New World: Weapons (Magic)

Nov 25th, 2021
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  1. {
  2. "title": "Magic",
  3. "description": "This is the catagory for **Magic Weapons**. Please select which weapon you currently have equipped.",
  4. "color": 16632664,
  5. "fields": [
  6. {
  7. "name": ":red_circle: Fire Staff",
  8. "value": "A magical staff that consumes Mana to ignite the blazing power of Fire spells. Excels at area denial, dealing fire damage over large swaths, and burning targets."
  9. },
  10. {
  11. "name": ":green_circle: Life Staff",
  12. "value": "A magical staff that consumes Mana to apply the restorative power of Nature spells. Ideal for supporting allies in combat with powerful healing and buffing abilities"
  13. },
  14. {
  15. "name": ":blue_circle: Ice Gauntlet",
  16. "value": "Gauntlet that consumes Mana to summon the freezing powers of Ice spells. Great for dealing persistent damage by calling upon elemental storms, summoning ice, and utilizing freezing attacks that hinder and damage enemies."
  17. },
  18. {
  19. "name": ":yellow_circle: Void Gauntlet",
  20. "value": "Gauntlet that consumes Mana to debilitate foes and strengthens allies. Specializing in close-range buffs and dealing damage-over-time or mid-range debuffs and healing, the Void Gauntlet is particularly dangerous when used in a group."
  21. }
  22. ]
  23. }
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