Unforeseen Consequences - Pearl

Nov 27th, 2017
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  1. >”I knew that you were a pony of reason!” Blueblood eagerly shook your hoof “Now, how about we leave this place and go to, say… Canterlot Castle?”
  2. >You gave him a stoic look.
  3. “Are you for real?”
  4. >”As a matter of fact, yes.” Blueblood nodded “I know that my… current standing doesn’t allow me to enter the castle on my own but I was thinking, maybe if somepony invited me and my daughter, somepony of renown, somepony who belongs to the highest spheres of…”
  5. >You slapped your face and groaned
  6. “C’mon man! Do you think that I was kidding about my moms having a squad ready to kick your flank the moment you approach the castle?”
  7. >”I was hoping you didn’t but in that case…” Blueblood rubbed his chin “I don’t suppose that you can convince the princesses that I have changed?”
  9. >You shook your head and chuckled.
  10. “Nope, they hate you more than I do… and that’s actually pretty impressive, besides, even if I could, I wouldn’t. One because I hate you and I don’t want you near my house either and second, I promise Rarity that I’d make her big event a major successes and trust me, she is way higher on my list than you and Royal Blood”
  11. >”Oh, so that’s how it’s going to be, huh?” Blueblood growled “Then what if I decide to cancel our contract right here and tell everypony how dreadful this cheap supermarket boutique truly is?!”
  12. >Once again you slapped your face. This guy… geez!
  13. “How many times we have to go through this?! You want to screw me over? Fine! Then I’ll do the same by telling your “sweetie pie” about how much of a loser you are!”
  14. >Blueblood narrowed his eyes at you and finally sighed in defeat “Fine, have it your way, but you better make this a night that my dear caramel won’t forget. Meanwhile, I’ll talk to that Princess Twilight again, she was quite the charmer if I must say so”
  15. “Just when I was starting to think that you had changed. Why do you even… just… WHY?! Especially after saying that you looked through our ruse and double especially when you’re so concerned about your frickin’ daughter! The same one who didn’t like Twilight!”
  16. >Blueblood let out a little laugh ”You see, I wasn’t lying about any of that. My sweet Royal Blood means the world to me. That’s why I’m going to resume my chat with that young and charming Princess. If you my little Anon can’t get me a free pass into the castle, then I’m sure she will”
  18. “And you continue reaching new lows! Sheesh, at this rate you’ll be the first pony to reach the center of the planet. But whatever man, as long as our deal stands you do you. Just don’t blame me when Moonlight snaps you in half”
  19. >”We’ll see about that, in the meantime…” Blueblood angrily poked your chest with his hoof “Don’t you dare to pull any cheap tactic on my precious daughter, understand?!”
  20. >You slapped his hoof away and you raised an eyebrow.
  21. “Cheap tactics? What the hay are talking about, man?!”
  22. >”You know very well what I’m talking about!” Blueblood angrily replied
  23. >You shook your head and looked Blueblood right in the eye
  24. “No, I truly don’t. Please, explain it to me because I don’t speak idiot”
  26. >”Ohhhhh!” Blueblood returned the glare and spoke with a sarcastic tone “Don’t you play dumb with me, little colt! I know how much you
  27. like to make fillies to fall for you!”
  28. “Y’know what? Let’s just go back inside. Hearing this nonsense is killing my brain cells”
  29. >”Very well…” Blueblood walked past you and entered the boutique but not before giving you one last warning “But if you even THINK on charming my dear daughter, then I swear by Celestia herself that I’ll do anything in my power to make your life miserable!”
  30. >That’s it! You were gonna blown this guy into tiny stupid pieces. You will… No… calm yourself down, Anon. Just… be chill
  31. “Seriously man, go hug a cactus!”
  32. >”I’m not joking, Anon!” Blueblood walked back to you, his face looking like he was about to pop a vein “If my daughter suddenly develops a crush on you, then…”
  33. >You rolled your eyes and cut him off with an annoyed tone.
  34. “Okay! I’ll add a new part to our deal! You stop talking to me and get the hay away from my sight or Discord will make you hug a giant cactus! And you better believe he’d do that! He frickin’ hates your guts too!”
  36. >Blueblood glared at you but ultimately rolled his eyes and turned away “Hmph! As if you would ever do such a thing, but disregarding your fake threats, I agree that it is time for us to return to the party.” As he entered the boutique, Blueblood said “Don’t worry, Anon. Despite what you may think of me, I actually honor the deals I make.”
  37. >When you were finally alone in the snowy street, you let out a groan and stomped your hoof
  38. “That miserable, arrogant piece of…!”
  39. >Before you could finish your insult, your mouth got shut by a paw. Then you saw Eris, in her real form hovering mere inches above you ”Oh, dork, you shouldn’t let your anger to get the best of you. After all, what would the little Royal Blood think if she saw you with a big soap bar stuck in your mouth?”
