London Stock Exchange

Sep 20th, 2013
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  1. ******************************
  2. * London Stock Exchange *
  3. ******************************
  4. Position Email City Username
  5. Head of Sales and Marketing, Information Services robertor@londonstockexchange.com London robertor
  6. Business Development Manager sattyk@londonstockexchange.com London sattyk
  7. Head of Business Development Information Services kareny@londonstockexchange.com London kareny
  8. Manager Business Development alisons@londonstockexchange.com London alisons
  9. International Business Development Manager annem@londonstockexchange.com London annem
  10. International Business Development Manager dougs@londonstockexchange.com London dougs
  11. Head of Clients Service and Business Development federicos@londonstockexchange.com London federicos
  12. Business Development Manager Equity and Derivatives Market mauror@londonstockexchange.com London mauror
  13. Business Development Manager rosss@londonstockexchange.com London rosss
  14. Accounts and Human Resources Assistant katiek@londonstockexchange.com Bury katiek
  15. Manager, International Business Development richardw@londonstockexchange.com London richardw
  16. Business Development Manager henryf@londonstockexchange.com London henryf
  17. Head of Sales, Information Services Business Development michaell@londonstockexchange.com London michaell
  18. Technical Account Manager cardiffs@londonstockexchange.com London cardiffs
  19. Accounts Payable Manager errolf@londonstockexchange.com London errolf
  20. Head Sales and Client Management Market Services guyw@londonstockexchange.com London guyw
  21. Head of UK Sales and Relationship Management tomm@londonstockexchange.com London tomm
  22. Global Sales-Post Trade alessandroz@londonstockexchange.com London alessandroz
  23. Director, Enterprise Accounts catheriner@londonstockexchange.com Bury catheriner
  24. Sales Specialist eoind@londonstockexchange.com London eoind
  25. Sales and Strategy Manager edwardf@londonstockexchange.com London edwardf
  26. Business Account Manager lindsayc@londonstockexchange.com London lindsayc
  27. Business Manager tariqr@londonstockexchange.com London tariqr
  28. Head of Equity Product Technology philp@londonstockexchange.com London philp
  29. Product Manager AIM kareng@londonstockexchange.com London kareng
  30. Marketing Manager-Equity Primary Markets tinas@londonstockexchange.com London tinas
  31. Marketing for Retail Bond Platform michaelj@londonstockexchange.com London michaelj
  32. Product Manager stuartp@londonstockexchange.com London stuartp
  33. Internet Product Manager darrena@londonstockexchange.com London darrena
  34. Product Manager gillianw@londonstockexchange.com London gillianw
  35. Media Representative mohanb@londonstockexchange.com London mohanb
  36. Marketing Executive stuartt@londonstockexchange.com London stuartt
  37. Corporate Marketing and Internal Comms lucindar@londonstockexchange.com London lucindar
  38. Head of Investor Relations paulf@londonstockexchange.com London paulf
  39. Marketing Planner natalieb@londonstockexchange.com London natalieb
  40. Marketing Executive mattl@londonstockexchange.com Bury mattl
  41. UK Marketing Manager sophiew@londonstockexchange.com Bury sophiew
  42. Senior Marketing Manager mattw@londonstockexchange.com London mattw
  43. Senior Manager, Media and Business Complex paulaw@londonstockexchange.com London paulaw
  44. Director of Media Relations johnw@londonstockexchange.com London johnw
  45. Training, Help Desk and Administration Manager for Proquote debbiek@londonstockexchange.com London debbiek
  46. Head of Support and Contracts johnt@londonstockexchange.com London johnt
  47. Payroll and Human Resources Systems Manager davide@londonstockexchange.com London davide
  48. Head of Financial Operations marks@londonstockexchange.com London marks
  49. Broker Services Group andrews@londonstockexchange.com London andrews
  50. Chairman of the Board angelot@londonstockexchange.com London angelot
  51. General Manager-Equity Markets markh@londonstockexchange.com London markh
  52. President sattyb@londonstockexchange.com London sattyb
  53. President theresaw@londonstockexchange.com London theresaw
  54. President claren@londonstockexchange.com London claren
  55. President mariaa@londonstockexchange.com London mariaa
  56. President emmab@londonstockexchange.com London emmab
  57. President timb@londonstockexchange.com London timb
