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Hitomi Tanaka 2012 US Tour Competiton

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  1.                                  Want to Meet Hitomi Tanaka?
  2.                                 Hitomi Tanaka Contest Details
  4.                           http://tinyurl.com/MeetHitomiTanaka
  6. Our Hitomi Tanaka fan club is hosting a contest! The winner will get a chance to meet Hitomi
  7. Tanaka, in person, when she comes to New York in 2012!
  9. Anyone is allowed to enter. Only one entry per person. Please enter your email below to have
  10. a chance to meet our favorite Japanese AV idol!
  12. Here’s some info on Hitomi Tanaka and some options you may have in regards to meeting her
  13. in person:
  15. If you want to meet Hitomi Tanaka, regardless of the reason, there are some ways this can
  16. actually become a reality. First of all, the stalking attitude won’t work because it usually
  17. attracts the police as well. However, there are some instances in which she can be met, even if
  18. it isn’t in a private environment.
  20. Hitomi Tanaka is not only making movies for adults. She also attends conferences on the
  21. matter and other public events in which anyone can meet her and maybe even ask her a
  22. couple of questions or have her autograph. Even so, you need to know a couple of things.
  24. Firstly, she mostly appears in these live events in Japan, her home country. If you live
  25. anywhere but Japan it can be difficult to meet her, but not impossible. In recent years she has
  26. started making appearances in American and European events as well because her producers
  27. plan on introducing her movies on these markets as well. Now, all you need to know in order
  28. to meet Hitomi Tanaka is where and when these conventions take place. Usually, there are to
  29. very simple sources for this kind of information. You can either check her site or the site of the
  30. producers. Even some smaller related sites might be helpful in this respect.
  32. Further, if this isn’t enough for you, she has been known to participate in online contests where
  33. the prize would be a dinner with Hitomi Tanaka. Again, because she has mostly worked and
  34. filmed for the Asian market, Asian participants have a priority. If you could wait for a bit, she,
  35. together with her producers, might be coming to other markets, as mentioned above.
  37. Usually, in this kind of industry you can meet your heroes at some point if you really want to.
  38. The idea is to not expect too much from these meetings. You can probably get an autograph
  39. and that would be it, since there are hundreds of other people just like you that want to meet
  40. their favorite AV idol.
  42. It is expected that Hitomi Tanaka will start a Vlog online. Anyone who knows what that is
  43. knows that this is a great opportunity to at least talk to her without actually having to go to
  44. Japan. This is more than a rumor at this point, but in general nothing has been done towards
  45. this yet. Besides this there is no clear date when she would start this Vlog, but one of her
  46. producers said that they need to start to extend to other countries and to become more
  47. accessible. So, these are the options you have if you want to meet Hitomi Tanaka. As you can
  48. see, with a bit of patience and some luck you might actually be able to meet her. Remember
  49. that Hitomi is planning a US tour soon and that might be your chance. Until then make sure to
  50. check the site often and get as much information as possible from it regarding this.
  52.                             http://tinyurl.com/MeetHitomiTanaka
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