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  1. YouTube Channel Branding Request
  2. Images:
  3. Avatar: 800x800 pixels 1MB in size
  4. --Don’t really mind, provided it fits
  5. Background: 1MB maxsize, 1920x1080 minimum
  6. --I don’t really know to be honest, if you’re completely stuck I can help
  7. Channel Banner- Include it within the background. Now Youtube automatically puts 22pixels at the top of the page. You can then increase that upto 150px
  8. --Ok, Probably a good place to write ‘The Lord Bones’ or ‘Lord Bones’ I don’t mind which. I would like the following clickable: Twitter, Steam, Twitch and maybe
  9. Watch Page Channel Icon (next to subscribe)- 25x170 (upto 170px wide)
  10. --Just make it match the rest
  11. Thumbnail, 1920x1080-
  12. --Entering ‘Video title here’ for the name of the title, other than that just make it fit
  13. --Outro card 1920x1080
  14. --Can be more of an overlay like my current, but could also be more like other channels a box with more videos.
  15. Things to add:
  16. I have very little idea of how I wanted it to look, there were only two ideas in my head. The first was making the whole layout look like a book on a counter and everything look as if it was written down. The second some kind of Airship type deal in Minecraft. You don’t have to take any of these, but these were the only ones.
  17. Next, here is the image from SooIpod there are few minor places he missed however unless you use the full sized version and look closely you can’t tell.
  19. Next, here is just a font that I thought may look nice:
  21. Thanks.
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