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From Anonymous to the Occupy Central Protesters

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  1. From Anonymous to the Occupy Central Protesters
  3. Dear brothers and sisters from Hong Kong, dear citizens of the World
  4. For too long we have watched silently as you have fought for freedom. We have decided that this time, we would not let you march alone. The internet gives us the power to join you in your quest for democracy.
  6. We cannot be with you on the streets.  We cannot fight the police that are arresting you.  But they cannot arrest an idea. Over the past week, we have worked diligently to keep the eyes of the world on your struggle. Google Translate has done some overtime as we tried to give you a voice all over the internet. The government officials, the mainstream Medias will paint us as disorganized, lawless troublemakers but know this: our actions prove that no government, no corporation is out of reach of people who are determined to be heard. You matter, we matter, we are not the cogs in the machine the powerful want us to be.
  8. We have effectively hacked and shutdown government websites and their supporters. Some noticeable Chinese and Hong Kong government domains and networks have already acquired American services for their domains.  Such actions prove that the attacks we have conducted cannot be handled, and they must turn to U.S. based providers. For all of Washington posturing, this reveals that American corporations have no qualm in supporting Beijing policy of censorship that is The Great Chinese Fire Wall.
  10. At last, we want to clarify that no pro-democracy and media websites were targeted by us. Neither are we acting on the behalf of a foreign government, especially the US or the UK which have imprisoned so many of our own. We are not on the payroll of any political or corporate rodents. We have no border and simply share in the same humanity than you.
  11. We realize that what we do is nothing compared to what you have accomplished so far and we salute your courage and determination.  We are committed to let world know about you. We are hoping that your courage will inspire the silent and fearful majority. You are proof that in the end, the powerful cannot coerce you into compliance and silence.  Standing up, singing, dancing with your umbrella, this is already victory. They can arrest your poets, but they can’t stop their words to reach us.
  13. “Wearing black clothes, bald and holding an umbrella, I support Hong Kong.” Wang Zang
  15. To the rest of the world, join us in supporting the people of Hong Kong.  Use the power of the internet to talk about them, post pics of them, twitter, Facebook, YouTube...  
  17. In solidarity with you all
  18. United as one, divided by zero
  19. We Are Anonymous
  20. We Are a Legion
  21. We Do Not Forgive
  22. We Do Not Forget
  23. Citizens of Hong Kong, We stand with you.
  24. Government of China, you should have expected us.
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