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  1. <html><head><title>Rules</title><body><body bgcolor="#000000"><font size=3><font color="#CCCCCC">
  3. <h2><font color ="#F01616">Roleplaying:</font></h2>
  4. <br>
  5. <font color ="#FFFFFF">
  6. <ol>
  7. <li>To RP with people most of your name must be pronounceable. It can't be all symbols. That's just 1 example.
  8. </li>
  9. <br>
  10. <br>
  11. <li>Situations that require a roleplay+countdown before doing it: Attacking, killing, stealing, grabbing, or anything
  12. else that will negatively affect a player.
  13. </li>
  14. <br>
  15. <font color ="#AB1111">-</font>The exception is breaking into buildings, it's what you do inside that counts.
  16. <br>
  17. <font color ="#AB1111">-</font>If you have specific targets each of them must see the roleplay before you can do it, you can
  18. not do it off screen.
  19. <br>
  20. <font color ="#AB1111">-</font>If you do not have specific targets, for example using a nuke, then you must roleplaying nuking
  21. in a place where there are players to see it.
  22. <br>
  23. <font color ="#AB1111">-</font>Countdowns can be skipped if the target(s) allow it
  24. <br><br>
  25. <li>If someone attacks/kills/steals/grabs you first, then you can fight back to the death without any response or
  26. countdown if you choose to do it that way. But you must first wait until they have actually started the action or
  27. their countdown is up (If they even did one).
  28. </li>
  29. <br>
  30. <font color ="#AB1111">-</font>If their action was an accident this rule does not apply.
  31. <br>
  32. <br>
  33. <li>When using any communication verb other than OOC, you must remain In Character. To use those verbs Out of Character
  34. you must put brackets around your message so people know it is OOC.</li>
  35. <br>
  36. <br>
  37. <li>IC and OOC knowledge must be kept seperate.</li>
  38. <br>
  39. <br>
  40. <li>Demons can attack other races without warning in hell. Notice I said ATTACK, not kill, steal, or anything else.</li>
  41. <br>
  42. <br>
  43. <li>Say and Emote are -both- roleplaying, because they are both IC. They are both equally valid as a roleplay in any
  44. situation. Each one is suited to different situations more than the other but that's for you to decide.</li>
  45. <br>
  46. <br>
  47. <li>Fights are verb by default. Anything other than that must be agreed by all participants in the fight.</li>
  48. <br>
  49. <br>
  50. <li>Don't use anything that you don't have IC of. This includes, Caves that aren't on your planet, Wells that aren't on your planet, Heaven and Hell-To-Checkpoint area etc.</li>
  51. <br>
  52. <br>
  53. <li>To declare a temp injury, you must already knock out the person once. To declare perm injury, you must knock out the person twice. To declare lethal, you must knock out the person three times. After being knocked out four times, you can't fight.</li>
  54. <br>
  55. <br>
  56. <li> If the battle is a 1v2, then the one only needs to knock out the two once to declare a perm injury and twice for lethal. If it is 1v3, the one can declare lethal on the first round.
  57. <br>
  58. <br>
  59. <li> If someone has an AFK Tag in there name you cannot interact with them in any way shape or form. If you do however have the tag and is found being active whilst having the tag or abuse the afk system to avoid death or negative RP then your right to afk will be removed.</li>
  60. </ol>
  61. </font>
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