Hemera and Nyx: Equestria Girls

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  1. >"Sunset Shimmer to the principal's office."
  2. >In a classroom in CHS, Sunset is alerted by a loudspeaker calling her name.
  3. >She looks at her teacher who tells her to do what she was instructed
  4. >As she walks through the halls she hopes that she's not being called to deal with another magical incident.
  5. >She reachs Principal Celestia's office and is greeted by Celestia and her sister.
  6. >She notices two girls who are also in the office that she doesn't seem to recognize
  7. >"Hello Sunset, please have a seat."
  8. >"Is this about what Rainbow Dash did in P.E yesterday? We warned her not to use her wings at school but she wouldn't liste-"
  9. >"Oh no, you're not in trouble Sunset."
  10. >Vice Principal Luna speaks up
  11. >"We acquire your assistance."
  12. >Celestia walks up to the two girls
  13. >"Sunset, this is Hemera and Nyx, our nieces. Introduce yourselves girls."
  14. >Nyx waves at Sunset while Hemera looks at the wall disinterested.
  22. >"They were having problems at their old school so their parents transferred them here. I would like you to show them around the school and answer any questions they may have."
  23. >"Of course, it would be my pleasure."
  24. >Celestia walks up to Sunset and whispers
  25. >"One more thing, keep a close an eye on them, they can be a little...troublesome. Also I would prefer they not know about our school's more 'magical' activities, at least for now."
  26. >Sunset nodded
  27. >"Great, you three have fun now!"
  28. >Sunset, Nyx, and Hemera leave the office
  30. >Sunset show the girls around CHS, the 2 barely say a word
  31. >".......And over there is the cafeteria. That should bring us to end of the tour. Any questions?"
  32. >"Yeah, what is it about this school and it's friendship fetish? This place feels more like a pre school than a high school."
  33. >Sunset looked at Hemera, she remained her so much of herself before she met Twilight.
  34. >"Well, there was this student. Before she came here this place used to be like any other high school. There was hardly enthusiasm and everyone only cared about themselves."
  35. >"But she showed us that it didn't have to be that way. Ever since then we grew closer and stronger, everything from our test scores to our sports improved. It's all thanks to her."
  36. >Hemera rolled her eyes of how cheesy that all sounded, but Nyx looked genuinely Interested.
  37. >"Who was this girl, does she still go here?
  38. >"Sorry, she moved to another School. But she does come to visit from time to time. I know she'd love talk you two."
  39. >"Is she your girlfriend?" Hemera asked
  40. >The question caught Sunset by surprise.
  41. >"I-I'm sorry?"
  42. >"Well, you seam to think the world of her and I noticed how your eyes glow the more you talk about her."
  43. >Nyx laughed as she noticed the same
  44. >Sunset's face grew red
  45. >"Um...I....she...."
  46. >Sunset was at a loss for words. She did think highly of Twilight, but being more than friends with her never really crossed her mind untill now.
  47. >"She is really special to me, but no we're just really good friends. I owe her so much."
  48. >Sunset then remembered something she was wondering when she first met these two.
  49. >"Say, how are you two related to the principal and vice principal? They said you were their nieces but I didn't know they had another sister.
  50. >"Well actually-
  51. >"It's none of your damn business." Hemera interrupted.
  52. >"Oh, I'm sorry."
  53. >Sunset looked at a nearby clock
  54. >"Well, looks like that concludes the tour. Remember if you two if any more questions I'd be happy to help."
  55. >"Whatever."
  56. >The 2 walked to thier class, as they went Sunset couldn't help but feel like that there was something off about them.
  57. >>26358514 (You) #
  58. >After class, Hemera and Nyx head to lunch
  59. >"So Hem, what do you think of this place so far?"
  60. >"Boring as hell, I'd rather be back home."
  61. >"But we can't go back, not after what you did."
  62. >"Hey, those assholes started it. No one messes with you but me."
  63. >Nyx looks down
  64. >"So it's my fault?"
  65. >"What? No. You gotta stop hard being on yourself."
  66. >Hemera puts an arm around her sister.
  67. >"Listen, it's you and me versus the world. Always has been, always will. Fuck everyone else."
