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Jan 11th, 2021
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  2. 3f8675e4559048c1b318acb33707216b,11/8/2020,JuarezTX,I’m with you Sheriff CLARKE. I’m an able bodied American, a Christian and willing to do dark abhorrent things to evil people. This is a coup and the democrats, deep state involved deserve to be fed into a wood chipper feet first.,10,,,
  3. 78ec04a1ccae4de5a1271e5e40cc4dac,11/15/2020,JuarezTX,Hey dan then why don’t all the men at the rally go out and turn the streets into blood filled rivers. Blood from communist BLM and commie Antifa. No more mercy and fuck DC police the dc police are pigs dirty pigs who do nothing fuck dc police useless pigs,2,,,
  4. ca3655d5965c41a3a08c120a89c7e288,11/15/2020,JuarezTX,Dan you need to tell people your supporters to start murdering and maiming and butchering communist BLM and Antifa. God said thou shalt not murder he didn’t say kill. WE are allowed to defend ourselves and when commie mobs descend on Americans we should meet them happily with greater force like bullets knives brass knuckles cars baseball bats,3,,,
  5. f1ddc2a7ba1f4f68bda461fbac0c066f,11/15/2020,JuarezTX,I’m tired of conservatives whining about Antifa and BLM. The moment you see them butcher them. Burn them alive. Maim them. Curb stomp them. No mercy,2,,,
  6. a868d6ba128f4204b852a6b676abf564,11/15/2020,JuarezTX,Yeah!!! What needs to happen is the Antifa women and BLM women need to get their faces beaten in. Once the communists see the commie women scum left for dead on the street they will know it’s real now,9,,,
  7. 6cafb9e9910a40d4935e83fc51bcf568,11/15/2020,JuarezTX,Orale compadre! Stomp those piezas de mierda communista Antifa y BLM. Fuck those commie putos,11,,,
  8. 6ba591d9286b435799b195865d597c34,11/15/2020,JuarezTX,@Progressivessuck Agreed! I’m glad to see Proud Boys stomping Antifa into a bloody mess 🇺🇸,,,,f1ddc2a7ba1f4f68bda461fbac0c066f
  9. de9e4f0a9f7c4a44ad3efaba4b8b9ea8,11/15/2020,JuarezTX,Fuck those commies up no mercy!!,5,,,
  10. 20ef7b67a002458fb8f00e4c9f0e8f07,11/15/2020,JuarezTX,I hope they leave some Antifa handicapped or mentally retarded for rest of their lives stupid commie scumbags 🇺🇸🇺🇸 Tommy we love you out here in the states brother god bless you!,2,,,
  11. 29e87b446def46f3867ddac5681a04a0,11/15/2020,JuarezTX,Hang that BLM piece of shit from a lamp post. Fuck that puto,2,,,
  12. 5dde8d2e08034ace891e59a8434db772,11/15/2020,JuarezTX,All communists and socialists must be murdered and purged from America. Period. BLM must all die. Antifa must die.,1,,,
  13. 87b4f4bf25ce43e48bbcf7a2e3105cef,11/15/2020,JuarezTX,I wish I was able to be there I woulda stomped a mud hole in the black gentleman’s face holding down the Trump supporter’s bike in picture. Antifa and BLM need to be exterminated from this life. Commie force meets greater force called pissed off Americans. BLM and Antifa need to be maimed, kneecaps broken, paralyzed, burned alive. Communist political violence has no place in America and if cops won’t enforce the law then proud Americans will and it will not be pretty.,4,,,
  14. 71c25ad157ad4471a85335e4c93e1609,11/15/2020,JuarezTX,Pam yes u should be enjoying every second of this video. Share it with friends and family. Tell them that this should be happening anywhere BLM or Antifa are. Like maxine waters said “when you see them at a gas station, restaurant, anywhere make sure they don’t feel welcome”. I think a fate worse than death is what BLM and Antifa deserve,2,,,aa895655154f4e9cbad70c3807cc0d7d
  15. b08cd395fc9e4a2ab0fea1a529d04e61,11/15/2020,JuarezTX,LAURA, the DC police is pathetic and full of commie pigs. I’m a proud conservative but I don’t back the blue blindly. I support conservative or fair police departments and sheriffs. Police who don’t protect innocent people should quit their jobs but they won’t because they are DC police Antifa supporters within the ranks. Screw the entire dc police fucking useless assholes thank god real men like Proud Boys actually did the polices job. Fuck dc police,4,1,,