  40. >You quickly got yourself away from her and muttered
  41. “E-Eris! Wha? B-But… HOW?!”
  42. >Eris chuckled and pointed at the boutique “I just asked some help to my new friend”
  44. >You looked at the store and there she was! Doing her job as Rarity’s model and charming every single stallion in the crowd.
  45. “Okay. Before I say anything, that’s just awesome, like pure unadulterated awesomeness. I do have to ask though, since when can you do stuff like that?! Thought only Discord could do the whole clone thingy”
  46. >”I know, I’m good” Eris proudly said as she rubbed her talon against her chest. Then she shrugged “but I’m also honest… kinda. The point is, I still can’t do the clone trick as good as my old man. That other me you see there? She’s incredibly gorgeous, but she’s nothing more than a little mindless puppet. If I’m not close, then my cute puppet just breaks. I like being in the sunny side of life, though. I can make as many doubles as I want”
  47. “It’s still awesome though. Wish I could do something like that. Think you can teach me how… wait! I’m getting derailed! How dare you use my cheap tactics on me! Shame on you! Anyway, what are you doing here?”
  48. >Eris shrugged and gently shook her head “You seriously didn’t think that your big sister would let you go alone with the guy who tried to punch you twice, did you? C’mon dork, give me a little credit”
  49. >You rubbed the back of your neck and gave Eris an awkward smile
  50. “I… well, to be honest, I didn’t really think that you would even notice, so uh… thanks for noticing! And gotta say that was a very good idea.”
  51. >Eris rolled her eyes and replied sarcastically ”I know, that’s why I did it.” She started to coil around you making you uncomfortable but man, you weren’t feeling cold anymore “Now, let’s talk about something more… entertaining. Like that deal of yours.”
  53. >You probably should teleport away but at the same time. You didn’t have cold anymore and Eris was kind of comfy, so you snuggled in a little and asked.
  54. “Oh yeah, that… so… uh… I assume that you heard everything?”
  55. >Eris nodded as she gently straightened your tie ”That’s right and I’m seriously hoping that you are smart enough to see the opening that doofus just gave you.”
  56. >Okay, as comfortable as you were right now, it was time to get serious. You teleported away from her and gave Eris a stern look.
  57. “Eriiiis? What is going on in that chaotic head of yours?”
  58. >Eris grinned mischievously as she gently placed one of her paw fingers under your chin ”C’mon, I just gave you a very cool hint. Blueblood is there, you’re here and I can create clones. You just gotta do your homework and put the pieces together”
  59. >You looked away, trying to piece up together the puzzle that she had just lied out for you, but… man, you really couldn’t come up with anything
  60. “Uuuuuh…”
  62. >You then heard a new voice ”It’s like my mom said, stallions are all clueless” It was Royal Blood, comfortably resting against the boutique door’s frame “She’s talking about ditching the party and breaking into my dad’s house to get the thing you want”
  63. “Ooooooh! And we can use the clones to cover my flank. How was I supposed to know that?! Wait… I’m getting ahead of myself. I should be saying, R-Royal Blood? What?! You’re supposed to be at the party, how… wait, why are you listening to our conversation?! That’s… uh… breaking all sorts of codes for royalty!”
  64. >”Oh, shut up with that!” Royal Blood waved her hoof dismissively and then walked at you “I already know that my dad is not really a prince anymore and that can’t enter the castle”
  65. “You do? Awwww dang! There goes my deal!”
  66. >”Not really” She shook her head and started walking around you “the terms were my dad was going to give you that thing if and only if, I had a blast tonight.”
  67. “Yeah, but now that you know that Blueblood ain’t…wait”
  68. >It then clicked you what she was implying. No man, that’s just a bad idea.
  69. >You vehemently shook your head
  71. “Oh no! Nuh-uh! Not in a million years!”
  72. >”Why not?” Eris asked as she shrugged “The gal here seems to be into the same wavelength as us”
  73. >You let out a groan as you gave Eris an annoyed look.
  74. “Because that would be breaking the deal and I’m smart enough to keep it. This is the best chance we have to get the information.”
  75. >Royal Blood giggled ”You would fulfill your part of the deal though. Me having fun is what you had to do…” She then gave you a sly grin “The difference here is that you would get your payment in advance”
  76. >Eris tilted her head back as she said ”Ooooh! I like this girl!”
  77. “Well, I don’t! Royal Blood…”
  78. >Royal Blood raised her hoof to shush you, her face became a tad more serious too ”I hate that name, it’s soooo cheesy! Call me Pearl instead. Don’t ask why just don’t use my real name.”
  80. >You found that behavior a bit… obnoxious, but nonetheless complied with her request, if anything, to not blow up anything.
  81. “Okay, Pearl. Do you have any idea what will happen if we get caught?”