  68. >"But-"
  69. >"No buts. I just need to figure out how to get us out of this discount high school musical."
  71. >They went inside the cafeteria
  72. >Hemera tries to find a empty table just for her and Nyx.
  73. >As soon they're about reach a desired table, they are interrupted by Sunset.
  74. >"Hey girls."
  75. >Hemera sighs
  76. >"What do you want, baconhead?"
  77. >Even though it was meant to be an insult, Sunset couldn't help but chuckle at the nickname
  78. >"Well, I know how lonely it can be on the first day, so I was wondering if you two would like to sit with me and my friends?"
  79. >"Thanks for the offer, but we already found a-"
  80. >As soon as she looked back, the table was taken by some blue haired guy and his friends
  81. >She tried to look for another table, but the place was packed.
  82. >"Fine."
  83. >Sunet lead them to her friends.
  84. >"Hemera and Nyx, these are my friends: Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Pinkie pie, Rarity, Fluttershy, and Twilight Sparkle."
  85. >The sisters said hello and sat down.
  86. >They sat down at the far end of the table.
  87. >Over the next 15 minutes, each of group had a turn to talk to the sisters.
  88. >Pinkie's over excitement of meeting of new friends scared Nyx and annoyed Hemera
  89. >Rarity commented on their clothes and offered to take them shopping to get something more "fabulous"
  90. >Nyx and Fluttershy talked about thier pets at home.
  91. >Applejack merely said hello as she was busy working on some school work with Twilight
  92. >Out of the 6, Hemera actually took a liking to Rainbow. They discussed sports and times they've gotten into trouble.
  93. >They bragged about who did more extreme things until Sunset gave Rainbow a look. Obviously not wanting her to encourage bad behaviour.
  96. >After lunch, they got ready to go until Pinkie spoke up.
  97. >"Hey! I have an idea, we should have a sleepover!"
  98. >"A sleepover?
  99. >"Yeah, it would be really fun and we can all get to know each other more!."
  100. >"Um..."
  101. >"Please Hem, can we go? I never been to a sleepover before."
  102. >Nyx gave her sister a look she knew her sister couldn't refuse
  103. >"Alright, but just this once!"
  104. >Pinkie jumped up and down with excitement.
  105. >Sunset walked over to the girls
  106. >"You're parents are going to be okay with this, right?"
  107. >"Trust me, you don't have to worry about them."
  108. >"Well okay, see you tonight then."
  109. >They parted ways and went to thier next class.
  110. >Hemera looked at her sister
  111. >"I can't believe you made me agree to this."
  112. >"Oh come on, they're actually pretty cool."
  113. >"That Rainbow one yeah, but the rest are so lame."
  114. >"Well then just talk to her then."
  115. >"Fine, I just hope we don't end up regreting this."
  116. >"What's the worse that could happen?"
  117. >Later that day, the girls are driven to Pinkie Pie's house by thier aunt Luna
  118. >"I'm glad you two are already making friends, it's nice that you're actually giving CHS a chance."
  119. >"Hey, I'm only going because Nyx is going. Nothing more, nothing less."
  120. >"While I'm happy you care for your sister, you should really lighten up. Those girls are some of the best our school has to offer."
  121. >"Yeah sis, give them a chance. Please?"
  122. >"I'm not making any promises. Are we there yet, aunt Luna?"
  123. >"Yes actually."
  124. >Luna parks in front of the house.
  125. >"You two behave yourselfs."
  126. >"Whatever."
  127. >"Thanks for the ride aunt Luna."
  128. >"See you tomorrow, girls."
  129. >Hemera and Nyx exit the car and head towards the house."
  130. >"Are you ready, Hem?"
  131. >"Let's just get this over with."
  132. >They knock on the door and are greeted by Pinkie's sister, Maud.
  133. >"Hello."
  134. >"Um....hi, Pinkie invited us?"
  135. >"Let me go get her."
  136. >Maud goes to fetch her sister
  137. >"She's um....nice."
  138. >"That's one way to put it."
  139. >Pinkie opens the door
  140. >"Oh my gosh, you're here!! Come on in!!!"
