Anon - On The Desolate Wintery Road

Jul 31st, 2014
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  1. >Snow, beautiful snow on a gray day
  2. >It’s gently floating down from the gray sky and lands on your nose, making you close your eyes and shake your head a bit
  3. >You are Birch, and you are currently walking peacefully trough the snowy desolate landscape as you make your way towards the village
  4. >It’s one of those roads almost nopony uses since it’s longer than all the others
  5. >But that’s just what you like about it, it’s pretty much untouched, and on such a pristine day it just feels so peaceful
  6. >The snow keeps falling as you slowly trot forward
  7. >There’s no wind today, and it’s pretty warm for a winter day
  8. >Perfect tranquil quiet, nothing but the sound of your hooves softly stepping on the snow
  9. >You can’t help but to smile as you take in the scenery of the dead looking trees lining the road, making it easy to see where the road actually goes beneath all the snow
  10. >But then you suddenly notice footsteps in the snow
  11. >You pick up your pace and make your way to them and start inspecting them
  12. >That shape, it’s got to be the footsteps of Anon, there’s no mistaking it
  13. >But what makes you feel weird is how they seem to start from thin air suddenly
  14. >You look backwards
  15. >No, only your hoofprints in the snow
  16. >You have to ask Anon how he did it once you see him the next time
  17. >Suddenly the wind starts to blow, picking up some of the faint snow and kicking up a lot of it
  18. >You have to close your eyes at the sharp wind, it’s stronger than you thought
  19. >There’s a crunch behind you
  20. >You glance behind yourself and see a silhouette of a pony
  21. >But it’s... wrong...
  22. >It looks like there’s two tentacles coming out from each side of it’s neck
  23. >You let out a small squeak as the form suddenly takes a step towards you and starts to gallop towards you
  24. >You take off and start running in fright
  25. >Anons footsteps seem fresh, and you really feel like meeting a friendly face right now
  27. >You are not sure if the sounds of snow come from your hooves, or from the monster pony chasing you
  28. >You don’t want to glance behind you so you just stare at the footprints and run
  29. >But then you take notice of something else
  30. >The footprints...
  31. >They are bare
  32. >Anon would never go out on weather like this without his shoes! Not to mention walk bare feet!
  33. >You stop galloping and stop and glance behind you
  34. >Your mane is now blocking a part of your view and you quickly wipe it away with your hoof
  35. >Nothing’s following you
  36. >You keep breathing hard from all the running away
  37. >Your mane is now a mess, and your scarf has pretty much come undone, it’s a miracle it’s still on you
  38. >You look around
  39. >Seems like the gust of wind ahs died down as well, in fact the road seems like it’s back to it’s normal tranquil state like nothing happened
  40. >You look back forward and see a silhouette in the distance
  41. >A mothpony! And it looks normal enough!
  42. >You really do not feel like being alone out here now, you feel a bit spooked at your encounter
  43. >You start to make your way towards the mothponys form but then suddenly another gust of wind kicks up, kicking up snow
  44. >You have to close your eyes as some snowflakes gets in them
  45. >There’s a squeak, and then the sound of hooves running on snow
  46. >You force your eyes open and see the form of the mothpony disappearing into the distance
  47. >”Wait!”
  48. >But it seems like the mothpony does not hear your call and soon enough she disappears from your sight into the rain of snow
  49. >Your neck feels colder than usual
  50. >You glance at the ground
  51. >Oh, the wind must have blown your undone scarf off
  52. >You pick it up and give it a little shake
  53. >There’s snow on it and it does not come off
  54. >You frown no-
  55. “Birch?”
  56. >You jump a bit in fright and turn to look at your side
  57. >Anon is standing there
  58. >Wha- how? When did he get so sneaky?
  59. “Birch, are you ok? You’ve been spacing out for a while now”
  60. >”I have?”