  16. bbfee73e1626445b850c4b6fa693a95a,11/15/2020,JuarezTX,Oh you must be a beta male is probably why,2,1,,649ca3deae7749959bbe181231715801
  17. df65f60d0e91422791a8a6ec7c237ef9,11/15/2020,JuarezTX,The end game is to maim butcher and eradicate all BLM and Antifa from this earth. Communist scum have one option leave America or turn into alligator food. They should not feel welcome anywhere and at anytime. They should feel fear for their communist lives 24/7,,,,eea78d6001964d23a6bf6db262f812d4
  18. 8932198250324840b9d540cb2ecd43d1,11/16/2020,JuarezTX,Haha haha fat cunt fuck that bitch haha,3,,,
  19. 3a021a34914d410ba5092728594fb125,11/16/2020,JuarezTX,Jeff quit whining. That’s not a woman it’s a communist a domestic terrorist. Go drink some more soy milk dude,,,,89ed724f432d41e4af7e8a549d450549
  20. 885ea21269d0454d85004b53f222fd63,11/16/2020,JuarezTX,I think we need to act worse than the left. Put the fucking fear of God in those communist subhuman pigs. No mercy.,,,,3c0095c911a248d583f8bea6e412086f
  21. 8ddfbdd4810744619729548ae297f14b,11/16/2020,JuarezTX,Super retarded stupid bitch. Makes my heart smile to see that video I watched it 20 times,,,,794396043b0c4e609fa8cf1dd61d5dbb
  22. 859ed346fed54996a71badcd8165ae57,11/16/2020,JuarezTX,Scott you’re 1000% correct should’ve jumped on her head,,,,ca4bc33246e84ac294441e426a13537e
  23. dc86724780f44c69a92b2bb4f50f4bde,11/17/2020,JuarezTX,Bro someone should put some rope around your neck and kick the stool out from under u. U piece of commie filth go grow a pair fag,,,,8df0780d5e4e498eb0b6bd91c2842d5e
  24. f7b66b1cad4c44c280b4a522ad65764f,11/17/2020,JuarezTX,All you do is whine and whine and whine. Why don’t you actually do something about it like shoot some democrats in the head for their open sedition. Sedition is punishable by death. Be a man congressman JORDAN,1,4,,
  25. 206279052852432f8f730ba71e52a92e,11/17/2020,JuarezTX,Obama needs to sit in an electric chair and be cooked alive on national television for open sedition. Fuck u Obama u human piece of shit,1,,,
  26. fcc3fbc92e824020b09551ad0c299934,11/17/2020,JuarezTX,Thank you Laura! We appreciate your hard work! You’re one of few candidates I donated to. God bless you and tell Alex Jones to go with you and exploit smartmatic HQ 🇺🇸,7,,,
  27. 0bacc93a10b14b768d29796a0283cd91,11/20/2020,JuarezTX,Yeah the message to Brian Kemp is you will have hell to pay if you screw over the ppl of Georgia. Might wanna take care of that chicken neck kemp,6,,,
  28. 2a3443b6d6be4c95b8cc847d7cf0e27d,11/21/2020,JuarezTX,There are millions of Americans like me who have lived a very rough childhood and have seen very dark things at a young age. I’m now a family man and love my country and President Trump. The commie democrat coup revolution won’t be completed. There are too many like me who will maim butcher and do the darkest things necessary to destroy the commies and preserve this Republic. Good Godly men will do what is necessary no matter how unpleasant. That’s what God put us on Earth for. God bless you General Flynn God bless you Sidney Powell God bless you Lin Wood. Stay strong and let us know when go time is. MAGA forever 🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸,37,1,,
  29. 0de4bc623ccb49fd9dd2f399222043da,11/21/2020,JuarezTX,Yeah she did Congresswoman Greene. @Ilhan committed Tax fraud, marriage fraud, college tuition fraud, immigration fraud, campaign finance fraud, election fraud, on and on. Call her out on it on Congress floor please! 🇺🇸,2,,,
  30. cd9bc9a3577d4a9598652309f1c42a5a,11/21/2020,JuarezTX,Hell yeah tell that brother marrying home wrecking skank @Ilhan to shut the fuck up! God bless you!!,3,,,
  31. f0c5aa287f9344fa9302c358afbafdc3,11/21/2020,JuarezTX,Shut the fuck up troll. That’s why u don’t have a pic up you stupid bitch,2,1,,1907ba58c11849c68f30032227709f4d
  32. e01a3eb27d7947c98bd1b64f8aa0b0c8,11/21/2020,JuarezTX,Yeah brother! We need more folks in Congress that spit fire on these commie democrat bolsheviks. 🇺🇸,1,,,945ab2902b9a43a6bc1e1ebeafdb27f8
  33. 26acceddf06a4c21ade9ef4d9ae582ec,11/21/2020,JuarezTX,I disagree we need more shit talking to these commie bolsheviks and keep calling them commie scum to their faces and never back down. Fuck those commie democrats,2,,,9b4d45bd07ee4dc4911d3648cc2f4b40
