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  1. needs good Netflix movies to watch. [delete]
  2. Edie Malone     -By the time he’s up and waiting alongside her she was no longer huffing. The lift arrived in the time that had passed and she stepped on, haven yet to answer him. Once he got on too she’d press for the ground floor, the doors closing with a soft rumbling. What had Saurel said? About making sure no one knows of this stuff? Were people around here that clueless that humans were not the only ones living in the city?- Yea. Sure. –That was a very unconvincing answer, but surely he wouldn’t think of anything more suspicious, would he? Maybe someone who shouldn’t be there? But certainly nothing like angels, or dead people.- The intern… thingie one. M’ one’ve those. ‘Ere. –She would unceremoniously push the papers into his hands for him to hold. Taking the automatic response would be to accept and hold them, she would have her hands free to pull her coat over in place of her inappropriate clothing and knot it tight for the outside weather.>[delete]
  3. Edie Malone     From one pocket she’d remove a burgundy beanie and tugged it on, quick to take the papers back from him just as the lift door opened and winter air rushed in.- Uh… -She looked at him and shrugged. All smiles again, however false they were.- ...enjoy y' hits. –And she’d stalk out into the lobby with another blast of far more icy wind in her wake.-[delete]
  4. Paradox     -- He's stepping onto the elevator in silence as she refuses to respond, surely upset in some form or fashion about what he'd done. No, it's more than that, she's in deep thought about something related to work. That accent catches his attention again and one of his own brows arched. "Sure? What kinda answer's that? Either you are or you're a cl-- Oh. Wai--" She's shoving papers into his hand without so much as another word to right her attire, tugging on a coat and beanie. As much as he'd want to look to see what sort of case she might be on - or her superiors rather - he's not, minding his own as the elevator comes to a halt. Passing the papers back, he fixed his own clothes, tugging the beanie down further than it was, zipping his own coat to protect him from the winter chills. "Uh.. I will; I mean after I handle all'a my business. All play and no work makes Dox's pockets empty." He said, returning the smile all the same before stalking out into the lobby and out into the winter +[delete]
  5. Paradox     wonderland that is Boston. Pulling out a cellphone as he walked, he punched in numbers on the dial pad, listening to the thrill of the line on the other end until someone picked up. "Yo. I need you to do me a favor - reach out to your contact and find out who's top dog. Need a sit-down. .. Don't ask me questions, just find out who's the big fish in Boston, yeah? We might need to have a tea party."[delete]
  6. Edie Malone     --If she hadn’t taken offence the girl would’ve been happy to have a little conversation with someone. Haven arrived back here from England she’d only spoken to a few people and was missing conversation and company. But, Edie was a temperamental sort and what one thing she should shrug off could also upset her. Glancing over her shoulder she’d see Dox on the phone, pursing her lips and looking around again to cross the road to the store opposite. She’d free her hands again by curling the papers up and pushing them into her pocket to grab two bottles of chocolate milk. Flashing the money at the cashier then leaving it on the counter she avoided small talk. Back on the street the girl planted one bottle under her arm to crack open the other, taking long, breathless gulps then panting after, licking her upper lip as she crossed back over the road again.-[delete]
  7. Paradox     -- It takes him a moment to notice Edie, only because this idiot on the other end is being a jackass. Groaning, he took a moment to calm himself; the irritation evident in the tone of his voice however. "Goddamn it, don't give me that excuse - you don't have contacts in Boston bullshit! What good is someone who's supposed to be my ears if you can't hear what the fuck's going on in a place I want!? You know what - fuck it. I'll just set this shit up myself. You want somethin' done right, you gotta do it yourself." He said, abruptly hanging up on the other party, tucking his phone into his pocket.[delete]
  8. Edie Malone     -Appearing shady, Edie slowed her pace as she came to a narrow street off the main road. Turning down it she glanced constantly over her shoulder and around before ‘shifting’ herself once again. A flicker of lightening-like flashes and she was gone from the streets and in her hotel room. Hostels weren’t too friendly around here so she upgraded a little. Unloading her pockets she’d toss the papers down on the bed, the unopened bottle of chocolate milk following, as did her hat and coat with the opened bottle of milk on the nightstand. Edie had selected the third best room the hotel had to offer as the –very- best would surely be taken before she’d want to leave. No name signed in it was a bit risky that a new guest would simply appear, but she had no issues leaving some clothing and half-eaten packets of food around. Staff would get the blame, but so long as –she- wasn’t caught, it wasn’t a real issue. >[delete]
  9. Edie Malone     Sitting on the large, plush bed she pushed her toe to her heel and kicked her boots off. Flumping back to lay on the bed she blindly reached out for an open packet of cookies, taking one and stuffing it into her mouth whole with muffled crunches. Edie mused on what reason the Dox fella could have for turning up in the office. He’d thought her some legal worker? Kind of ironic in this setting.-[delete]
  10. Paradox     -- It's quiet around him for a minute as the sounds of the world become muffled and of no importance to this mere human, albeit a shady one. He gave himself some time to think while he aimlessly walked, mulling over all the shit he has going on right now. He's in a new city with nowhere to go and very little people to depend on. Or depending on him, which is always a good thing in his eyes; he reached down again, pulling a second phone from his pocket to work through, fingers swiping and tapping as he arranges a few things; first and foremost, he needs transportation - which is a good thing Uber was invented. Arranging one of their cars, he stepped into one of the smaller shops to escape the winter air while he worked, reserving a room at one of the more prominent hotels - which was a nice chunk of change for some of the amenities. It worked for him, though. After some time, the Uber arrived short of the store and he moved out to get into it. "Take me to .. this hotel." He said, +[delete]
