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  1. Submission removal: Alone in the woods
  2. Sent By: CarenathZiroth On: October 5th, 2010 10:00
  4. Due to recent threats made against Fur Affinity and Ferrox Art LLC. by one Mr. Allan Greenwald (aka Lupine Assassin), FA is being forced to remove images depicting Mr. Greenwald's character(s) from its website. We regret that we must take this action, but due to continued legal attacks by Mr. Greenwald, we are complying with his wishes that his intellectual content be removed from our website.
  6. We apologize for having to take these actions. We do not agree with them, and feel that Mr. Greenwald is overstepping his legal bounds against the rights of artists. He has recently threatened action against Fur Affinity and its artists for displaying images of his character, or those which bear resemblances to his character.
  8. In order to protect ourselves from costly (and time-consuming) legal trouble, we are forced to take proper measures, taking action to remove the pictures from our servers.
  10. Once again, we apologize for having to take these actions.
  12. - Carenath :: FA Administrator
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