  34. 8b1686e0d29e4b06bd790ea9d8e161d3,11/21/2020,JuarezTX,Obama need to be hung for treason and sedition. Fuck obama that piece of dog shit,5,,,
  35. 6cf7288b506046d9ad3fe2102ff23d44,11/21/2020,JuarezTX,Brian Kemp has no balls. He certified the election results and doing a cya. He’s a judas prick who deserves to be hung next to his wife and kids for treason. No mercy for those who commit sedition,,,,174565c6fde141ea824bc967448d4e3d
  36. 920f0a016d644289ac6c602c1b5635e9,11/21/2020,JuarezTX,Agreed!,1,,,4fe4dffd00ec4be4be332deae4a6276a
  37. 9c970e91621647449ed3fd8afe34cf5b,11/21/2020,JuarezTX,People of Georgia need to do some street justice. Keep it green and use hemp rope 😊,3,,,
  38. 96afb0c8d4674725b25d3fd2c6580ebb,11/22/2020,JuarezTX,It’s a fake.,,,,
  39. a58cc6b6c36a4a3eb363b85767469316,11/23/2020,JuarezTX,I posted a picture of this on Facebook and they flagged it as child sexual exploitation. Wtf????,,,,
  40. 1897872e5aa64e2e9a4f5d139fc3d15e,11/24/2020,JuarezTX,Sounds like people of Pennsylvania need to use their guns and rope.,,,,09113bfe2cb1430cb9e93752aec6404e
  41. 5f835e56441c40a5b41d1ce334037639,11/24/2020,JuarezTX,Bob I agree. I think rope and lampposts for all democrats and 90% of Republicans in Congress is in order. When they see their swamp friends strung up maybe then they will realize they fucked up,1,,,936ec05a129340329c4c76c667823f18
  42. c6b03ec50ca24e8ebd02283e56539bb1,11/24/2020,JuarezTX,Adam you’re gonna be one dead motherfucker. And your commie friends.,14,,,
  43. c125981bfb82470684b8ddb9e52b465b,11/24/2020,JuarezTX,Well Dan looks like you gotta lead the DEPLORABLES into the bloody civil war we want. The democrats the Squad any commies BLM marxists Antifa scum have to be butchered. The end. All of them. Sedition and treason committed by these scum and gop establishment deserves worse than a cowards death. When will words be put to action Dan? The tree of Liberty is thirsty,3,,,
  44. 3db4b92853de47f48577cc1df9b3c50e,11/24/2020,JuarezTX,All democrats should be hung along Pennsylvania Avenue. Dan primack should also join the hanging festivities,3,3,,
  45. d58c1eecfd6f499a9b61f41b8d44b197,11/24/2020,JuarezTX,Thank you Herschel!! God bless you brother 🇺🇸,4,1,,
  46. a8d531466cb248c5b98f45e82e1f56a0,11/24/2020,JuarezTX,Hey stupid hey retard ever heard of second amendment? This was a coup, treason, election Heist. You’re okay with that u stupid fucker? Go suck a commie dick then u piece of filth. 2A is the great equalizer. It will resolve this coup if Supreme Court won’t.,,1,,a4c65a9346ca42c5a3a14f83fd5a496a
  47. e9f0b79ae67645d287cf9d06d922ff0c,11/24/2020,JuarezTX,Jesse this guy who posted this accepting change bullshit is some beta cuck. Fuck that guy,,1,,9195c686aa2047789dc06f5a7431b359
  48. d54000a2656f4e61b80960b10e73f93a,11/25/2020,JuarezTX,@Dbongino Dan you’re a man who commands respect. I enjoy your show and commentary. I heard your show today and this is the hill to die on. There is no special election in Georgia that matters if we don’t throw the coup plotters in GITMO. There will be no 2022 or 2024 to look forward. There is Trump re-elected and President for second term or civil war. There is nothing else if Biden gets in. YOU Dan Bongino, have a duty to state that to your listeners and to america.,2,1,,
  49. fd1528a895164fd780a88bcf21e1b22f,11/25/2020,JuarezTX,Maybe we should start eradicating democRATS and RINO republicans. I hear they make great gator chum to feed gators in Florida 🇺🇸,2,1,,
  50. ca2a6107d81047bb975396a988adce4f,11/25/2020,JuarezTX,Liquidate them and send direct stimulus checks to all LEGAL Americans,6,1,,
  51. 2bf925165ada4155a1144613eddabe0a,11/26/2020,JuarezTX,No Dan we need street justice now. Not this stupid game of fake law and order. We know who the scum are like Comey clapper Brennan susan rice. These scum their wives husbands need to be butchered. Period. Treasonous bastards deserve a death so painful and macabre as to teach future generations to never do what these fuckers did to our country.,5,1,,
