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  1. Hi staff, I know we have a meeting tonight but I'm going to have my say in case we have any issues from my end, you all know me as the most recent superadmin to the chain and i've worked very hard at my duty day in and day out I will say i've handled a lot of problems and been very fair, the last few days we have been faced with an issue thats opinionated by everyone Key, Knomad, Myself, Alex, Charles, Ryu, Py, EC team everyones had there opinion on it I am the most unbiased fit creature until it comes to sway to things I like and dont like as a whole, I'm going to start with my formal apology to the staff team I have also been an agressor in theese situations sometimes, Ive said things I dont mean to staff ive been angry ive spoken to other people about my feelings and in existing this situation and talking to all of the staff, I know now with all the shit that has happened I was a part of it in some small way and for that I am sorry but I am also not the only one, I can imagine Key a thousand times before you have talked shit behind mine or Alex's back and thats okay its venting but i'm sure indefinately you've talked shit behind my back and everyone elses, Brand is a sweet kid but I can also imagine due to prior and recent light you have also done the same and talked shit behind everyones back again thats okay its venting, I CAN continue with Py, Knomad, Alex, Charles now this isnt said in a nasty way of course it builds to my point at some time or place or day in this community each and everyone of us has talked shit about one another and right now that makes us pretty fucking equal, I have spoken to Brand and Key about there issues something I wont hide in this statement because if we continue to hide things we will spiral to the point of a no return, Key is upset he's simply been said one thing to and shit talked to another by Alex, Brand is upset that in the same light the issues that Knomad was banned for have also been comitted by Alex at some point in the community amongst other things i'm sure he'll talk about, Alex is upset regardless I dont care to hear the conversation that he dosent care because if nobody cared this wouldnt be an issue, we've been bridges for years in this RP  Myself, Arma, Py and Alex and Silverbullet are the veterans of the community and we have prided ourselves on it for a long time because we made way with this community in a number of ways, I know and I know its going to take a lot of bridges to be demolished and rebuilt and towns to be knocked downa nd destroyed but we can fix this as a whole as a community, we can head theese issues and best it like the staff team we are we are good for one another, I mean when we work we work fucking well and when we work against each other we also do that pretty well I pride myself that I sit here day after day on this community but there comes a time enough is enough of the cycle i've been involved with soo may times, this time I have a rank of power to break that cycle we all hate each other right now and i'm sure we all are hurting over various reasons but we also all have our own reasons, paranoya, threats, freights it is time we push theese issues aside and break the cycle we are all so afraid of and stand fourth like a team and rebuild all theese broken walls, I know a lot of you if not all of you like Alex will probably say he dosent care, Knomad, Key, Brand or Even Charles will say he dosent care maybe I dont know im not each and everyone of you but we are all a victim and agressor in theese situations and its high time we talk about it because just once we wouldnt have to end in blood shedded arguments and instead we could come out clean on the otherside, I am proud to be the first one to admit my wrongs and what I have done and I severely hope this wasnt a waste of time and that you the staff, the founders can step foward with me and instead of saying I dont care, fuck Alex, Fuck Key, Fuck Charles, Fuck Knomad just for once that someone will stand beside me in apologising and then for us to come together to path the new roads together like the good staff team we are, this message isnt a message of violence or targetting or taking sides, this message is the first step to breaking an endless cycle we all suffer so bad from time to time, thank you for taking the time to read this and I apologise for my bad English and I hope someone steps foward with me today to follow my example so we can start again.
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