  141. >Pinkie grabs them by their hands and drags them to her room.
  142. >"Welcome to the party!!"
  143. >Pinkie opens the door to her room filled with her friends
  144. >Rainbow and Applejack are playing videogames
  145. >Rarity is doing Fluttershy's hair
  146. >Sunset is talking to Twilight
  147. >They notice the sisters and say hello
  148. >"Make yourselfs at home girls."
  149. >Hemera and Nyx enter slowly
  150. >Rainbow looks at Hemera
  151. >"Hey Hemera, want to play?"
  152. >"Sure, get ready to kick your ass kicked."
  153. >Rainbow smirks
  154. >"We'll see about that."
  155. >Rarity waves at Nyx
  156. >"Nyx, darling, I've been dying to braid your hair. What do you say?"
  157. >"Sure Rarity, I'd like that."
  158. >"Great, just let me finish up with Fluttershy."
  159. >Nyx sits down with Rarity and Fluttershy
  161. >Some time passes
  162. >Hemera beats RD in Street Fighter 50 times
  163. >Rarity braids Nyx's hair
  164. >Nyx then spends time talking to the rest girls
  165. >Hemera notices that Twilight is the only one not with the group
  166. >Curious, she sits next to her
  167. >"It's 'Twilight' right?"
  168. >"Oh, hey Hemera."
  169. >"Why aren't you with them?"
  170. >"I'm kinda busy working on this assignment, why aren't you talking with the girls?"
  171. >"Maybe later. You know, out of all your friends you seam to talk the least. What are you hiding?"
  172. >"Hiding? N-no it's nothing like that, I just... I been having issues fitting in. I actually moved to CHS not too long ago."
  173. >"Really? Where from?"
  174. >"Crystal Prep."
  175. >"Crystal Prep? Damn, you must've screwed up big time to get kicked out of there."
  176. >"I wasn't kicked out! I chose to move to CHS."
  177. >"You chose CHS over the smart rich kid school?"
  178. >"Yes, the people here are amazing and the few weeks I've spent here were the better than the 3 years I've spent in Crystal Prep."
  179. >"So you came here because that was place was carp and you find it better here? I can respect that, I wish me and Nyx had the freedom to choose like that."
  180. >"Um...its supposed to be 'Nyx and I'."
  181. >"Whatever, still if you love it here so much how come you're so quiet all the time?"
  183. >"I think the people here are great but...."
  184. >"But?"
  185. >"Sunset told you about the girl who changed things at CHS, right?"
  186. >"Yeah, but what does she have to do with anything?"
  187. >"She made a large impact, people felt something missing when left. Even though she does visit sometimes."
  188. >"And?"
  189. >"People that I remind them of her, but we all know I'm nothing like her. She's amazing and I can't help but feel like I'm just living in her shadow."
  190. >"Shit, but why do people compare you to her so much?"
  191. >"We have a lot of....similarities."
  192. >"It's complicated, but that's not the point. I've talked to Sunset about it and she tells me not to worry, that my friends sees me as my own person."
  193. >"Does it help?"
  194. >Between you and me? No. I noticed the way Sunset looks at me. Everytime she sees me she sees her and always looks disappointed that I'm not. She writes to her all the time, sometimes more than she talks to our friends."
  195. >"Then why are you still hanging with these people if they don't treat you fairly?"
  196. >"They pulled me out of a dark place. I almost hurt a lot of people, Sunset and her friends saved me from myself. I owe them a lot. Sure it might not be so great right now, but I know I can work through it with time."
  197. >"Well, I hope so. But you can always hang out with me and Nyx if things don't work out."
  198. >"Thank you, I appreciate that."
  199. >A purple dog appears and starts to sniff Hemera
  200. >"Who let a dog in here?"
  201. >"Oh, that's just Spike. You wanna pet him?"
  202. >"Um sure."
  203. >Hemera picks up Spike and starts to pet him
  204. >"So Spike, huh? That's a cool name."
  205. >"Thanks, I think he likes you."
  206. >"Well of course."
  207. >Twilight chuckles
  208. >"I think you and I are going to be good friends, Hemera."
  209. >"I think so too."
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