  52. e0b21bd1fa684395b819b84f76ff39b0,11/26/2020,JuarezTX,He’s a weak pos RINO loser republican. We need hard nosed conservatives that will bash skulls in, literally and figuratively. I wish someone would punch AOC or ilhan right in the mouth. Then tell those commies to shut the fuck up. Someone with a spine,1,1,,76ea4baffd92466eac30ae805f205353
  53. 25741a75b0ac4c05a19310975856a857,11/29/2020,JuarezTX,We have to exterminate the ideology. And with that, our friends, family etc. Sad but true if we want to live as free Americans we will have to do some ugly shit,2,1,,4c24b32af89f4625b969ce17e2196261
  54. cff2f47f13294f0d9dfd21e8435789e5,11/30/2020,JuarezTX,People of Georgia need to hang all RINOS and democrats tonight,3,1,,
  55. aaea9380386d46dabb2f40491b30025b,11/30/2020,JuarezTX,The people of Georgia should hang this fucker in front of his wife and kids,,1,,25e404bc450f4617ae00044ea7165768
  56. 67142e37ee6449e6b4679c07b60638e7,11/30/2020,JuarezTX,I agree. Communists progressives democrats all must be exterminated and anyone who helped them with this coup. if trump won’t do it we the American People will do it no problem. It’ll take less than a week.,4,1,,
  57. 03d2e470be50455792f687db189d9e4b,12/1/2020,JuarezTX,Excuse me sir! His wife is actually Big Mike the tranny. I just wanted to make sure you were aware Michelle has a roll of quarters between her/his legs 😊 god bless you Russel keep up the good work 🇺🇸,,1,,
  58. 11cc486aa4c8461f9dcb86f4c48a780f,12/1/2020,JuarezTX,Zuckerberg and Dorsey should be hung in public for treason. Also google Sanjay pachai and Tim Cook from Apple should be hung as well. Make it a pay per view event! 🇺🇸,,1,,
  59. 02e18b7acd174ad1a765855645abe774,12/1/2020,JuarezTX,Barr should be hung for treason but their ain’t rope strong enough to hang that fat fuck,4,1,,
  60. 2674b4e3f14948f8952d004329e719be,12/3/2020,JuarezTX,He’s a lizard person like queen elizabeth Barack Obama and George w Bush,5,2,,
  61. ff0a8822adcc4593ab2f793f9fc4c32a,12/3/2020,JuarezTX,Ali you’re not alone brother! I’m ready to die on my feet for AMERICA. I’ll take 10,000 commies with me.,9,1,,
  62. d5724c845f6349e391e3c140f937d1ae,12/3/2020,JuarezTX,William Barr that fat fuck should be hung for treason ! Damn swamp rat ruby ridge turd fuck,1,1,,
  63. c2b456643a2347ea889c8d9c8bdedb9b,12/4/2020,JuarezTX,No when American people stop fearing about losing their job, friends, going to jail etc only then will Americans be free. Bullets and public hangings will change everything,,1,,cdc686e3bec2428f9a19e5d939fcde7b
  64. 5279e0de8f0b4e79974a5cf76c5be6ab,12/4/2020,JuarezTX,Yeah I disagree with you on this dude. Like Snowden or not, NSA is no friend of american people. CIA or fbi is no friend of american people. Deep state can suck it and I think Americans should thank Snowden for revealing the illegal spying,23,3,,
  65. 891fe087ba7643879afb5c8b46d6f903,12/5/2020,JuarezTX,Nope I want to see that pussy get raped by ten gay prison dudes and raped with NO lube,,1,,
  66. 4974b1f2f0554cbd91fa04be1d5e1c3b,12/6/2020,JuarezTX,Yeah that dude who dumped bucket of water would be dead on the ground like you Antifa scum will be soon. All of you will be dead soon,,1,,
  67. 30f74496a49c46f4a66ca6275aec3d2c,12/6/2020,JuarezTX,Dex you will be getting your toes broken and cut off one by one very soon. Antifa scum like you will be fed to alligators slowly while alive. Enjoy your last few days on earth scum,2,1,,cc3666812daf45dbbaa6c959febf2603
  68. 51259105af5a419ea5c2f61ac18ea5ec,12/7/2020,JuarezTX,Maybe if RINOS like kemp and Ducey are given hemp necklaces and put on display then we can some change,3,1,,f14a49882ae74931b5f66e35ac31c2c1
  69. 77d63b16c34c4b54ade8b4ab9ad1d7db,12/12/2020,JuarezTX,Thanks Geri! Are you in Texas now? I’m in Houston,,1,,
  70. 922064f6cc4d4973be38fcff0bd8aaec,12/12/2020,JuarezTX,We gotta grab some machetes and chop down commies liberals progressives etc. that’s what. America is worth saving and no dont secede but take back blue cities. The commies have to be butchered man woman children commies all gotta go. Sad but true it’s reality. Support of a coup is treason. No mercy,,2,,14e4f1bd123042fc87479433fa009ac3
