#OpDarknet - To Catch A Predator

Oct 18th, 2011
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  1. | | / /__ / | ________ / / ___ ____ (_)___ ____
  2. | | /| / / _ \ / /| | / ___/ _ \ / / / _ \/ __ `/ / __ \/ __ \
  3. | |/ |/ / __/ / ___ |/ / / __/ / /___/ __/ /_/ / / /_/ / / / / _ _ _
  4. |__/|__/\___/ /_/ |_/_/ \___/ /_____/\___/\__, /_/\____/_/ /_(_|_|_)_)
  5. /\_/ /
  6. \ _ /
  8. In our quest rid the darknet of trash such as destroying the major source of child pornography, we encounter much resistance. After our last battle, we were successful in taking out a majority of Freedom Hosting 40+ CP sites for over 24 hours.
  10. Yet our worst fear came back to life. The server administrator of Lolita City came onto #anonops Satuday, the 15th of October 2011 seeking retribution for the Anonymous members involved with #opdarknet. Here is an excerpt of the individual's chat:
  12. pedolover: what are the cunts that brought down Lolita City?
  13. pedolover: am setting my website down
  14. pedolover: for it not to be up?
  15. pedolover: i make 600 GBP a day
  16. pedolover: there some fuckers by the name of ****** [redacted]
  17. pedolover: that said they were hunting us
  18. pedolover: i'm going fuck you up who ever you are
  19. pedolover: i have connections to the FSB and the my site is bankrolled by the Russian mob
  21. Two hours later Freedom Hosting was up and running with the official message from the server administrator:
  23. 15th October 2011 Denial of Service Attacks.
  25. Today and several times this week FH was the victim of DoS attacks which resulted in unavailability of php or mysql on hosted sites.
  26. A user registered an account and used it to run extremely slow mysql queries among other things to purposely harm the server.
  27. For this reason creating new accounts will be disabled until further notice.
  28. I would also like to announce that the snapshot based backup system is up and running, backups are made daily and kept for upto 1 month, this will protect against any future data loss due to accounts being hacked.
  30. We quickly scrambled to running "The Legion" against Freedom Hosting (a script that we uploaded which creates a 1 GB SQL and 100,000 ascii files with of Guy Fawkes mask every 5 minutes). To our dismay our six accounts we had remote shells were deleted, of those two were CP sites that had remote inclusion errors that we used to hack. One of the sites, Lolita City had a remote shell but it was deleted from the site.
  32. It came to a clear indication that either Lolita City's owner aka "pedolover" was the server administrator of Freedom Hosting or they were collaborating with Freedom Hosting to provide their services. This is due to the fact that of six out of seven Freedom Hosting accounts we use were deleted. Lolita City's compromised account was the only one not deleted.
  34. Also the administrator of Freedom Hosting disabled new user registration. As a result we could no longer use "The Legion" to cause havoc to the 40+ child pornography sites. In addition we realized that there were now 1626 total users on Lolita City db versus the 1589 total users in our dump of the user database on Tuesday.
  36. We loaded up LOIC and perform Denial of Service attacks against Freedom Hosting / Lolita City. It was a total failure as the server administer significantly locked down their server against LOIC. With limited options left in our arsenal, we launched our last ditch effort. We released ******** aka 'Chris Hanson', a muti-function DDoS and AI into the wild.
  38. While Chris Hanson may not be effective against the new security systems that Freedom Hosting has, it has one thing which 'The Legion' and LOIC does not have. It is a multipurpose crawler with the ability to upload files. We then found out that our geographic node formerly used by The Kraken was now used as a CDN for one of the world's largest media companies.
  40. We then started to put together a sting operation. After analyzing the list of Lolita City users, we were able to identify 13 of them. Also we set off 'Chris Hanson' to start uploading episodes of To Catch a Predator onto Lolita City disguised as "CP" or "Catch Pedophiles".
  42. So Lolita City users, when you start looking at anything labeled as "CP" don't be surprised that your watching Chris Hanson episodes of "To Catch A Predator" okay? Your no different than those idiots.
  44. So farewells. Pedos be very afraid. 'Chris Hanson' and Anonymous are after you.
  46. #occupywallstreet, #freeanons, #freetopiary, #antisec
  47. We are Anonymous.
  48. We are Legion.
  49. We do not forgive.
  50. We do not forget.
  51. Expect us.
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