Wizardquest 3 powers

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  1. Tobias abilities:
  2. Illusions: Tobias can create illusions to affect the perceptions of his enemies, and allies. This can range from making someone hear something up to them feeling a fake sword pierce their gut. Someone CAN die from the belief they've been killed!  He requires line of sight for these abilities except when using special powers. Small illusions which would be expected (hearing a sound from the side at night, or seeing a face in a crowd) or working on those with poor perception have a nearly negligible cost. Those which are harder to perform (making someone feel or see something incredible) have a higher cost.
  4. As of this time, there's no ability to reduce his insanity again. Using your powers wisely is important!
  6. Eye of Fear: Through direct eye contact you can make someone experience their worst fears. Unfortunately, you too will see and experience these fears. Moderate insanity cost
  8. Project: Creates an illusory bubble that affects everyone within 30ft to see/ experience said illusion. High insanity cost.
  10. Items:
  11. [Pocket Sand]: Sand with a random effect rolled for at the time when used. You're not sure how it works but it doesn't matter. It always just sort of does in a pinch.
  13. [Travel gear]: Rope, food, tents, cooking supplies, etc. You shove it all into a bag of holding anyway, but you're well situated for a journey up north.
  15. [Cold weather clothing]: It can get chilly in the mountains entering the Monster Nation. Thankfully summer isn't bad, but you brought a jacket anyway.
  17. 2x [Light Crossbow]: Not too heavy for even a girl to use, these inventions gave humans an edge in the later invasion. You dont know how to use them, but at least you have plenty of ammunition with you.
  19. [Farsight Goggles]: While lacking an enchantment for magesight, these goggles do allow you to see great distances.
  21. [Knife]: A sturdy knife. It slices, it dices, it's a knife.
  23. [Arachne silk suit]: Extremely durable suit made of Arachne silk. Never gets stained and breathes like a dream. Very stylish, great for any situation! You have two actually.
  25. [Fire Resist Potions]: There's actually a lot in here. How did you even get this many? Either way, they drastically raise protection from heat and flames.
  27. 2x [Bag of Holding]: All your heavy gear goes in here.
  29. --Rayleigh's Gear:
  30. ----Mana Potions (concentrated)
  31. ----Light armor
  32. ----Knife
  33. ----This cute pink dress she kind of likes but doesn't want people to see but she brought it anyway.
  35. --Finn's Gear:
  36. ----Full Plate armor
  37. ----Longsword
  38. ----Bow
  39. ----Knife
  41. --Alice's Gear:
  42. ----Medium Plate armor
  43. ----Energieschwert
  44. ----Knife
  45. ----An assortment of underwear designed to be seen
  47. --Clint's Gear:
  48. ----Magitek Rifle with overcharged repeater mode capability
  49. ----2 spare mana capacitors
  50. ----House Fullvora trinkets
  51. ----Leather clothing
  52. ----Fancy boy clothing
  54. --Ginelle's Gear:
  55. ----Tight fitting travel clothing
  56. ----Yellow Dress
  58. --Clarissa's Gear:
  59. ----Flying leathers
  60. ----Messenger bag
  61. ----Goggles
  63. --Ophelia's Gear:
  64. ----Magesight Goggles
  65. ----Magitek electrocuter
  66. ----Magitek tools
  67. ----Communications devices x4
  68. ----Long range communications repeater
  69. ----[Bag of Holding +2]
  70. ----Heavy wrench
  71. ----That nice blue dress she enjoys because you need to look nice sometimes
  73. --Patricia's Gear:
  74. ----Messenger bag of Holding
  75. ----A shit ton of reference books on the Monster Nation and legends of the Gods
  76. ----Also some fiction books involving romance
  77. ----Enchanted locket with runic signature of her family
  81. Rommel abilities:
  82. Items and Spells known:
  84. Geomancy:
  85. [Rock throw]
  86. Aethertic alignment with earth allows you to manipulate these objects under a certain size and hurl them at intended targets
  87. <Rock Slide>
  88. For short periods of time, you can slide a piece of rock across open ground at increased speeds
  90. [Tremor]
  91. Sending your magic into the ground, you can cause the earth to shake and force others off balance
  92. <Inhospitable Ground>
  93. A derivation of tremor, you can fracture the earth in a small area, causing dangerous terrain to those within the area.
  95. [Trench]
  96. Displaces earth to form trenches or tunnels.
  98. [Build the Wall]
  99. Raises a wall from the ground, can be left in place for long periods of time
  101. [Flurry]
  102. Create a orb of sand, dirt, or other particles  up to 10 feet in radius. Can be made to spin quickly, or disperse on command.