  71. f504707682234d048bf1b0641e96d32c,12/12/2020,JuarezTX,The other way you speak of is butchering all the commies socialists liberal leftists in America, all commie leftist man woman and child. That’s the only way to teach all leftists globalists what happens when attempting a coup d’etat by fraud elections. If leftists see leftist politicians wives and kids being burned alive in front of their husbands, then they will know AMERICAN patriots mean business no more playing around. Now is the time. My parents fled Central American communism in the 1970s. This commie shit only will stop with violence and putting them down like the rabid animals they are.,,2,,6222474850274d0ba310c3c16ddda414
  72. ee6305a9e5af4ba1a92b273add2bf007,12/12/2020,JuarezTX,Hey Trevor when the civil war starts a proud American will surely butcher your entire commie family while you watch. Hopefully they pour gasoline on them and burn them alive then after throw you in a wood chipper u commie cuck bastard. Keep it up faggot you and your commie family’s days are numbered.,,1,,0f3b7dc256d2495ab2c31928db7e80b2
  73. 637a1d35271946589fa32b8d2d958f14,12/12/2020,JuarezTX,I’ve been saying to stop paying taxes for years. What is IRS gonna do? Come arrest every working american? It’s conservative Americans who make this country run. If we all stop paying taxes, the government stops. Even if IRS comes to arrest all of us, there is strength in numbers. IRS agents value their commie lives so they won’t be trying to arrest armed citizens. IRS can suck a big dick. taxation without representation is theft.,28,1,,
  74. 9070210e54624d3db9d758acd427d78f,12/12/2020,JuarezTX,@Ffillipphranklin I’m a monster you retard? It’s cucky conservatives like you who help drive country down the tubes. You don’t have the stomach to do what is needed. God can judge me when I get to heavens door. Commie children can get thrown in wood chippers or sent to Venezuela. I could care less. Don’t be such a little bitch.,,2,,6222474850274d0ba310c3c16ddda414
  75. 72c3f59c747e47e7a29ef7dbee6bb4e9,12/13/2020,JuarezTX,Hutch you’re correct all AntifaGs and BLM commie scum should be butchered in the street. All of them!,1,1,,a229dbdf79674b7a8da22cdd7b410f2b
  76. d7392f29f6f64a6f8fa2f264ed9bcdd3,12/13/2020,JuarezTX,Jake I’m with you brother! I’ll load up my shit and head to DC with you. We need to buy more hemp rope. Hundreds of feet for hemp necklaces all the swamp critters will be wearing around their necks. And a wood chipper,1,1,,ba6efb4bfb5c4c79bfb0081060d775c1
  77. 514043a8eaaf4318b9c0d0a86632be39,12/14/2020,JuarezTX,Tulsi I’m an american first conservative but am a supporter of yours as well. God bless you and merry Christmas 🇺🇸,8,1,,
  78. 625634c35c7c47faa73834915d8e8174,12/14/2020,JuarezTX,@donaldjohntrumpjr,1,1,,
  79. dc1fa24723874edbb6ef4901a0bc96b9,12/14/2020,JuarezTX,Donald Jr tell President Trump we want Assange pardoned! This will make the MAGA wave even bigger,1,1,,
  80. 25dbcd728996437c826431c447aedb48,12/14/2020,JuarezTX,Bill Barr that fat judas coward fuck him I hope he burns in hell.,5,1,,
  81. 8cf5ff541f0646349a2754895d84d231,12/15/2020,JuarezTX,Fuck those Antifa pieces of shit. Stomp the fuck out of those Pinche putos. No mercy curb stomp their face make them put their teeth on the curb,5,2,,
  82. 972406d817564b27a38be79754a47a1a,12/15/2020,JuarezTX,Texian Rob I’ll help out feeding the hogs. I hate corrupt commie marxist democrat scum and criminal fbi cia. These two agencies have too many commies in their ranks. Def need to be fed to hogs,1,1,,870d8a3f9e214d9bb7819c873b803087
  83. 0558dd5f79524e9d98ceb33d7e41a88d,12/15/2020,JuarezTX,Joe Biggs you’re gonna help marshall millions of DEPLORABLES during go time. It’s destiny bro. We are gonna need a lot of hemp rope for all the commie traitors in govt. God bless u Joe Biggs 🇺🇸,8,1,,
  84. 3c794d89629c49cf87a3646a6e988a2e,12/16/2020,JuarezTX,My parents fled communism in Central America during 1970s. I won’t let the commies win. I am good for at least 10,000 commie deaths man woman child I don’t care. They want to commit treason than get prepared to be butchered commies. I’m sick of all leftists liberals commies marxists. Kill them all.,8,1,,