  58. President clairec@londonstockexchange.com London clairec
  59. President markf@londonstockexchange.com London markf
  60. President nicoletteg@londonstockexchange.com London nicoletteg
  61. President antoniog@londonstockexchange.com London antoniog
  62. President natalieh@londonstockexchange.com London natalieh
  63. President sammiak@londonstockexchange.com London sammiak
  64. President agnieszkak@londonstockexchange.com London agnieszkak
  65. President rebeccak@londonstockexchange.com London rebeccak
  66. President rayk@londonstockexchange.com London rayk
  67. President nickl@londonstockexchange.com London nickl
  68. President clairem@londonstockexchange.com London clairem
  69. President marionm@londonstockexchange.com London marionm
  70. President cassandram@londonstockexchange.com London cassandram
  71. President katiem@londonstockexchange.com London katiem
  72. President rossm@londonstockexchange.com London rossm
  73. President jamesn@londonstockexchange.com London jamesn
  74. President sarahn@londonstockexchange.com London sarahn
  75. President traceyp@londonstockexchange.com London traceyp
  76. President samr@londonstockexchange.com London samr
  77. President markr@londonstockexchange.com London markr
  78. President andreww@londonstockexchange.com London andreww
  79. President matheww@londonstockexchange.com London matheww
  80. President tonyw@londonstockexchange.com London tonyw
  81. Financial Controller richarda@londonstockexchange.com London richarda
  82. Senior Market Data Auditor stevenc@londonstockexchange.com London stevenc
  83. Group Tax Manager colinr@londonstockexchange.com London colinr
  84. Head of Interal Audit and Risk alisonf@londonstockexchange.com London alisonf
  85. Chief Executive Officer graemem@londonstockexchange.com London graemem
  86. Group Company Secretary lisac@londonstockexchange.com London lisac
  87. Director-Global Development Chief Executive Officer of Mille... tonyw@londonstockexchange.com London tonyw
  88. Chief Executive Officer natant@londonstockexchange.com London natant
  89. Chief Executive Officer office sarahk@londonstockexchange.com London sarahk
  90. Chief Executive Officer chrisg@londonstockexchange.com London chrisg
  91. Company Secretary deborahaa@londonstockexchange.com London deborahaa
  92. Managing Director markc@londonstockexchange.com Bury markc
  93. Group Treasurer simona@londonstockexchange.com London simona
  94. General Manager Finance and Risk janicel@londonstockexchange.com London janicel
  95. Head of Legal catherinej@londonstockexchange.com London catherinej
  96. Head of Finance mariac@londonstockexchange.com London mariac
  97. Finance Director simonm@londonstockexchange.com London simonm
  98. Financial Reporting Accountant/Senior Business Partner zaned@londonstockexchange.com London zaned
  99. Human Resources Operations Manager andyf@londonstockexchange.com London andyf
  100. Director, Human Resources Executive caioc@londonstockexchange.com London caioc
  101. Director, Human Resources Executive paolos@londonstockexchange.com London paolos
  102. Director, Human Resources Executive sergioe@londonstockexchange.com London sergioe
  103. Head of Human Resources brianw@londonstockexchange.com Darlington brianw
  104. Compensation and Benefits Manager isabelp@londonstockexchange.com London isabelp
  105. Group Head of Human Resources timj@londonstockexchange.com London timj
  106. Group Head of Human Resources timw@londonstockexchange.com London timw
  107. Human Resources Recruitment Manager abbeys@londonstockexchange.com London abbeys
  108. Human Resources Manager matthewc@londonstockexchange.com London matthewc
  109. Head of Application Support Operations duncane@londonstockexchange.com London duncane
  110. Head of Training Services delmet@londonstockexchange.com London delmet
  111. Customer Services Manager stevenl@londonstockexchange.com London stevenl
  112. Service Introduction meerap@londonstockexchange.com London meerap
  113. Client Managment Team victoriaw@londonstockexchange.com London victoriaw
  114. Training Manager laurenc@londonstockexchange.com London laurenc
  115. Head of Service Management susanf@londonstockexchange.com London susanf
  116. Technical Support Executive fawadk@londonstockexchange.com London fawadk
  117. Customer Service Director peterw@londonstockexchange.com London peterw
  118. Service Management joannas@londonstockexchange.com London joannas
  119. Software Architect ignacioy@londonstockexchange.com London ignacioy
