Dec 30th, 2021
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  1. "Very well, Master, give me a few moments." Medea pulls a crystal ball out of thin air. How very stereotypical of her to rely on such an item for something like this, a crystal ball for scrying for the location of somebody? Well, you suppose that it's not really that strange, it's probably far more convenient for her to use one instead of relying on a large bowl for scrying for people from. After the woman chants a few words in ancient Greek, the ball begins to shine brightly. Now, seeing as I have no knowledge of the man in which I am searching for, I require somebody with memories of Kiritsugu Emiya to touch the ball and to think strongly about him.
  3. You're about to do as Medea asks before Archer suddenly steps forwards and places his hand on the floating crystal ball, and it flashes brightly for a moment before the glow stabilizes a few seconds after. "There. Tell me what you can see, Caster." It seems that despite his actions so far, Archer clearly misses his father, it seems that for Shirou, no matter what version of him, he will always have a great deal of respect for his father, even if he would disagree with his actions.
  5. "That's... odd." Caster doesn't sound very certain of just what she's looking at as she stares into the crystal ball. "I can see... that there are two beings that your recollection of the man seem to have found... One of them is in Germany, still and lifeless despite his body still drawing breath through some magical means, and the other is... the other is in Fuyuki City, but I am incapable of finding his exact location... I believe him to be in the castle in the forest... The one that the lunatic goddess I was told is residing in." There's disgust in her voice as she mentions Tamamo.
  7. Part 20
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