  85. 4c956484110945528340540165eb2257,12/16/2020,JuarezTX,God also puts strong imperfect men to do the unthinkable to evil people to protect the innocent. Call them sheepdogs, fallen angels, Dexter. They all have one thing in common- exterminate evil people from this life. By any and all means. Theres millions in America ready to purge the wicked. All President Trump has to do is send the tweet.,2,1,,
  86. 63dae168a3994727b9030551cecca41f,12/16/2020,JuarezTX,. I hate RINO judas rat bastards like Cornyn just as I hate Obama Biden. If congress commits treason and certifies Biden as president then looks like its wood chipper time for most of congress. Treason is crime punished by death. A slow one. Joe I have a machete, firearms and no conscious. And I’m one of the normal people in society.,2,3,,
  87. 8c488137b9f64486b68831979aba3fc3,12/16/2020,JuarezTX,Dan a bunch of Americans will show up with hemp rope. Plenty of hemp necklaces for treasonous congress and Bidens and Obama. Hemp necklaces will look nice around them,,1,,
  88. fcba653e65964d63a93b7a51524b30ae,12/18/2020,JuarezTX,Fuck the fbi I hope everyone in the fbi building suffer a painful and horrible death along with their families. Fbi is filled with marxist pieces of dog shit. Proud boys I got your back if fbi comes at you fight back by any means necessary. Fuck the commie fbi this is America no respect for fbi fuck those chumps Pinche putos,4,2,,
  89. 9e3dfcb971e34dd3be40bd34624a771f,12/20/2020,JuarezTX,Tim hanging is to nice. Draw and quarter some and throw some RINOS and democrats feet first in a wood chipper. Now we’re talking!,,1,,4424433360b842118439aed8db0f0299
  90. a3daf56a308e47fc8e32fb5ad6b63746,12/23/2020,JuarezTX,Someone should put two between that fat fucks eyes. Good old Trojan helmet bill Barr looks like a pedophile fat rat bastard judas cocksucking Faggot,1,2,,
  91. 03ca657bf59d4e8eb948bad2e5619dd6,12/23/2020,JuarezTX,Someone should put two between that fat fucks eyes. Good old Trojan helmet bill Barr looks like a pedophile fat rat bastard judas cocksucking Faggot,,3,,
  92. e3ae6626ae184b10a541aa60ca9e94fd,12/23/2020,JuarezTX,We The People have to hang all the crooked politicians. There’s only about 25% of congress that is not corrupt the rest deserve to be hanged with their spouses too,1,3,,aba0a671bbc544b6a57b6b97ab2362f3
  93. 494430e6599d4f41a16dea7f97dd60e4,12/24/2020,JuarezTX,Shut up faggot. I’d beat your ass if we ever meet up pinche puto,,4,,
  94. 5443ba14635940619b9e7114291564c5,12/24/2020,JuarezTX,Weissman needs to be murdered slowly. Slowly drop him in a wood chipper,,5,,
  95. 2336cadcae9748bda6042b041e19c845,12/24/2020,JuarezTX,@Scoddy71 Awww look who the little snowflake racist is😂 Id Rip your tongue out and shove it up your ass punk ass bitch. For being so tough you sure do type a lot. Later pussy,,1,,494430e6599d4f41a16dea7f97dd60e4
  96. 8ca21c1e5fe940d2b8c3f2c3dc834a8a,12/24/2020,JuarezTX,@Scoddy71 You sorry little bitch. We both know you don’t know me. I’m far from a keyboard warrior you sorry cuck. What I do know is Ive popped someone’s eyeball out of their head. I’ve made a person a retard by smashing their head into brick flowerbed. I’ve done shit you’ve only dreamt of pussy. Go eat a dick faggot. We both know Id feed you to wild hogs once I’m done with you,,9,,494430e6599d4f41a16dea7f97dd60e4
  97. d459e7f3bec1438dbcea42de46c25b98,12/24/2020,JuarezTX,Jenna Ellis is a naive bitch. The constitution was already undermined by the democrats Jenna u dumb cunt open your eyes. The courts don’t give a fuck. I think Jenna is a Judas goat stupid whore. President Trump needs to start rounding traitors up and hanging them,2,4,,
  98. e26e214bcc8f4a7f80ca22664a92e25d,1/4/2021,JuarezTX,John Cornyn Senator from Texas. Cornyn is a backstabbing neocon judas! We need to begin a Texas recall of John Cornyn and replace him with Col Allen West.,3,2,,