  104. [Pebble Gun]
  105. Fires a small rock at fast speeds using Aeromancy, allowing it great penetration power at reduced accuracy
  106. <Rifling>
  107. Increases range of pebbles fired
  108. <Round shot>
  109. Rounding stones increases accuracy of pebbles fired
  111. [Shotgun pebbles]
  112. Fire a densely packed group of rocks. Spreads well over range, devastating at close distances
  114. [Survey]
  115. Spreading your magic into the earth, you can tell it's component minerals and isolate them
  117. [Epicenter]
  118. Cast near indiscriminate annihilation of the ground in a ring around you. Dangerous!
  120. [Imbue Golem]
  121. You can control up to five golems of detailed form. They can take some complex orders
  123. [Rock Solid]
  124. Forming plates of rock around you, you create armor to block close attacks.
  126. [Deflect]
  127. Pushing your magic around you, you can cause metals in a localized area around you to deviate away.
  129. [Metallurgy]
  130. You can manipulate metals you have surveyed
  132. <Copper Manipulation: Adept>
  133. You can pull raw copper from the earth and shape it. You have limited control over refined copper
  135. <Iron Manipulation: Expert>
  136. You can easily locate and pull raw iron from the earth. You can freely manipulate iron and are able to control steel with ease, but have more difficulty shaping it.
  138. <Lead Manipulation: Adept>
  139. You can pull raw lead from the earth and shape it well. You have limited control over refined lead but… that's not common.
  141. <Tin Manipulation: Proficient>
  142. You can pull raw lead from the earth and shape it well. You have good control over purified tin
  144. <Gold Manipulation: Proficient>
  145. You can pull raw gold from the earth and shape it well. You have good control over purified gold
  147. Hydromancy:
  148. [Water Spout]
  149. Can improve the [Twister] when over a body of sufficient water, increasing its danger.
  151. Aeromancy:
  152. [Gust]: Manipulates the air in the area into a controlled winds. Can be used to make blunt wind attacks as well.
  154. [Twister]: Create a localized area of turbulent air which sucks in nearby objects. Once initiated, may be difficult to control.
  156. [Razor Wind]: Create blades of wind that slice through flesh, foliage, many other things.
  158. [Galeforce]: Create indiscriminate violent winds in a widespread area.
  160. Pyromancy:
  161. [Fireball]: Create and throw a ball of fire. The most basic of fire spells
  163. [Flame Lance]: By focusing the powers of fire into a singular point, you create a lance of flame with extreme penetrating power.
  165. [Lava Flow]: Rapid melting of rock leads to molten lava, allowing manipulation of this deadly substance. Limited control if moving both yourself, very good control if you only do one part.
  167. Fulgromancy:
  168. [Lightning Bolt]: Channel electricity into a foe. The most basic of electricity spells
  170. Glaciemancy (or Cryomancy):
  171. [Ice]: Freezes a target. The most basic of Ice spells
  173. [Flash Freeze]: Rapid cooldown and freezing of a section of metal or other substance. Area of affect limited and pinpoint however, will likely cause frostbite on biological targets
  175. [Shatter]: By rapidly heating and then cooling a substance, you can make it extremely brittle.
  177. Audiomancy
  178. [Privacy Barrier]- Erects a barrier around you which cancels out all sounds in or out.
  180. [Amplify]: A simple cantrip which magnifies sounds when passes through the spell.
  182. [Audio Tap]
  183. By anchoring mana to a point, you can listen to far away conversations!
  184. <Vox Caster>
  185. You can output sound from Audio Tap
  187. [Sonic Blast]
  188. Hyperfocused sound blasted in a directional area, effective against targets you can't see
  190. Luxmancy
  191. [Daylight]
  192. Create a large burst of light to illuminate a wide area
  194. Familiar Bond/Other
  195. [Metamorphosis]
  196. Change your familiar's appearance and physical strength, need to be in synch or he could explode. Maybe.
  198. [Mana Burst]
  199. You can cancel out magic in a localized area by matching resonance. It also cancels out your magic so... be careful!
  201. [Reverse Polarity]
  202. By recognizing the magical frequency of a spell, you can reverse it and channel it back, canceling out the spell.
  203. Effect ends on end of channeling, finding frequency takes time though this is faster with [Mage Sight].
  205. [Remote Sentry]
  206. Place sentries which are infused with your magic and will wear out over time. Can tap into and see through the sentry, but cannot detect sounds
  208. [NSA]
  209. Combing spells in a way that only someone like the Grand Wizard would, you can hear and see from the remote spot. May not use <Vox Caster> from this however.
  211. [Farsight]
  212. Simple spell which bends light before you, allowing you to see far away objects easier
  214. [Destination Dorito]
  215. Travel to the mystical Wizard paradise of El Dorito. You appear where you entered, though the bag which the spell is on can move with you.
