May 7th, 2020
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  1. >prefix p/m/s for pinzu, manzu, souzu
  2. >prefix z for honor tiles, from 1 to 7: ESWN, haku/hatsu/chun
  3. >if the hand has call, separate it with a comma for opened part
  4. >if the hand has chi call, identify the called tile with a dash suffix (so, 2 man chii for 123 would be m12-3)
  5. >if the hand has pon/kan call, identify with an equal sign at the end (so, 2 man pon for 222 would be m222=)
  6. >column option from left to right: round wind, seat wind, dora display tile, red dora Y/N
  7. >if the hand has red dora, use 0 instead of 5 (so, m0/s0/p0)
  8. >input hand, put option, click button, get number
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