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  1. Hey you, aren't you ashamed of sharing a pro-GMO piece ?
  2. Ah ? Did you read it ?
  3. Meh, no.  : I'm against it !
  4. Because that stuff is poison.
  5. apart from a few dubious studies I've not really seen anything that would indicate
  6. That's what I'm saying: We don't know yet because we just don't have enough perspective on it yet !
  7. GMO are already used in many parts of the world... for more than 20 years without
  8. 20 years they have been copyrighting life !
  9. it had already begun way before GMOs. And  that's not even a copyright but a patent that
  10. GMOs make plants sterile !
  11. No, the "Terminator" gene never reached the mark
  12. Indian farmers killed themselves because of GMOs, rats full of tumors,  the Russian study saying GMOs are going to sterilize humanity within 3 generations ?
  13. Myth, unreliable study, complete delusion. Seriously, there are better arguments out there. This subject really deserves that we
  14. What about the fact that megacorps make an insane amount of money ?
  15. Well yeah, it's called capitalism. It's ugly but that's not only about GMOs, and above all else, that's not for all of them. So why the opposition in principle ?
  16. You have answer to everything, don't you.
  17. It's easy, when you have the same conversation for the 200th time.
  19. Yeah, right. And  while we are wasting our time in useless debates there are
  21. There are collaborations between many African countries going on to develop:
  23. - Drought or fall armyworm resistant corns
  25. - Disease-resistant cassava
  27. - Nitrogen efficient and salt tolerant rice
  29. - Pod borer resistant cowpeas
  31. They need to stop playing God !!!
  32. And "Let them eat cake" too I guess ?
  33. I don't see the link !
  34. Well anyway, to answer your question, no, I'm not ashamed.
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