  82. >Roya- Pearl let out a whole heartedly laugh at that ”Puh-lease! We’re talking about getting into my home! Who worries you so much? The gossipy maids? The annoying butler? I can just tell them to mind their own business!”
  83. >You raised an eyebrow as you looked at her with suspicion
  84. “Then… why do you even want to join?”
  85. >”Because!” Pearl exclaimed with great enthusiasm before her voice turned into a more monotonous tone “Breaking into my dad’s house and pulling off the heist of the century sounds more fun than staying at this boring party and acting like a boring good little girl.”
  86. >That… alright, that wasn’t something you expected. Based on everything you’ve seen you’d have thought… wait, what could you tell about this filly? She has changed personalities like if they were dirty clothes
  88. “I-I seriously dunno”
  89. >”C’mon!” Pearl happily grabbed you by the shoulders and shook you a little “I’ll even do what my dad did and sweeten the deal for you. Well, maybe not exactly for you but for somepony that I know you care a lot”
  90. >You narrowed your eyes at her as you gently slapped her hooves away from you.
  91. “You’re talking about Cherrywood, right?”
  92. >”Oh thank Celestia!” Pearl exclaimed with big relief “I thought for a moment that your brain wasn’t working today or something! Yes, I’m talking about her. Listen, remember the two foals who like to pretend they’re my friends? They do pretty much whatever I tell them to do”
  93. “Oh! So you tell them to bully Cherrywood! Geez, lady, you’re really making a good case for yourself”
  94. >”Nah” Pearl shook her head “I don’t like to lower myself to those levels, those two do that on their own just because their parents own a store in the good part of the town. Anyway, if you take me with you then I’ll tell them to stop for good with the whole bullying thing”
  96. “And what if they don’t listen to you?”
  97. >Pearl shrugged and chuckled almost maliciously ”Then I won’t be their friend anymore. See how popular they’re after that.”
  98. >You rubbed your chin and pondered about the situation. On one hoof, you’d prefer to do it alone, but in the other, if YOU get caught then this filly will basically become your out of jail pass, not only that but your bat will finally stop having so much trouble with those two.
  99. >Meh… you have accepted far riskier deals.
  100. “Hmmm… alright, but if things get bad then you have to promise that...”
  101. >”Yeah, yeah, I’ll step away.” Pearl rolled her eyes “Don’t need to tell me what I already know. So, can I assume that we have a deal?”
  102. >Eris placed her arm around your neck and gave you a little tug ”Dang, dork! This gal really got you!”
  103. >You let out a groan and teleported away from here
  104. “Shut up”
  105. >Then, you turned at Royal Blood and sighed
  107. “Very well, Pearl, you’ve got yourself a deal, but before we do this… that thing that Blueblood said, about you having… y’know… a crush on me. That thing ain’t happening, right?”
  108. >”Ewww!” Pearl cringed hard after hearing that “Of course not! My dad is not a prince but he’s still Princess Celestia’s nephew, which means he’s your cousin, which means you are my uncle… well, cousin. Me falling for you is just… icky”
  109. >Letting out a sigh in relief, you calmly said.
  110. “Good, and with that out of the way, let’s do this!”
  111. >”Alright!” Pearl jumped in place and started walking down the street “Follow me then! My house is this way”
  112. >You used your magic to bring Pear back to where you and Eris were
  113. “Oh, we’re not walking”
  114. >”What?” Pearl raised an eyebrow “Then how are we getting there?”
  115. > After seeing how confused she was, you couldn’t help but to give her a smug grin and then glance at your big sis
  116. “Eris? Could you do me the honors?”
  117. >”You got it, dork.” Eris nodded as she started to trace a circle with her paw “Oh, and you remember how to call me when you want to go back, right?”
  118. “Yeah, yeah, I do. Just remember to actually bring us back here this time, alright?”
  120. >”Wait…” Pearl asked more and more confused “What’s going on? What’s this about last time? I demand to know!”
  121. “Don’t worry, you’ll find out in a second. Just… don’t blame me for any secondary effects, please.”
  122. >Before Pearl could say anything more, Eris teleported the two of you in front an actually nice looking white mansion. Seriously, the place was as cool as it was big. Tons of windows, and had this mix of medieval and Arabic style that made you love Canterlot so much.
  123. >Sadly, Pearl got a bit… well, green from the teleportation as she quickly ran past you and barfed on some nearby petunias.
  124. >When she was feeling a little better, you patted her in the back and said with a smug grin
  125. “Didn’t took you for somepony with a weak stomach”
  126. >Pearl slapped your hoof away as she angrily said “Jerk!”
  127. “Me? Nah, I just thought this would be more fun than just walking.”
  128. >Pearl groaned as she got up and walked past you “Whatever, let’s keep moving. I want the fun to start already”
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