The year is 2071

Jun 16th, 2021
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  1. >The year is 2071
  2. >Hololive, Nijisanji, and all other vtuber agencies have long been closed down
  3. >Cover was bought by Microsoft a couple of decades ago
  4. >4chan was shut down by the US goverment in 2036, and all of the archives were lost during the Great Internet Blackout of 2041
  5. >You moved on from all of that, days became weeks, weeks became months, months became years, and now, you are just an old man living alone, spending his days thinking about the good times
  6. >Time really passed by fast, now the only thing left to do is wait for the reaper to pay you a visit, heh, there used to be a vtuber who was a reaper, right? What was her name again...?
  7. >You don't really understand how to use those new Quantum computers everyone has these days, instead you still keep your old computer where you used to watch your oshii's streams, now an ancient relic from a long passed era, kids these days don't even know how to use a good ol' keyboard
  8. >One day, you find yourself just sitting on your chair trying to get some rest, when you start hearing a faint but clear noise coming from somewhere inside your house
  9. >You reach for your cane and, with some difficulty, stand up and start walking over to the source of the sound, time wasn't really kind to you poor back
  10. >You find the room where the sound is coming from, from this close you realize it kind of sounds like a female voice, one you have definitely have heard before, just who was it...?
  11. >You pull the doorknob and peer inside the unlit room, a faint glow is emanating from a single source
  12. >It's...your old computer, and you notice a girl on the scree- wait! You remember now! It's your oshii! but how?! didn't she graduate decades ago?!
  13. >The girl looks at you from the screen, giving you a warm, gentle smile. "Anon! I missed you some much!"- she says in an excited tone
  14. >You can't believe this, she has the same energy she had all those years ago when you used to watch her streams, and she doesn't sound even a single day older.
  15. >You take a seat and begin watching her stream, she starts talking directly at you, about how time really flew by fast, how much she missed you watching her, she still has that personality you remember and watched her for
  16. >"Now, Anon, this is an special ocassion! Watch now and relax! I will put up a special performance just for my dear and favourite viewer!"
  17. >She starts singing in that beautiful voice you loved so much, It's really like nothing has changed, nothing except you of course
  18. >You close your eyes and start drifting off, the only thing in you mind is her voice
  19. >Just before you black out, you hear her utter one last sentence to you:
  20. >"Rest well Anon, I love you"
  21. >The man walked inside the house, he could tell that it definitely belonged to an old man
  22. >His job was to clean up the house and move the old man's belongings from there so the place could be sold again, the man lived alone and didn't really have any other family so no one came to claim the stuff he had
  23. >He walks through the hall, when something catches his eye from inside a room
  24. >It was one of those old computers from back in the day, "Damn, I thought these things stopped existing!"-he thought
  25. >He walked into the room and started analizing the ancient machine, something crossed his mind, something that peaked his curiosity, "I wonder..."
  26. >He pushed the startup button and waited for something to happen
  27. >...
  28. >Nothing, of course, this thing probably stopped working a very long time ago
  29. >The man gave a small chuckle, "How silly of me" -he thought, as he left the room and closed the door
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