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Feb 8th, 2019
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  1. ; the item table
  2. '(
  3.     ("Rusted Karak" "A rusted, near-eastern close combat weapon." weapon 20)
  4.     ("Blunt Karak" "An old, blunt near-eastern sword." weapon 15)
  5.     ("Zalik Retainer Breastplate" "A hardened leather breastplate, coloured in faded green." torso 120)
  6.     ("Zalik Retainer Legwear" "Smooth cotton legwear, coloured in light and dark green." legs 10)
  7.     ("Zalik Retainer Sandals" "Sandals made out of woven bamboo." feet 2)
  8.     ("Nothing" "Nothing but black, hard flesh can be seen." any 0)
  9.     ("Bare Fists" "Not very powerful, but will do the job with enough strength and a bit of desperation." weapon 2)
  10.     ("Brittle Iron Key" "Old iron key, with brittle black paint on it." key 0)
  11. )
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