunic made from woven arachne silk; a material harder than steel. Worn as an undershirt.
  6. Obsiweave Jacket - 3DMG Reduction – A thin, glossy black gambeson worn over the tunic, made of material soaked in liquified, enchanted obsidian. Capable of stopping several things, including but not limited to great sword strikes and ballista shots.
  7. Midnight Mantle - 5DMG Reduction - A black hooded mantle with an eight pointed star composed of a strange silvery material on the back. Said material completes a trim that goes along the entire back portion of the mantle. It’s complete with a silver chain connecting the two pieces around your shoulders together and keeping it secure. The inner portion of the garment pulses a strange blue sheen slowly, giving away its magical properties at a glance. Also known as ‘Arkid’s Mantle’.
  8. Total DMG reduction - 10
  10. Soul Striker - 1D10 DMG, 1D20 when surviving an onslaught of attacks unscathed or landing a critical attack – A sword given to you by King Yagoo to commemorate the start of your quest, enchanted by Coco to be entirely nonlethal. The blade passes through flesh and causes severe pain but will not draw blood. A weapon of great power.
  12. Grappler Gauntlets - Sorcery-infused gauntlets that allow you to grapple onto ceilings or walls using a ghostly tendril of azure energy. Can be used defensively to catch attacks and misdirect them, or offensively with the skill Round Raid. Also lets you grab things from far away!
  14. Powerful Coat - Add 5DMG to attacks following a perfect dodge. Courses with power. Helps you stay motivated.
  16. Enchantment: Vampiric Blade - Heal 1D4 damage on hit. If a crit, heal 2D4.
  17. Vampiric Blade UPGRADE: Mana Leech - When striking an opponent, roll 1d6. Recover the result in mana. If Soulbleed has been applied prior, recover 2 mana/turn.
  19. Enchantment: Spellblade - The Soul Striker is now functional as a focus for the use of casting magic! Watch your MP!
  21. Ring of the Daring Duelist - Add 5DMG to riposte (parrying) attacks. If the riposte is a critical attack, add 10 DMG instead. For example, a regular riposte would be 1D10+5, a critical would be 1D20+10. The critical dice pool still applies.
  23. Mirage Assault Broach: 35% chance to repeat last attack, which can chain together with diminishing chances of landing. Success means the next roll is 17.5%, to 8.75%, etc.
  24. Adamantine Badge: Projects a screen of light to reduce damage taken by 5. 40% chance to activate.
  26. Sanguine Badge: On landing an attack doing over 10 DMG, call a face and flip a coin; successfully calling the face will result in Soulbleed being inflicted against the enemy for the remainder of the fight. (2DMG/round)
  28. Windstorm Broach: +1 to rolls made to dodge an attack. If the roll would become a critical dodge, it will be treated as a normal dodge rather than a critical.
  30. Amulet of Embers: 50% chance to ignore a deathblow, erupting into flames and regaining 50% HP while dealing 1D10DMG.
  32. Skills:
  33. Round Raid - Technique taught to you by Polka. Roll to determine the amount of targets hit if fighting a crowd, up to a 1d6. Once per combat, throw your sword out as a devastating spinning attack that hits as it goes forward and as it returns to you. If the attack connects, deal 2D10 damage. If parried, you'll be disarmed for one turn; dodging will be your only option before you can return your sword to your grip!
  35. Spells:
  36. Barrier Plate - Automatically projects a hexagonal screen of light before your left forearm at the beginning of an engagement, which functions as a shield should. The shield can be used to attempt to block following a failed dodge or parry, but doing so will consume five mana, regardless of whether it actually succeeds in stopping the attack. If it succeeds in blocking the attack, it consumes five mana more. If the blocking of the attack would use up the last of your mana, do not get a follow up attack. If no mana remains, the shield will break until mana is fully restored, becoming unusable. Shield will only reform if mana is fully restored.
  38. Mirage Dance - Calling forth a double from your broach, unleash a deadly duet upon the opponent on demand. Renders the broach dormant for the rest of the fight. Roll 2D20 and Mirage Assault Broach activation from 25% chance to proc rather than 35%. Maximum of three procs.
  40. Summoned Swords - Projectile. Roll 1D10. The result will be manifested as small, flying blades, which immediately move to impale their target. Have the opponent roll to dodge each one using a D10vD10 system. For every blade that connects, deal 5DMG. Mana cost: 10
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