  11. Paradox     raising the phone to show the driver before settling back in his seat. The scenery passed him by, but it wasn't something he focused on. His main goals at this point where to get a roof over his head and work from there. He wouldn't go assembling an empire in the cold with no guidance. As the car pulled up, he climbed out and headed into the lobby, to the checkout desk to obtain a key and a room. "I have a reservation.. James Spade." He said, glancing around. Nice, nice.[delete]
  12. Edie Malone     -Once the cookies were finished she sat-up off the bed again, those papers crumpling under her rump. Leaning aside she’d pull them out and riffle through until she found Oblivias profile. This was one of the biggest ‘assignments’ yet and she couldn’t deny a twist of anxiety in her gut. How was this woman then connected to Sweets and Horlicks? If she wanted to get all summony with demons and stuff then why get the couple involved? In idle thought, Edie stroked a finger over one of the thickened stab wounds on her breastbone, sucking cookie mush from her teeth. Though an ‘angel’ Edie lacked the spiritual purity of one. She had a few tricks like floating but that was more like a ghost than the trips of flight that angels took. If she was to take this on she’d need to find some real ways of protecting the two and herself. And how to kill this creature. >[delete]
  13. Edie Malone     Until then, she just felt hopeless and useless. Tossing the papers down the woman rubbed at her face, feeling grit in her eyes and grimaced at the days of bad weather and grease build-up in her hair. Creaking off the bed she headed for the bathroom, shedding her clothing one by one until she was left bare, save for her cami top. Twisting the tapes the shower head burst with cold water that slowly heated up. Catching her reflection, Edie faced the bathroom mirror, then reached out and switched the light off. Gradually a soft light glowed from her now translucent skin with tiny, bright pinpricks piercing like sunbeams from a broken cloud. Tilting her head she’d rise a few inches off the bathroom floor to float. A dead thing, ghost thing, or a holy thing… or just a ‘thing’.-[delete]
  14. Edie Malone     I gotta go make/eat dinner, so i'll be afk a while. )[delete]
  15. Elona   groaned-- bored.[delete]
  16. Paradox     Will interact with her if she wants to come IC.[delete]
  17. Price   flips Elona[delete]
  18. Elona   falls onto Price and smirked. "Flip me, you fall."[delete]
  19. Price   breaks his hip[delete]
  20. Paradox     Stares at Elona. She bad.[delete]
  21. Elona   "Hope you have insurance, I'm not paying for that." Shrugged and wandered off.[delete]
  22. Paradox     As horrible as the process of checking into a hotel can be, it's quite quick for him; a checking of information and payments, an exchange of an ID here and there and then he's off. The elevator is the next stop, with a gentle press of a button and a small wait; the doors part and he steps in, hitting his floor for that short ride; stepping out, he made the trek down to the sizable room, sliding the keycard in. Closing the door, he stepped in and moved toward the bed, settling on it for a moment or two before his face falls blank and he's swiping one of those tattooed hands over mocha features. "Fuuck. Gotta go hit some stores, buy some shit.. Should'a just brought clothes and a car. Wouldn't have'ta deal with this bullshit." He said before rising off of the bed again for the short trek back to the door and out of it; down the hall and elevator again. Into the lobby, ordering and uber and now he's waiting for it to come again. Heaving a sigh, the dealer sat, swiping through his +[delete]
  23. Paradox     personal phone for some stores and some entertainment - can't be in a new city with no fun to be had. The uber arrives and he passes through the doors back into the bitter cold. Into a warm car he goes, off for the necessities! Clothes, car, weed.. and you can't forget women.[delete]
  24. Edie Malone     Baaaaaaaaack )[delete]
  25. Elona   Welcome back/~[delete]
  26. Paradox     Welcome back.~ )[delete]
  27. Edie Malone     Cheers m'dears. )[delete]
  28. Jack Krieger    "YOU GOT THE RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT!" He roared as he chased after the fucking perp, his Red Wing boots hammering the ground in pursuit. "ANYTHING YOU SAY CAN AND WILL BE HELD AGAINST YOU IN A COURT OF LAW, INCLUDING RUNNING LIKE A LITTLE BITCH!" Jack wasn't just a cop, he was a former Soldier, and frankly? He could run like this all day long, even while screaming. "YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO AN ATTORNEY, AND IF YOU CAN'T AFFORD ONE, ONE WILL BE PROVIDED FOR YOU, AND I SWEAR TO GOD, IT AIN'T GONNA BE JOHNNY COCHRAN'S SHAMBLING CORPSE!" Snarling as he hurdled over a tipped over trashcan spilled out in front of him, clearing it with that bounding leap! "I'M GONNA ASSUME THAT YOU'RE GONNA TOSS OUT THE PART ABOUT WANTING TO SPEAK TO ME, SO..." Halfway through that sentence? He'd snatched up a nearby vendor's 'free sample' tray, made a swift turn, and FLUNG it towards the back of the fucking perp's head, clobbering in mid run. Heh. He was well versed in the art of plate throwing, it's how his mo[delete]
  29. Jack Krieger    m used to catch him, after all! With the perp thrown off balance? He was still heading towards him, more jogging than running at this point, already out of breath and panting. "You motherless bastard.." -D.-[delete]
  30. Alizarin    JACK ][delete]
  31. Alizarin    Holy shit, I gotta catch up gimmie a sec ][delete]
  32. Elona   Still want me to beat him up, Ali?~[delete]
  33. Alizarin    In the nuts. ][delete]
  34. Jack Krieger    [Best be ready to throw dem hands!][delete]
  35. Jack Krieger    [Cause his are rated E, for everyone.]
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