  99. d3d52d32a260412ba759e47ddd3ee5f4,1/4/2021,JuarezTX,The DC police should be isolated and executed one by one. Fuck the entire group hogtie them get some lighter fluid and light a match. Fuck those commie dc pigs,6,6,,
  100. b2dbfba27c984b95a549e21d3e3524b1,1/4/2021,JuarezTX,What were those dc pigs saying?? Dirty fucking pigs need to die,1,6,,43c3b11cdb2a46b78dde6e4f85c4fb60
  101. ee36b9ed369b4e84a163ee103a417691,1/4/2021,JuarezTX,Time to burn down dc police precinct. Fuck those treasonous pig bastards.,16,6,,
  102. d6c54314a9684f5baa5c328cc74d33be,1/4/2021,JuarezTX,It would be a shame if all the cops were locked in at DC metro station and building set on fire. Would be a real shame to see dc pigs burn into chicharrones. Dirty commie pigs,2,8,,10839644ef10407dad369c8618b9e145
  103. 69cf643065d54696bfdd173c323d7993,1/5/2021,JuarezTX,Jeannie Rhee should be hung from a tree in DC in front of her family. Fuck that stupid cunt,,3,,
  104. 03cb9708a3554cb2bcb8aa12c55e26c1,1/5/2021,JuarezTX,Those cops are fucking disgraceful pigs fuck them. I hope Antifa kills those brownshirt cop dc pigs,1,3,,
  105. bba95a30dc54453e8143cb41d977c285,1/5/2021,JuarezTX,Dc police are dirty pigs and I hope every single dc cop gets there ass kicked or head bashed in for being commie sympathizers. Fuck those dc police pig fucks,4,5,,
  106. f431c83a09a24da0909701cd635b9c20,1/5/2021,JuarezTX,Lol enjoy Trump inauguration on 1/20/2021 u Pinche commie pendejo! Chinga tú madre marxista,2,3,,f8e2b3adf52b4cb98f3e20897ef97dc7
  107. ef2994a51b1643dd91aa0430bf16b6e5,1/5/2021,JuarezTX,Man I wish someone would run these cocksuckers over with a truck I hate BLM and Antifa,7,5,,
  108. 0405a17dd74846e19637189f704f1e51,1/5/2021,JuarezTX,The problem is if we shoot Antifa and BLM then the cops will arrest law abiding citizens for self defense. What do we do about the commie sympathizing cops? If the stupid useless cops did their jobs we wouldn’t have to run over or shoot BLM and Antifa. So do we get rid of the lefty cops too?,2,3,,a41e150d67b0463c8e7bc08cb7c0059d
  109. e0cbd880ddb048c9977eafc6b7c66854,1/6/2021,JuarezTX,it’s time dc police get taken out like rabid commie dogs they are. Put them down like old Yeller,4,2,,
  110. 719204147f4943779fbb9019f4a143f7,1/6/2021,JuarezTX,When is Stacey abrams and her fat commie sister gonna end up as crocodile food?,12,7,,
  111. 8e7e2bbad7f6454b9536fccbfbceb420,1/6/2021,JuarezTX,Wayne what needs to happen is leftist commie democrat traitor politicians kids and grandkids need to be burned alive or thrown into wood chippers in front of them. When democrats see Americans murdering their wives kids parents grandparents etc only then will they realize this is no longer a game. There’s 50 million fighting aged male Trump MAGA supporters millions are military veterans. They will do what is needed to save America from marxist commie filth and Judas RINOs,1,8,,
  112. 88f29ee9093d4ea0b242308b3a1f61a0,1/6/2021,JuarezTX,Wayne it’s a civil war in name only. The butchering maiming torturing will only be felt by commie progressive democrats and their commie families. The horror that is going to unfold will be glorious. The darkness that is going to fall on all democrat voters will be worse than any Freddy Kruger Michael Myers or hell raiser movie could portray. We can only hope the bloodbath only lasts a few weeks,5,6,,
  113. b333753d6ec64e2998bbc987168d9d1a,1/6/2021,JuarezTX,@WjRay9900 Wendy I respectfully disagree with you. It’s weak feeble Americans like you with no spine and loser mindset that have allowed this country to shit. Marxists commie democrats murder torture rape AMERICAN kids and women by allowing ms-13 and violent felons into our country and out of jail. It’s going to take hard grizzled men without conscious to save this country. Wendy here’s the secret, there’s tens of millions of Americans men that will do exactly what I described to save this country. You should pray for America not me. God loves me and will judge me when it’s my time,,5,,d7d119204b254ff1817e8032f01a34ec
  114. 262dd6d49be6405f991d9bb1c1177137,1/6/2021,JuarezTX,If dirty DC pig police protect BLM and Antifa then dc police should be exterminated like filthy cochroaches they are,2,1,,9a842c7cbf404593bddf761f4f87bc7d
