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Dec 7th, 2015
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  1. "Initially, Gigster was focused on serving independent entrepreneurs and smaller startups. But now, Dickey tells me 'the client base moved to enterprise'. It's now giving big, slow companies that software development superpowers of nimble startups."
  3. This of course, completely misses the reality that the problem with big companies is the people and their 'ideas', rather than development speed. By restricting themselves to a small set of platforms, due to the requirements of the "AI engine" (called its existence btw, go me) they'll only be able to work on ideas that are obvious permuations of the office drone worldview {app,platform,IPhnone,android,uber for,...}. The real problems we face are essential ingredients in most people's notion of "business as usual" which cannot be tackled by Gigster.
  5. That said, they may make a pretty penny implementing legless ideas for shmucks. There is a quote I'm not going to hunt down, but the tune is "Nobody has every gone broke underestimating the stupidity of the American people".
  8. --------------------------------
  10. Innovation, so long as nothing changes,
  11. Disruption, so long as nothing is disrupted,
  12. Change, so long as it's trivial,
  13. Diversity, so long as it's not a diversity of ideas,
  14. Think different, so long as you don't think that Cape Town looks a little bit different than it did before 1991,
  15. Polite conversation, so long as we can relax the latter definition,
  16. Serious discussions of Zero to One, so long as we don't /seriously discuss/ Zero to One,
  17. Software portability, so long as "portable" is drained of meaning,
  18. Interest in Operating Systems, so long as you don't think about the big picture[0] and notice that the inability to mechanically walk a graph, detect and resolve cycles[1] is indicative of a complete and utter failure of all involved parties,
  19. Ingenious System Design, so long as "ingenious" is redefined to "never noticing that bayesian reasoning is unsuited to producing comprehensible bedrock abstractions or documentation",
  20. Solving the Education Problem, so long as you never notice that the combination of a single website's clickstream data and the output of submitted programs is uninteresting,
  21. Coding Camps! Which, might I remind you, are in no way a failure to automate the mechanical parts of education,
  22. A Meritocracy, so long as your output doesn't solve the problems of an entire generation and obsolete >half of these idiots[2],
  23. More Snooping Protests, Conferences, Meetups and Snowden Celebrations than you could possibly attend, all so long as YOU never end up with a properly documented FPGA[3],
  24. Enthusiasm for Efficiency, so long as you don't want to change the corrupt SF government, cut the massive, inane welfare state[4], DEA budgets, fix the nuclear waste situation etc. etc.,[5]
  25. Child Prodigies, just not the kind who can solve or name the caues of the housing problem[6],
  26. Idyllic Neighborhoods, so long as you NEVER EVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES venture into East Palo Alto,
  27. A youngster friendly city, so long as you don't mind being shot in the back (Kate Steinle), the smell of zombie in the streets (Mission), or giving up any expectation of sanity ("Where are the people who used to pray in this church? They fled. Why? Because they were afraid for their physical safety."[7]),
  28. Revolutionize Pharma, so long as you don't import Indian Generics and do spectroscopy identification yourself,
  29. Smart drugs, so long as they're not Benzedrine and don't you dare mention that Paul Erdős lived to 83, that Norbert Wiener pioneered cybernetics, that the mother of all demos was done by an LSD aficionado and that pharmacology differs so dramatically from person to person that a one size fits all approach to healthcare is fundamentally misguided or that the implied problems cannot be solved by "passionate web engineers" and "apps",
  30. Improving Healthcare, so long as you don't think that OCRing all existing medical books and indexing+classifying their contents is a good first step,
  31. Don't you dare notice that a handful of Hungarians in the 1950s had more to do with the (crippled) success of automatic computing than the entire VC circus,
  32. Independence, so long as it's sea steading (i.e., not going to happpen),
  33. Surmounting Outmoded Ideas, so long as you don't, ya know, actually surmount outmoded ideas,
  34. Interest in Physics, so long as you don't look for parity-breaking gravitational interaction for opposing enantiomers[8].
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  39. [0]
  40. [1]
  41. [2]
  46. [3]
  47. [4]
  48. [5]
  49. [6]
  50. [7]
  51. [8]
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