Emergency Stairs - 01

May 27th, 2019
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(DISCLAIMER: App Translations so not everything is accurate)

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{Inner talk / thinking}


Scene Change / Flashback

Notable Characters:

Jang Hae-Jin (MC) Assistant Manager Married
Shin Bi (FMC) [N/A] Single
Yoo Sodam (FMC²) Intern Single
Jihyun Lee (Wife) Teacher Married
[N/A] (Chief) Head of the Department Married

General Company:

English Hangul Pronunciation
chairman 회장 hoejang
president 사장 sajang
executive director 전무 jeonmu
director 이사 isa
managing [an executive] director 상무 sangmu
general manager 부장 bujang
chief [head] of a section 과장 gwajang
deputy (general) manager 차장 chajang
chief 계장 gyejang
team leader 팀장 timjang
assistant manager 대리 daeri
employee 사원 sawon

(Source ----- Life in Korea)

Chapter - 01

13th floor - MC's Workplace

A man wearing a pair of glasses and a blue shirt welcomes MC in is office.

Glasses: Oh my.. I'm sorry to hear that you have to come at our office while you were busy. But concerning this project, we will do our best Mister Jeong-Daeri.

MC smiles and greets him too.

MC: Yes. Don't worry I was warned before about today's meeting.

MC turns his head and looks at the person on his left typing something on his / her laptop.

MC: Do you write everything I say?

Someone or Glasses: Yes.

Elevator after the meeting

MC is with a woman in the elevator.

MC: Now this building is as familiar as ours.

Woman: If the team leader hears you saying that, don't you think that he / she will be extremely pissed?

MC: I think he / she has to deal with a lot more weird stuff in our company. If he / she has the time to think about us it would be over consideration...

Let's go to the 1st basement..

The woman smiles after hearing MC proposition.

Woman: But the parking isn't on the 3rd basement?

She presses the button of the 1st basement..

1st Basement - Emergency Stairs

There is almost no light, MC and the woman are in the emergency stairs.

Woman: It looks like I'll have to walk down two more floor. All because of you..

MC: It's pretty short, last time I had to walk down from the top floor.. So do you want to walk down from the 13th floor with me?

They begin to make out.

Woman: I don't know anyone from the 12th floor anyway..
(TN: I don't understand what she means by that, like they can make out on 13th floor coz she don't know anyone on the 12th?)

He holds her by the hips while kissing her, she unbuttons her blouse and rubs her legs against him.

They stop, she puts her hand on his face, he has a mark of lipstick below his lips.

MC: Uh..? ~ Oh?

Woman: I miss you..

He blushes and gazes at her.

Woman: The innocent look of the assistant manager.. You're so cute.

MC stays silent for a moment not knowing what to answer.

MC: ...!

Woman: Would you like a reward for being this cute?

She lifts her skirt a little.

MC: ..a reward?

My name is Jang Hae-Jin.
I was your ordinary office worker, I lived a modest life.
Recently, something a bit special arrived to me, I've an affair with a woman.

He still looks at her without moving or saying anything.

Woman: What?

She removes her pantie and throws her on the ground.

The problem is the person who shares this relationship with me..
She works at the same company as me..

She leans against the wall and offers her ass to MC, she turns her head a bit looking at MC.

Woman: I declare the award ceremony open.

MC moves closer to her and grabs her ass, ready to fuck her.

TITLE DROP - Episode 1. Jang Hae-Jin

MC's apartment - Bedroom

An alarm rings in the bedroom, there is wedding picture of MC and his wife and a lot of figurines placed on a shelf.

MC grabs his mobile with difficulty.

MC: Ugh.. Aw.. Please, how can I get through this Monday..

He looks to his right and notices that his wife is not in the bed.

MC: Where have you been..?

Living room

He gets out of the shower while his wife returns from her jogging. She removes her shoes, earphones and greets him

Wife: Good morning. Baby ~

MC: Did you go out for exercise?

Wife: I already told you, I want to be pretty for this summer.

She arranges her hair and looks at him.

Wife: I've to wear a bikini for this holiday ~

She looks at him cheerfully.

Wife: How do I look today?

MC: Well.. You look diligent..

She moves closer to him and points her finger at herself.

Wife: I look diligent, really? Is that all?

MC: You look healthy too.

Wife seems depressed by what MC said to her.

Wife: Ah.. That's all..

She heads toward there bedroom.

Wife: Are you late because it's Monday? I'll go to the teachers meeting today.

MC: Are you coming back for dinner?