  115. 724d6ed45bb54635bd53b4de5950b315,1/6/2021,JuarezTX,Fuck those dirty pigs!,1,1,,5d61113007154c57866d7892eeb72e85
  116. 874eea9304ea48bdbb094633afcd87f5,1/6/2021,JuarezTX,Pete get your head out your ass! Cops have been protecting Antifa and BLM during riots and arresting moms taking kids to the park. Wake the fuck op dude cops aren’t your friend. Sheriffs are a different story. City Cops are mostly subhuman garbage,1,6,,4a8c03b19d174f229f01ad57105f88b0
  117. 146f2623411f4d16b8f81723fdee433a,1/6/2021,JuarezTX,@WjRay9900 There are angels that do Gods dirty work. It’s in scripture. To defeat the wicked you have to be worse than them. It’s not losing your humanity it’s what’s needed.,,4,,d7d119204b254ff1817e8032f01a34ec
  118. 0aefd63cb4f4417990591be953fb88e6,1/6/2021,JuarezTX,@Eightcountsrecruit Kique84 God bless you hermano! Keep speaking the truth and red pilling folks. It seems that most city police are corrupt assholes. Sheriffs are a bit different since people elect them. But if dominion is involved the people aren’t electing sheriff either!,,2,,5d61113007154c57866d7892eeb72e85
  119. 7bb96e4e89fe42ed8e772ed12bf28899,1/6/2021,JuarezTX,No we’d rather cut your head off first you commie scumbag.,,4,,29bc923226e54a43bcd76a0e84b01b11
  120. 0cd86f6a26634dd49c796075e56bfaf3,1/6/2021,JuarezTX,Time to hang all the politicians except the few dozen MAGA conservatives. The rest hang those rat bastards!,4,6,,
  121. c379d7e000c241fd81f96ce0d1abec48,1/6/2021,JuarezTX,Get the emails get the Zip drives hard drives take all the evidence !!!,5,,,
  122. 9ef71e234cb74fff9d41e576895ed2b2,1/6/2021,JuarezTX,Take the hard drive take the laptops Zip drives everything paper notes phones,8,,,
  123. 38cb2a6d86c547c5b4e8c530b385e798,1/7/2021,JuarezTX,God bless you brother!!! Keep fighting wish I was with you man. Do you have a cash app or donation link,1,2,,
  124. 55c6bb7ca40142c8956291a140ff4a0e,1/7/2021,JuarezTX,Shame if someone parked a uhaul by obamas house in DC and it blew up the whole block with obama inside. Would be a real shame if that was the story in the news tomorrow morning “Obama dead”,2,12,,8feb6948d1cf4fbca9549d13a13bd3f4
  125. 7475d7b1e30348df910e48f1ae772cb5,1/7/2021,JuarezTX,Fucking disgusting dc pigs are murderers. I hope those puercos die a painful death all those dirty cops,,4,,
  126. bd38aad65cf3450388d56732b4d2b38e,1/7/2021,JuarezTX,Those dirty pigs deserve a traitors death,4,7,,
  127. 58e50cfa3d3247d18f8bf55d27374ad9,1/7/2021,JuarezTX,Prince Charles looks like ur a commie traitor. Hopefully someone beheads you soon,,4,,
  128. 6d39f5597ffd4b9ea658d828aeb2ec9e,1/8/2021,JuarezTX,Jacob you’re 100% right. The folks who were executed by dc pigs or CAPITOL hill pigs puts a damper on the overall day. May their lives not lost in vain. Americans must prosecute and hang those corrupt treasonous politicians in public street trials. It’s in the constitution as a remedy once govt is too corrupt,2,11,,
  129. e83925217f154114bc1d22d657f5a001,1/8/2021,JuarezTX,Man you sure are angry. I bet you grudge fuck don’t you 😂,3,2,,
  130. a7b8b65e6b924486a27263be342fb241,1/8/2021,JuarezTX,Liberal commie turd. Hopefully one of his neighbors cuts his head off and live-streams,3,11,,
  131. f460fb647c81413585f6fd6cf75174d4,1/8/2021,JuarezTX,I don’t care if this guy is Antifa both parties are scum and corrupt,1,,,
  132. 961455a6e60641a79658c79a2a67e910,1/8/2021,JuarezTX,Fuck the fbi bunch of human trash that work there. I hope every FBI agent and their family die a horrible painful death,2,16,,
  133. bf7db2872f5a49189c7cea67e8da2c89,1/10/2021,JuarezTX,Dan I listen to you daily. What you need to do is lead conservatives to a more militant stance. We need to fight back nastier, darker, without morals. We are fighting evil and we must not worry about losing our stupid moral high ground when there won’t be a moral anything the way things are going. Violence is the only solution. The left must feel pain- liberal women, grandparents, kids etc they all must be included in the pain inflicted on the left. No mercy,9,17,,
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