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Ed Clint is a rapist - by R. Watson

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Jan 12th, 2013
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  1. Thaumas Themelios
  2. This is the same image, but hosted at imgur for easier readability. If you share, try to include the text below, which you can attribute to me if desired. Here's a link to a public version if there's no share link below:
  4. Ryan Grant Long put this image together to illustrate a very disturbing pattern of activity apparently designed to target skeptics and critics of certain brands of ideologically-driven 'feminism' and 'social justice activism', and to smear them with false rumours, fabricated allegations, and viral internet whisper campaigning, about as despicable as anything you've ever heard of coming from GOP hacks like Karl Rove.
  6. Tragically, this despicable behaviour appears to originate within the so-called 'skeptic' community, and, as this composite image illustrates, it is pretty damn blatant, IMO.
  8. I feel this is a very important topic that needs to be discussed thoroughly, without allowing ourselves to succumb to the urge to generate *more* drama around it. This has happened, as far as I can tell. We can and should discuss it. If it is confirmed, it is a *very* serious ethical issue. That doesn't mean it needs to spin into drama, but it does mean we should not try to ignore this or sweep it under the rug. Problems like this *will* fester within a community if left unresolved, causing long-term, possibly irreversible damage to real people like you and me, and to our common goals as skeptical activists.
  10. The long term viability of the skeptic/atheist/whatever-you-want-to-call-it 'movement' depends on our maintaining the 'high road', in terms of standards of ethical activism. I feel that this smear-campaigning behaviour, if confirmed, completely fails to meet an adequate ethical standard for activism. That is why I've chosen to share this composition from Ryan. If, after reviewing the evidence, you also agree that this issue needs to be thoroughly discussed, please share this as you see fit.
  12. Ryan Grant Long has a formal educational background in Women's Studies and LGBT Studies at UW-Madison, and self-identifies as an equity feminist. He details this background, including some of his reasoning for speaking out about important issues related to these topics, on his blog here:
  14. Thank you, Ryan, for your courage in speaking up about this important issue, in the face of the potential negative consequences that have befallen so many people already. Bravo!
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