Aug 23rd, 2021
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  1. You're back. Again. When will this pain end? You can't even remember how you died the first time. Or the second time. Or the third. All you knew was that it is that BITCH that keeps bringing you back. Each resurrection made you feel less and less human. And each resurrection made you feel much more vengeful towards this small girl that keeps bringing you back.
  3. Her disheveled green hair looks messier each time you lay your eyes on her wretched form. You so desperately want to tear her apart. Rip off her limbs one by one and bite off her throat. Even then, it will not compare to the constant pain and agony you feel each time you are brought back.
  5. This time was no different, you stood on shaky legs as you let out a screech of pure agony. Your hands clawed at your face as you peeled off skin and flesh from it. Your decaying flesh hanging loosely off your body as you stood on the magic circle. Your decaying eyes made contact with the green bitch's own eyes. Her empty red eyes tearing up as she desperately reached out to you, as if to comfort you. You knew better. She just wanted to torture you. If she truly wanted to comfort you, she wouldn't bring you back into this hell.
  7. "Ah.. Darling.. Please let Rushia fix you."
  9. With a howl of anger, you lunged at "Rushia", your bony claws aiming for her neck but they didn't reach her. They never do. Your body may not remember but your decayed and ruined mind still knows her as someone "precious" to you. With tears flowing freely from your decaying eyes, you once again screeched in agony as you forced your hands to slash at your own neck, easily decapitating yourself as the world turned black once again.
  11. The only thought that's still on your mind is the hope that this will be the last time before it's too late. Before you completely forget about the green haired girl, before you forget about your beloved Rushia. The world turned to black once again and you are at peace. At least for now.
  13. "I failed.. again.."
  15. Rushia sorrowfully caressed your decapitated head on her lap, a sad smile was on her face as she stood up with your head in her hands. Her eyes were fully devoid of light, the hope in them had fully died out and she knew that it was impossible to bring her beloved back. But she will keep trying. Nothing will stand in her way to be reunited with him again. Nothing.
  17. Rushia gathered your body parts and laid them on the circle to begin the resurrection once again.
  19. "Wait for me dear, I'll bring you back again."
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