Fun with Lyria

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  1. Lyria let out muffled cries as her mouth was covered in a gag layered with many fabrics. Her ample breasts were on full display for her captor to look at.
  3. "Oh, man, finally got ya to myself, little lady." The bandit grinned as he walked over to the bound girl and reached out, touching her mounds and dragged his fingers against the cloth that covered them. "Damn, soft as hell."
  5. "MMM!" Lyria shouted, red-faced as she glared at him.
  7. "Oh, yeah. They're so damn soft..."
  9. The bandit was now grabbing Lyria's chest from behind, jiggling and giving them a few squeezes. "I bet you've drunk some milk to get these babies~"
  11. Lyria struggled not to feel embarrassed or nervous, but what the bandit was about to do to her next made her heart skip as he stood her up.
  13. "Let's see what you've got under your dress~"
  15. He lifted the hem of her dress, holding it up with one hand and brought the other down to grab at her ass, as Lyria turned and squirmed in a futile attempt to escape his touch. He then grabbed a handful of Lyria's white panties, wedging her undies between her round cheeks and uncovering more smooth skin to directly touch and feel up.
  17. "Mmmm~!" Lyria closed her eyes and blushed hard as the bandit squeezed her butt and rubbed it sensually. "Mmmmm!"
  19. "Relax, I'm giving you a massage. You must be tired of sitting down a lot." The bandit rubbed circles with his thumbs onto her buttocks. He gave her rump one last grope before moving onto her breasts again, gently massaging them as well.
  21. The blue-haired lass felt herself flush with embarrassment and lust as she let this perverted man touch her all over, making her feel good even though it was in the wrong places. She knew it was shameful, but she was starting to get used to this.
  23. "Man, you're a real treasure. Hope I can keep you around to be my little doll. Or a cuddle buddy. Hehehe..." The bandit jiggled Lyria's breasts again, her soft mewls were music to his ears.
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