GreentextSavant - Sunset Oneshot

Sep 18th, 2016
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  1. >There’s a knock on your apartment door.
  2. >You mute the TV and get up from the couch to answer whoever would stop by your place this late at night.
  3. >The door swings open, and there stands Sunset Shimmer.
  4. >”H-hi, Anon.”
  5. “Oh, uh, hey Sunset. What brings you here?”
  6. >She bites her lips and already takes a step closer to you. “Can I ask you something? I’ve wanted to ask you this for a long time now.”
  7. “Sure. What is it?”
  8. >”I’ve thought about this for a long time. Will you have sex with me?”
  9. >Your brain goes straight from “I wanna go back to watching TV” mode to “holy shit, she really wants to have sex with me?” mode.
  10. >”I think I love y- no, not even that. I KNOW that I love you. So much. And we’ve knows each other for so long, and I can’t take it anymore! I want you so badly!”
  11. “S-sunset…”
  12. >”So what do you say? I really need you tonight.”
  13. >Without another word, you wrap your arms around her, pull her into a welcoming embrace and plant the longest kiss you possibly can on her luscious lips.
  14. “I would love to have sex with you, Sunset Shimmer.” You finally say after like, a minute.
  15. >The door to your apartment is gently closed not even five seconds later.
  16. >And it is promptly locked.
  17. >…
  18. >Sunset is the first to push you against the bedroom wall with a powerful kiss.
  19. >You respond by doing the same, making sure she does hit the opposite was too hard.
  20. >You both lean into each other with your hands, heart and minds going wild.
  21. >The pleading moans that come from Sunset make you want to hold her like this for all eternity, but you want to get naked with her just as badly.
  22. >She pulls your shirt off and you slip her leather jacket off of her shoulders.
  23. >Plow your hands into the girl’s perky breasts through her shirt, squeezing them hard enough to elicit a series of grunts out of the fiery haired girl.
  24. >Sunset leans back onto the bed and throws her head further back until her eyes can only see the opposite wall.
  26. >Run your tongue up the front of her neck, specking her with kisses everywhere you go.
  27. >Her quickening breathing can be felt against your lips.
  28. >You’ve been so lost in the warmth of her collarbone against your lips that you didn’t even notice her feet curl over the waist of your jeans and pull them down to your knees.
  29. >Squeeze her supple breasts with a million time more enthusiasm than before; with enough force to unhook the front of her bra through her shirt.
  30. >Right as she feels this happen, Sunset grabs the collar of her shirt and rips it to the sides.
  31. >You watch the girl unveil her protruding bosom before you, taking the separated bra cups with the increasingly torn shirt in her shaking hands.
  32. >It isn’t long before something else starts protruding through the front of your boxers.
  33. >Sunset feels it poking her thighs as you bury your face in her breasts, tightly closing your lips around her erect nipples.
  34. >And so she frees your member, automatically lightly pulling your hips towards her own.
  35. >She doesn’t want to spare a second.
  36. >And neither do you.
  37. >Grab the bottom of her skirt and ride it all the way up past her hips, rising the curtain from her pristine white panties.
  38. >You find yourself unable to resist ramming your pecker into the bottom ridge of those panties, feeling your already dripping head push past her lips through the thin fabric.
  39. >Sunset only quietly cries for more; you feel her latching her legs around your waist.
  40. >And she is NOT letting go.
  41. >You don’t even have the patience to push the ridge of fabric to the side.
  42. >Just start plowing away with as much force as you can muster from within.
  43. >The thin fabric lasts for a little bit. A little bit.
  44. >It starts to give in after a few seconds under the repeated thrust of your rock hard shaft breaching through.
  45. >Twisted around from the might of your member, nearly pushed to the side.
  47. >Sunset helps you by thrusting herself back into you from the opposite direction in motions simultaneously with your own; there is an audible snap.
  48. >And you feel yourself penetrate her completely, sliding all the way into the warm moisture as Sunset fails to hold back the loudest moan.
  49. >You can go back and forth even more now, feeling every little bit of her walls hug the surface of your throbbing shaft between each lustful plunge.
  50. >Sunset’s breathing turns vocal, and you can’t help but succumb to this as well.
  51. >The two of you are talking to each other through your loving actions.
  52. >With blushing smiles widely spread across your faces, staring into the ravenous, glistening eyes of their significant other.
  53. >You watch Sunset shut her eyes in fervent exhilaration as she feels your shaft furiously stroke against her sensitive goods from the inside.
  54. >It’s overtaking her with pure joy, and you mirror everything she feels you do to her.
  55. >Loom over the girl sprawled on her back on the bed, caressing her increasingly humid body as she happily undulates underneath you.
  56. >With her closed legs on your lower back desperately pulling you closer into her.
  57. >Lock your lips with hers once more, and Sunset lets out a pleading cry into your mouth the very second your tongues eagerly mash into one another.
  58. >You know what she wants, thrusting faster without care how close you are to ejaculating.
  59. >Sunset wants this more than even she understands -- you must quench her thirst for your love.
  60. >This is when the springs on the bed really start creaking.
  61. >You and Sunset make them louder by syncing your motions together.
  62. >There is no way the torn panties aren’t absolutely soaked by now; you feel nothing but sheer slipperiness around your entire pelvic area.
  63. >And you’re not even close to being out of breath.
  64. >Hump your loving mate harder and faster to the point where she clenches her teeth under those thrilled smiling lips you’ve kissed a thousand times.
  65. >Her other lips are being fiercely kneaded against the drenched surface of your shaft that further stimulates itself against them.
  66. >She groans, and then groans again even louder.
  67. >You move your face down to her chest as she groans a third time, feeling her soft, bouncing breasts vibrate from her stirred voice.
  68. >It grows more high pitched, and Sunset starts to shudder FAR outside of her control.
  69. >She’s thrusting back into you with infinitely more power than you are to her now; there’s only one thing she can be feeling.
  70. >You excitedly push yourself over the edge as well, joining Sunset in the mutual overload of each other’s senses.
  71. >Shut your eyes, and shoot them open again to find Sunset doing so as well with the same blissful smile on her reddened face.
  72. >The thrusting sounds quickly become more liquid sounding, coming from both ends of… this.
  73. >The girl cries out under you, and you cry out over her.
  74. >The two of you bound together in an unbreakable grip.
  75. >You release into her, expecting it all to overflow and leak out onto the bed sheets.
  76. >And you don’t care the slightest bit.
  77. >You even WANT it to get everywhere.
  78. >The load continuously shoots into Sunset Shimmer; you hold her close with her lips sealed onto yours.
  79. >The two of you remain petrified in the combined orgasm.
  80. >Letting out the quietest groans of devotedly ecstatic strain.
  81. >Still as stone in that same embrace for what you wish more than anything else could last forever.
  82. >And it does, because the universe apparently ceases to exist. >>28269028 (Dead)
  83. >…
  84. >Wake up.
  85. >Knees week, arms are heavy, palms sweaty and bed sheets thick with cum.
  86. >It was all a dream.
  87. >…
  88. >Later that day.
  89. >Hear a knock on the door to your apartment.
  90. >Answer it, since you already showered and cleaned yourself up anyway.
  91. >It’s Sunset.
  92. >She’s holding a bouquet of lilies.
  93. >”Can I ask you someth-”
  94. “No.” You slam the door in her face.
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