in-universe rules

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  3. Wheaton's Law: Don't be a Dick.
  5. 1. You are REQUIRED to at LEAST be 15 years of age to be in this chat. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. This is for YOUR safety (And possible preservation of sanity).
  7. 2. No excessive use of vulgar language/expletives. This one is fairly simple to understand.
  9. 3. Be RESPECTFUL to both chat members AND operators. If a chat member or operator says something you disagree with, be mature. Don't be the screaming 11-year-old.
  11. 4. If a chat member says something offensive, CALMLY address a CHAT OPERATOR. If you think a chat op is being unfair, contact a DIFFERENT operator. Do NOT try to fix EITHER situation by yourself or with the aid of other members. Chat ops are here for a reason, and we ask that you contact us when you need us.
  13. 5. Do NOT spam the chat. Please. The chat is supposed to be a place for all, and we would very much appreciate it that you do NOT repeatedly spam nonsensical or annoying messages.
  15. 6. While this chat IS for members 15 and up, certain roleplay topics will NOT be allowed, such as scenes containing EXCESSIVE violence and sexual relationships (The latter will by enforced moreso than the former, so the latter should just be avoided altogether)
  16. While character relationships are allowed they should NOT have explicit detail to them.
  18. 7. For the love of all that is holy (and scientific) NO MARY SUES. OR GARY STUS. Or ANY other variation of that. NO character is perfect, and, in fact, characters flaws make the character BETTER.
  20. 8. There will be certain rules and canons in place in this roleplay. While we do NOT expect EVERYONE to agree with it, we DO need to have a certain canon/basis to follow. This does NOT mean that certain canons aren't subject to change, however, canons may be added or removed depending on how necessary (or unnecessary) a certain canon is.
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