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Jul 29th, 2012
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  1. * WORKING: GUI browsing is rock-solid and fluent thanks to current SGX drivers and xbmc's GLES implementation. Avg 40fps in xbmc GUI @ 1920x1080p. Works very well.
  2. * WORKING: Audio decoding, picture browsing and slideshows, plugins and applications from the xbmc repo all works without issues so far.
  3. * WORKING: Screen resolution and refresh rate change over xrandr works nicely according to EDID info reported by kernel.
  5. * Regression: h264 (hi+base) content plays quite ok, frequent hickups and framedrops, worse compared to the former gst implementation in latest xbmc on oneiric (2:11.0+linaro+18+201203291432~oneiric1)
  7. * BUG: mp4/xvid content plays with excessive artifacting and low framerates
  8. * BUG: "Adjust display refresh rate to match video" does not work, it seems that the video playback does not send the content framerate back to xbmc/xrandr so framerate does not get switched by xrandr. If framerate is manually set in xbmc GUI in advance, videos get speeded up when "Adjust display refresh rate to match video" option is enabled. There is definately some confusion. It worked flawlessly in the former, non-accelerated xbmc.
  9. * BUG: Playback of files over the network (e.g. via samba, SMB://MEDIASERVER/SHARE/file.avi) do not start to play - logfile states that video plugin started and ended immediately. This worked with the previous release with ff-h264/libmpeg software decoding.
  10. * BUG: XBMC crashes when you change tty, in the non-accelerated xbmc release you could switch back and forth without an issue.
  12. * Regression: debug on screen display (press "O" during playback) has less debug info than the most recent oneiric xbmc build (no buffer utilization, no frame drop count, no codec info, no current bitrates etc.)
  14. * All observations were made on a panda ES B1 running leb 12.06, 12.07 each with latest upgrades as well as vanilla precise with latest TI kernel and upgrades. XBMC was run directly from unity greeter without window manager running and CPU governor was set to performance.
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