  120. Network Engineer johnathanr@londonstockexchange.com London johnathanr
  121. Senior Network Engineer liangc@londonstockexchange.com London liangc
  122. Head of Information Product Development mattheww@londonstockexchange.com London mattheww
  123. Networks Project Engineer francisg@londonstockexchange.com London francisg
  124. Solutions Architect ganeshg@londonstockexchange.com London ganeshg
  125. Integration Architect grantw@londonstockexchange.com London grantw
  126. Windows Architect and Engineer simonl@londonstockexchange.com London simonl
  127. Infrastructure Architect markl@londonstockexchange.com London markl
  128. Senior Infrastructure Engineer alexb@londonstockexchange.com Bury alexb
  129. Senior Infrastructure Engineer greigp@londonstockexchange.com Bury greigp
  130. Technical Architect paulw@londonstockexchange.com London paulw
  131. Information Technology Operations Manager garys@londonstockexchange.com London garys
  132. Information Technology Security Manager imramh@londonstockexchange.com London imramh
  133. Manager Information Security neilln@londonstockexchange.com London neilln
  134. Network Operations armans@londonstockexchange.com London armans
  135. Operations-Remote Connections sarahp@londonstockexchange.com London sarahp
  136. Data Operations Manager-Stats matthewl@londonstockexchange.com London matthewl
  137. National Access Control and Security Manager robertk@londonstockexchange.com London robertk
  138. Operations Manager nicks@londonstockexchange.com London nicks
  139. Operations Manager andyk@londonstockexchange.com London andyk
  140. Head of Facilities Management emmar@londonstockexchange.com London emmar
  141. Operations Manager nickm@londonstockexchange.com London nickm
  142. Director Technology Operations constantineg@londonstockexchange.com London constantineg
  143. Network Operations nics@londonstockexchange.com London nics
  144. Senior Manager Product Development claired@londonstockexchange.com London claired
  145. Information Technology Project Manager caroliner@londonstockexchange.com London caroliner
  146. Analyst natashaw@londonstockexchange.com London natashaw
  147. Senior Business Analyst neilb@londonstockexchange.com London neilb
  148. Technical Business Analyst lailaab@londonstockexchange.com London lailaab
  149. Data Analyst olivert@londonstockexchange.com London olivert
  150. Information Technology Business Analyst kimp@londonstockexchange.com London kimp
  151. Sql and Business Objects Analyst Developer ercolel@londonstockexchange.com London ercolel
  152. Technical Analyst roberte@londonstockexchange.com London roberte
  153. Senior Project Manager grahamh@londonstockexchange.com London grahamh
  154. Information Technology Project Manager-No he isnt nigelf@londonstockexchange.com London nigelf
  155. Chief Technology Officer robinp@londonstockexchange.com London robinp
  156. Web Site Co-ordinator allanal@londonstockexchange.com London allanal
  157. Internet Project Manager duncanw@londonstockexchange.com London duncanw
  158. Product Manager markl@londonstockexchange.com London markl
  159. Manager Systems and Controls alisonr@londonstockexchange.com London alisonr
  160. Busniess Development Director jasonf@londonstockexchange.com London jasonf
  161. Computer Room Supervisor howardr@londonstockexchange.com London howardr
  162. Senior Business Analyst-Information Technology johnr@londonstockexchange.com London johnr
  163. Information Technology Manager johns@londonstockexchange.com London johns
  164. Derivatives Programme Manager, Information Technology Projec... darrena@londonstockexchange.com London darrena
  165. Product Manager gilesa@londonstockexchange.com London gilesa
  166. Manager Information Technology markv@londonstockexchange.com London markv
  167. Project Manager-Information Technology andrewb@londonstockexchange.com London andrewb
  168. Senior Project Manager ashr@londonstockexchange.com London ashr
  169. Analyst arthurn@londonstockexchange.com London arthurn
  170. Head of Corporate Technology Services adeels@londonstockexchange.com London adeels
  171. Head of Information Technology Business Management matthewe@londonstockexchange.com London matthewe
  172. Head of Professional Development pinare@londonstockexchange.com London pinare
  173. Product Manager nigelh@londonstockexchange.com London nigelh
  174. Head of Information Products wendym@londonstockexchange.com London wendym