  62. >You have no idea what he’s talking about
  63. >You shake the scarf a bit more and wrap it back around your neck
  64. >”Anon, why are you walking around bear foote-“
  65. >You stop talking as you look at his feet
  66. >His shoes are on
  67. “Birch, are you feeling all right?”
  68. >”But I sa-“
  69. >You look back, and your mouth falls open
  70. >It’s the beginning of the road
  71. >You look forward now at the road before you
  72. >it’s untouched
  73. >”But-“
  74. >You look backwards again and then forward once more as Anon raises an eyebrow at you
  75. “What’s wrong, you seem a bit disturbed?”
  76. >What is this?
  77. >Then you notice something else
  78. >No snow is falling down
  79. >...
  80. >Did you doze off while standing?
  81. >You shake your head
  82. >”No, it's nothing...”
  83. >Anon begins walking forward
  84. “Come on Birch, let’s go”
  85. >You take flight and flutter next to Anon as he walks
  86. >You keep thinking back at that weird dream and the walk goes on in silence
  87. >After a while you get brought back to attention by Anons swearing
  88. “Great, just great...”
  89. >Anon stops and so do you
  90. >”What is it?”
  91. >Anon takes off his shoes and holds them up
  92. >They have come undone like someone would have cut every stitch that held the shoes together
  93. “My shoes have come to the end of their road”
  94. >You take the shoes into your hooves for closer inspection as Anon starts to take his socks off
  95. >You glance at Anon with a puzzled look on your face which he notices
  96. “I don't like the feeling of wet soggy socks on my legs”
  97. >You get back to looking at the shoes, it’s just one of those weird Anon habits he has
  98. >Anon lets out a yelp as he takes a few steps barefooted
  99. “Oh fuck that’s cold...”
  100. >His shoes are pretty much totaled
  101. >You hand them back and Anon takes them
  102. “They’re good shoes, maybe I can get them fixed somewhere. It looks like the stitches are the only thing that broke”
  103. >”That’s pretty we-“
  105. >You don’t get to finish your sentence as there’s a sudden powerful gust of wind which kicks up so much snow it feels like you’re in the middle of a blizzard
  106. >It takes all the strength in your mothpony wings to stay still instead of getting blown away
  107. >But soon enough it dies down as mysteriously as it began
  108. “What the heck was that?”
  109. >You give Anon a shrug while wondering the same thing
  110. “Let’s get out of here, it’s starting to feel really chilly”
  111. >Anon starts to walk and you start to follow him
  112. >Anon glances back at you and then he stops while looking surprised
  113. “Birch, look!”
  114. >You also glance behind you
  115. >The whole road behind you is covered in snow, and it has covered all of Anons tracks up to the point where he stood still during the peculiar wind
  116. “Isn’t it cool? It almost looks like my tracks begin from thin air!”
  117. >You smile and give Anon a nod
  118. >It really does look weird
  119. >Anon starts to jog forward and you take off fast after him
  120. >You glance at the tracks he’s leaving and suddenly you feel a chill as a sense of déjà vu hits you and you come to a halt
  121. >And then you feel something land softly on your nose
  122. >It’s a big snowflake
  123. “Birch hurry up it’s starting to snow soon!”
  124. >You shake your head and shoot off after Anon
  125. >As you reach him you decide to land so you can gallop next to him, it warms you up more than flying
  126. >You look at the snowy ground and drop down
  127. >And then you turn to say something to Anon
  128. >There is none
  129. >You blink in surprise
  130. >What?
  131. >You look around
  133. >You are at the start of the desolate road to the village
  134. >You...what were you doing?
  135. >A single snowflake drops down before you
  136. >You glance at the gray sky as a few more float down
  137. >It’s such a beautiful day
  138. >The road before you looks peaceful and tranquil
  139. >You decide to take the scenic route to the village
  140. >Can’t waste such a rare chance to walk down an untouched and peaceful road
  141. >You start to walk down the road while taking in the beauty of the winter
  142. >Snow, beautiful snow on a gray day
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