Horizon 3-B Cover Translation

Aug 1st, 2015
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  1. Genesis Series
  2. Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon III <B>
  4. Complicated relationships abound among the nations and individuals set into motion in the French territory of IZUMO. What choice will Musashi make and what awaits them at their destination?
  5. During the battle with Hexagone Française on IZUMO, Louis Exiv, future ruler of Europe, and Mouri Terumoto, his wife, join in. And finally, Mitotsudaira’s mother, the extremely busty werewolf queen, enters the fray to bring in an age of the unrivalled mom!
  6. Where will everyone be headed after the battle?
  7. This is the sixth entry in the academy fantasy story that takes place in the Far East which contains medieval Japan and the other nations of the world.
  11. Kawakami Minoru
  13. Born January 3, 1975 and from Tokyo. Obstacle Overture, which is serialized in Dengeki Bunko Magazine, finally has a cellphone app! His very first cellphone is being used exclusively for debugging.
  15. [Dengeki Bunko Novels]
  16. City Series
  17. Panzerpolis 1935
  18. Aerial City
  19. Tune Bust City Hong Kong <A><B>
  20. Noise City Osaka <A><B>
  21. Closed City Paris <A><B>
  22. Panzerpolis Berlin 1-5
  23. Virtual City DT <A><B>
  25. Ahead Series
  26. Owari no Chronicle 1-7
  28. Genesis Series
  29. Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon I <A><B>
  30. Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon II <A><B>
  31. Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon III <A><B>
  33. [Dengeki Novels]
  34. Renshaou <A><B>
  37. Illustrations: Satoyasu (TENKY)
  38. Born in Yamagata and raised in Tochigi. “I’d love to look into the roots of saikyo-zuke.” Oh, I typed it into a search engine and immediately found the answer. That’s the scary thing about our information society.
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