  175. Debt Product Manager hajdunitedki...d@londonstockexchange.com London hajdunitedki...d
  176. Group Director of Strategic Development and Information Serv... davidl@londonstockexchange.com London davidl
  177. Sharepoint Consultant rekhas@londonstockexchange.com London rekhas
  178. Derivatives Applications Team Lead chrisa@londonstockexchange.com London chrisa
  179. Deployment Specialist lewism@londonstockexchange.com London lewism
  180. Project Management Team Lead jamesm@londonstockexchange.com London jamesm
  181. Relationship Manager, UK Companies mandys@londonstockexchange.com London mandys
  182. Head of Projects and Services eileenh@londonstockexchange.com London eileenh
  183. Promotions Manager jamess@londonstockexchange.com London jamess
  184. Capacity Manager neilp@londonstockexchange.com London neilp
  185. Head of Strategic Direction and Management marcuss@londonstockexchange.com London marcuss
  186. Compliance Manager carolw@londonstockexchange.com Darlington carolw
  187. Head of Client Management philipm@londonstockexchange.com London philipm
  188. Director of Equity Primary Markets traceyp@londonstockexchange.com London traceyp
  189. Head of Equities and Derivatives nicolasb@londonstockexchange.com London nicolasb
  190. Money Laundering Reporting Officer alanw@londonstockexchange.com London alanw
  191. Senior Architect darrenm@londonstockexchange.com London darrenm
  192. Supplier and Contract Manager geoffp@londonstockexchange.com London geoffp
  193. MLRO nickb@londonstockexchange.com London nickb
  194. Business Consultant iains@londonstockexchange.com London iains
  195. Infrastructure Architect johnc@londonstockexchange.com London johnc
  196. Head of Networks mitchs@londonstockexchange.com London mitchs
  197. Supplier and Contract Manager garyp@londonstockexchange.com London garyp
  198. Solicitor laraq@londonstockexchange.com London laraq
  199. Senior Advisor-LSEG Post Trade giuliod@londonstockexchange.com London giuliod
  200. Manager CIS johne@londonstockexchange.com London johne
  201. Consultant guyb@londonstockexchange.com London guyb
  202. Consultant bartd@londonstockexchange.com London bartd
  203. Chief Representative nancyj@londonstockexchange.com London nancyj
  204. Head of Proquote davidt@londonstockexchange.com London davidt
  205. Consultant marting@londonstockexchange.com London marting
  206. Senior Manager hughs@londonstockexchange.com London hughs
  207. Internet Services Manager lynns@londonstockexchange.com London lynns
  208. Data Reference Manager markh@londonstockexchange.com London markh
  209. Head of Compliance and Regulation denzilj@londonstockexchange.com London denzilj
  210. Technical Architect syedg@londonstockexchange.com London syedg
  211. Networking Group Manager phils@londonstockexchange.com London phils
  212. Manager Post Trade hughb@londonstockexchange.com London hughb
  213. Deputy Head-SSNs matthewm@londonstockexchange.com London matthewm
  214. Post Trade Advisor kiris@londonstockexchange.com London kiris
  215. Telecoms Manager garyp@londonstockexchange.com London garyp
  216. Head of Real Time Data jarodh@londonstockexchange.com London jarodh
  217. Programme Management richardw@londonstockexchange.com London richardw
  218. Technical Architect simenl@londonstockexchange.com London simenl
  219. Reward Manager simonl@londonstockexchange.com London simonl
  220. Head of Equity Primary Markets Americas ibukuna@londonstockexchange.com London ibukuna
  221. Head of Asia-Pacific janez@londonstockexchange.com London janez
  222. CIS Manager zarinak@londonstockexchange.com London zarinak
  223. Business Unit Head scottj@londonstockexchange.com London scottj
  224. Head of Sedol Masterfile terrya@londonstockexchange.com London terrya
  225. Capital Markets Day Manager frankf@londonstockexchange.com London frankf
  226. Head of Product Management stuartp@londonstockexchange.com London stuartp
  227. Trading Services ursulaa@londonstockexchange.com London ursulaa
  228. Consultant danp@londonstockexchange.com London danp
  229. Senior Manager-Japan, Korea and Mongolia naomitsua@londonstockexchange.com London naomitsua
  230. Senior Manager-Americas grahamd@londonstockexchange.com London grahamd
  231. Rules Consultant dagmarb@londonstockexchange.com London dagmarb
  232. Business Planning nicholasd@londonstockexchange.com London nicholasd
  233. Data Centre and Business Continuity Manager stuartf@londonstockexchange.com London stuartf
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