  217. Items:
  218. [Trenchcoat]: A stylish, long brown coat with many pockets. The two inner pockets are enchanted to be deeper than they appear. Has now been upgraded to be consistently cool.
  220. [Wizard Staff]: A length of Maple wood etched with runic sigils. This staff helps focus your spells.
  222. 4x [Health Potions]: A magical restorative potion, these semen based Monster creations can fix all but the most serious injuries in no time.
  224. [Strength of the Mountains]
  225. An Eastern potion which imparts a resistance to pain and a stronger endurance, however it makes the reaction times and thinking of the user sluggish.
  227. [Grace of the Wind]
  228. An Eastern potion which imparts increased reaction time but enhances all the user's senses- including pain
  230. [The Threefold Path]
  231. An Eastern potion which places the user in a trance-like state and allows them to cast magic at a far more efficient and powerful way. The trance often ends in disorientation as the soul realigns with the body. Or so the label says anyway.
  233. [Goggles]
  234. Goggles made from glass and other pieces, great for keeping sand out of your eyes!
  236. [Oculus of Henhotep]
  237. An ornate Ocular device that translates all text views through it to be understood by the reader.
  239. "Friend": Collection
  240. [Copper Chunks]
  241. Pieces of raw copper pulled with your [Survey]. You name it "Greg"
  243. [Quartz Clusters]
  244. Clusters of Quartz dug up with your [Survey], you name one of them, "Acilis"
  246. [Tin Ore]
  247. A few pieces of tin ore. Very cheap! You named him "Stan"
  249. [Lead Ore]
  250. Two ounces of lead ore. Very expensive! You named him, "Barry"
  252. [Obsidian]
  253. Chunk of black, glass like volcanic rock. Very sharp! You named him, "Donte" because he has edge. Get it?
  255. [Limonite]
  256. You're just holding this ore for Erwin, because it's his. He (you) named it Phallia
  258. [Marble]
  259. A white and black veined, durable rock used for decorative construction
  261. Rest in pieces: [Granite]
  262. A chunk of construction-grade granite. Tough, rough, and buff. You have named him,"Babyface"
  263. He died in the line of duty, however.
  265. [Pumice]
  266. A volcanic rock often used for cleaning due to its abrasive nature
  268. [Bauxite]
  269. A curious mix of minerals, the main one you're interested in is the aluminum. You have named her "Valinthia"
  271. [Rutile]
  272. A lovely ore which seems aspected toward electricity for some reason
  274. [Sphalerite]
  275. Zinc ore, it's kind of pretty to behold.
  277. [Sandstone]
  278. Mostly in board form so you can surf, easy to come by construction material in Ectria.
  280. [Runite]
  281. The rarest of all minerals, runite ore. A very small amount of purified runite. You don't have a name for it though, you can't seem to find the correct one. You gave most of your other runite away to make weapons, but not this one!
  284. Tabitha's gear:
  285. [Wedding Vow]: A custom made sword for Tabitha as a wedding present from Rommel. It has golden cross guard and silver inlaid into the pommel shaped as a fox’s head. It is incredibly light and durable. The materials were made from Rommel's friends. They're with Tabitha forever now.
  287. Veronica's Gear:
  288. Full Plate armor
  289. Mace
  290. Holy scripture of Solos
  292. Bardam's Gear:
  293. Hard leather armor
  294. [Conviction]: A sword which clears the user's mind of unnecessary thoughts, allowing them to focus in battle
  295. Knife
  297. Maya's Gear:
  298. Light leather armor
  299. Shortbow
  300. Knife
  301. Magitek lantern
  302. Survival gear including very comfortable pillow
  304. Erwin's Gear:
  305. [Mofu]: Mofu
  310. Grand Wizard spells/ abilities:
  311. Spells:
  313. Pyromancy:
  314. [Fireball]- Its a ball of fire, one all wizards should know. You have adapted it to work like a flamethrower once
  316. [Fire bomb]- learned by watching Franz Jakovitch, this spell creates a dense sphere of fire that can detonates in a shower of flames after a period of time. You can set it for up to 2 minute timed detonation
  318. Hydromancy:
  319. [Water]- Decent control of nearby water, and the ability to create small amounts of water from particles in the air.
  321. Glaciemancy:
  322. [Ice]- basic elemental spell, freezes objects. Has other combo applications when used right
  323. <cold blooded>- With ice manipulation, you drop the temperature in a localized area. Great boner crusher.
  324. [Shitsicle]- creating a spear of feces, frozen into a sharp spear of ice. While it is actually a medication of another spell, it's true an ice ability
  326. Fulgurmancy:
  327. [Lightning bolt]- Basic elemental spell, throws a blast of electrical energy.