Wife: Perhaps. If nothing happens, I'll come back with the car ~
(TN: More like if I'm not too drunk I'll come back with the car.)

MC looks at her leaving in there room.

MC: {Have I said too much..?}

MC is getting dressed.

MC: {It's just been over a year since we got married, but our relationship is more like the one you have with an old friend.}

He adjusts his tie.

MC: {Some people would call it the best moment for a young married couple to fuck like rabbits.}

The scene of a young couple eating together is shown.

MC: {But for us this time was already over well before our marriage.}

The same couple as before is shown making love.

MC: {We already had a stable relationship since college. After that the wedding appeared as something normal to do.}


MC is heading to his workplace.

MC: {So for me right now, what I feel for my wife Jihyun Lee, is it like that "tree"?}

He stops and looks at a tree.

{It's always there, I can look at it whenever I want, someone who will always be there when I come home.}

He keeps on looking at the tree for a moment then leave.

{The problem is nobody pays attention to a tree.}

Workplace - Hall

He finally arrives at work and looks at his watch. He notices a young woman talking to the receptionist.

FMC²: Yes, Yoo Sodam. I am an intern. Today is my first day here but I haven't received my pass.

Receptionist: I'll check it out. Please wait a moment.

FMC²: Thank you.

MC looks at her while walking.

MC: {An intern? She looks like a college student..}

Receptionist: It's all good. I'll give you a visitor's pass for today.

FMC²: Ah, yes!

MC: {She must've a hard time finding a full-time job..}

The receptionist gives her a pass, FMC² accepts it happily.

Receptionist: You must return it before leaving.

FMC²: Don't worry, I'll.

She heads toward the "Security check" smiling, MC and her pass the check at the same time.

Corporate Strategy Room

MC in his office is working, there is a pile of documents next to him.

MC: {I've never been so behind with my work..}

A woman enters in his office and greets him.

FMC: Hi Jang Haejin-daerinim.
(TN: Mister Assistant Manager Jang Haejin <===> 장해진 대리님 ZzZz...)
Little reminder: 님 [nim] Literal meaning: “Mr./Miss/Mrs.” it’s more polite and respectful than 씨 [ssi].
Used for: Business environment and someone whom you need to show some respect to.

He turns his head and looks at her. She's wearing a red dress with a white jacket, she smiles at him supporting her ample breast with her arm.

MC: Ah.. Shimbi-ssi. What's going on?

She leans on his desk and moves closer to him.

FMC: This is the promotion plan of the new product.. The head of the office told me to hand it over to you.

MC: Pardon?

FMC: I guess the chief doesn't like you as much as me. Well, I look forward to your kind cooperation.

MC: {An order from the chief?}

He is thinking about something.

MC: {Why are you asking me to do something so easy?}

(TN: They use "실장" + "님" for talking about the chief, the literal meaning is head of the department. I do not know why they use this denomination whereas it's not a "honorific titles" it is more like a job description.)


MC: Fuuuh ~

MC is sitting on the floor texting with a someone on his mobile.

MC: {It looks like I'll have to work late today..}

{Jihyun told me that she will be late, so I wanted to go to a pc bang..}

(TN: Super meh here, so I'll go with something..)
The person who is talking with MC is called "길마 <=> Gilma" the content of the discussion is weird because this person call MC James Dean, so I think that it's the pseudo that Jang Hae-Jin use online..

Gilma: At what time do you finish working?
received at 5.58 pm
Gilma: James Dean, can u come today?
Didn't you say that you will leave early today?
received at 5.58 pm
MC: I can't see you today.

MC: {No matter how many times I think about it, I don't understand. Why did the chief give me such instructions?}

MC hears some noise.

MC: {Footsteps..?}

FMC and the chief enter in the warehouse.

FMC: Ah.. There is a place like this in our company building?

He notices FMC and the chief entering the room, he hides himself behind some boxes in hurry.

MC: {What.. What's this..? Why Shimbi-ssi and the chief are here together..?}

Chief: It's a warehouse originally used by the research team, the room is vacant since they left.
You can rest assured that no one will come to this place.

MC's spying on them from his hideout.

MC: {Why did you come to such a place?}

Chief: Did it work well with Jang-daeri?

FMC: Yes, thanks to him I'm totally free today.

Chief: So you're going to give me something, right?

He comes closer to her and rubs her inner thigh with his hand. This action surprises MC.

MC: {What.. What.. This two, what are they doing?}

FMC points at her mouth with one hand and at her pussy with the other one.

FMC: Top, bottom? Which one do you want?

MC: {Hey, what's this situation?}

To be continued...

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