  328. <arc leap>- You can modify your lightning to arc to up to two nearby targets as well
  329. <taser>- A modulation of lightning bolt to make it non-lethal, merely stunning or incapacitating weaker targets
  331. Copromancy:
  332. [Circle of shit]- Using Principles of defensive magic, you lay down a quick and effective circle made from feces. Wards away most monsters and is only mildly smelly.
  334. [Defense of Defecation]- Forming a chunk of feces into a shield, you freeze it solid and control it freely to defend yourself. Can use modified into other cold and shitty weapons
  336. [Summon construct]- Born of desperation in the sewers under Feldergrod, this spell allows you to create a minor construct of filth. You improved this spell by using it to summon a golem of shit in the Dark Carnival to overpower the Drider.
  338. Plagamancy:
  339. [Manipulate humors]- allows you to manipulate humors you've scanned already. Basis of all Plagamancy.
  341. [Indigestion]- You target humours in the victim's GI tract, causing them great pain and possibly explosive diarrhea.
  343. [Miasma]- by shifting humors in the target's lungs, you directly inoculate with nearby filth using Copromancy. Causes severe respiratory disease in most enemies.
  345. [Innoculation]- can directly infect something if a wound is present.
  347. [Cancer]- You can literally induce cancer in compromised victims. You monster.
  349. <Bio-Availability>- you can draw forth venoms and poisons from animal type monsters and animals.
  351. <Rapid Decompostion>- Forces decompostion upon a corpse or dead organic material, reducing it to processed sludge in moments.
  354. Biomancy:
  355. [Vine Whip]: Manipulate and dominate vines and roots in the area to attack or restrain your foes
  357. [Shield of thorns]: Manipulate vines and vegetation in the area to form a protective barrier around you.
  359. Healing magic:
  360. [Soothe]- You can heal rot and decay in a body. Why would you though?
  362. [Mend]- you can heal mild lacerations and abrasians
  364. Other spells:
  365. [Privacy barrier]- Form an invisible barrier which blocks sound from coming in or out.
  367. [Remote sentry]- place sentries which are infused with your magic and will wear out over time. Can tap into and see through the sentries at a distance of up to 100ft, but cannot detect sounds. Easy to pick up by other practitioners who are looking.
  369. [Plasma Blast]- By adding an electric shock to INTENSE heat, you can create a burst of plasma which will explode and nearly destroy anything in its path. Highly dangerous to you and your enemies.
  371. [Unidentified Flying Turd]:Made from a frozen disk of feces with a remote sentry attached, this easily controllable flying device is great for spying and can be deadly sharp.
  373. [Sigil of Endurance]- A sigil drawn onto objects that will increase their durability and hardness. Great for armoring items.
  375. [Sigil of Warding]- A sigil drawn onto objects that will increase the magical resistance of objects.
  377. [Sigil of Reduction]: A sigil drawn onto objects that will decrease the weight of an object.
  379. [Sigil of Avoidance]- A sigil drawn onto objects that will increase the stealthiness of items.
  381. [Sigil of Light]: A sigil drawn onto objects that will create a powerful light
  383. [Sigil of Weight]: A sigil drawn onto objects that will increase the weight of an object.
  385. [Sigil of Fire]: A sigil drawn onto objects that will create magical fire on an object.
  387. [Sigil of Channeling]: A sigil drawn onto objects that will allow indiscriminate channeling of magic through it
  389. [Amplify]: A simple spell that amplifies the voice of whoever is using it.
  391. [Counter circle]: A Defensive magic which allows the weilder to counter incoming magic. Most applicable in a magical duel setting. Improper use may result in the opposing magic being reflected back onto the caster in stronger power.
  393. [Shield circle]: A customizable magical shield who's power depends on the skill and the mana of the caster. If overloaded, however, severe backlash may occur.
  395. Abilities:
  397. <fast scan>: able to quickly look over a creature's humours and check for imbalances or areas able to be imbalanced. Gives an overall picture of health. Now effects plants!
  399. [Mage Sight]- You can see magical auras, spells, and workings of mid range skill. More subtle workings may still elude you.
  401. [Familar Link]- you and Bubs, your rat share a familiar link. You can speak with, understand, and know where your familiar is at all times. With concentration, you can also see through his eyes.
  403. [Channel magic]- You can cast spells through your familiar. Burns like hell though.
  405. [Metamorphosis]- change your familiar's physical appearance and strength. Must be synced up with your familiar in thought or results can be... Explosive. Time limit of 5min.
  407. [Dispell magic]- with concentration, you can break apart magical spells and enchantments.
  409. [Irate Frog Song]- A loud screech capable of incapacitating lesser, or more sensitive monsters and people. Seems to make Frog girls horny though. You were taught the true power of this song by Croakly.
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