Inheritor of Chaos - Chapter 27, Impatient lodging

Sep 23rd, 2019
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  1. >Okay, don't be afraid, Alberto. This is fine; there is nothing weird about this situation at all. Your coat and mane changed colors, sure, this doesn't mean you are somepony else, right? You are the same special and silly colt that you always were!
  2. >You’re going to scream, aren't you?
  3. "Why, I know me so well. Aaaaaaaa-" You hold your hooves to your mouth to shut your dramatic scream as you look at yourself in the mirror.
  4. >Of course, you're just overreacting. Well, you thought your hooves were stained in mud. It was the logical thought after playing with that colt that was most likely as nuts as you are. …Okay, not as crazy as you.
  5. "Well I mean, I do look cool with this mane, it kind of reminds me of Dante! But... why did it change all of the sudden? Man, I can't catch a break with all the randomness today, huh?" You ask yourself while still examining your mane, which wasn't that puffy as it was before. Shame, you liked it messy.
  6. >Although you like that the color of your mane was silver, and, your coat light brown made it pair well with your father being Discord somehow. Now that you think about it, you do look like him... except that you don't have a beard and your two eyes aren't as goofy as his. Your eyes were the same as before... crazy ass right yellow eye. Your left eye at least was a nice blue color.
  7. >How come you get one yellow eye and Sweetie gets two? You probably have asked yourself this multiple times, but... it's not fair, dude! If you wanna be a crazy colt, you wanna be the full pack! Not half! Ugh.
  8. >...Wonder how Sweetie is doing. You do miss her a bit and hope she--
  9. >Ehm, better not talk about feelings and worrying about her, you're still an evil chaotic colt, of course! You should laugh about others misery and enjoy it! Make dad proud, yo!
  10. >You sigh to yourself and get down from the chair that was conveniently inside the bathroom that helped you see yourself in the mirror.
  11. >Besides, you don't need friends when you’ve got powers! Even if you have slightly less than when Discord was around. With Epona alone, that’s enough companionship you need for your whole life.
  12. >You hear three soft knocks in a row on the bathroom's door, they weren't in a rush but you probably have been too long in the bathroom that you made somepony worry.
  13. >"Anon? Is everything okay in there? I and Octavia- I mean... Octavia and I finished discussing and, uh, we'd like to... what was the word she used..." You hear the sound of some pages as if Vinyl was checking some notes to herself. "Par...ta-ke in each other points of view and... Have a modern... look to... ugh! We want to finish the conversation, okay! Jeez, I'm just not good with big words and she knows it." Vinyl Scratch was saying from the other side of the door, you heard a noise from behind the door, it was probably the notes she was reading.
  14. >You walk over to the bathroom door and open it, meeting her and the pages on the floor that she threw. You counted at least fourteen pages… that’s… exaggerating.
  15. "Yeah, sorry, I was just... cleaning my hooves. Don't want to discuss with dirty hooves, y'know? Heh..." You say to her, hiding that you were just admiring and curious about your new colors.
  16. >Vinyl stares at her own hooves and... sniffs them. She shrugs. "Just come, don't leave her... waiting too long, she gets impatient sometimes..., most of the time." She looks around and then whispers to you while putting out her shades with her right hoof. "All the time."
  17. >Oh boy, this wasn’t going to be easy.
  18. >You nod, Vinyl puts back her shades and turns around, going to the living room as you follow her.
  19. >When you two entered Vinyl and Octavia's apartment, you asked if you could use their bathroom very quick. Not that you needed to use it, or maybe you did and you forgot, but the point here is, your colors changing and Epona not saying a word about it... it's just odd.
  20. >Not that you're not used to being odd or in random situations at this point, it just makes you question some stuff.
  21. >Like, why hasn’t Epona mentioned your change in colors? She is very hyperactive with most of her activities.
  22. >Agh, whatever. Not that you care. Besides, Epona and you now mix together like siblings, so your history about running from home would be more credible.
  23. >Why are you asking yourself so many questions as if you were a grown responsible adult? You are a kid! A colt! Just go with the flow and don't worry, Alberto! Everything will be just fine! What could possibly go wrong?!
  24. >God, you love saying that phrase before doing something incredibly stubborn, it raises the odds of something bad happening.
  26. >The living room was quiet as you four exchange glances at each other, nopony made a sound except for the clock ticking on the wall; the living room was filled with some furniture, like the couches you were sitting on, a crystal table that looked really ludicrous, some modern lamps and plants as decoration.
  27. >You sit next to your sister as Octavia brought two cups that had what looks like warm milk to the both of you. Octavia had for herself some tea, while Vinyl had coffee, black coffee if you may point out.
  28. >Part of you wished to ask for black coffee, you haven’t had that good stuff in a while, but you can’t ask for it since you’re a minor. It isn’t easy being a colt when you have such limits, dude.
  29. >Epona was licking the milk with her tongue, as if she was a cat. You ignore it and let her be herself.
  30. >As Octavia was about to speak, she is interrupted with the slurping noises coming from somepony.
  31. >For a moment you almost call Epona's attention for being rude, but the noise, well… it was coming from Vinyl as she was drinking her coffee and not from your sister- for the first time ever. You were… quite surprised.
  32. >Octavia darts her eyes at Vinyl for a second and Vinyl stops drinking, putting down her cup and giggling a bit before apologizing. You can’t help but chuckle a bit; so far Vinyl is your favorite here.
  33. >"Vinyl told me everything I needed to know, but, if there is anything to add to this... adventure of you two, talk now." Octavia says, right to the point. "And please, be honest. I hardly believe two foals made it all the way from Mexicolt to here in one piece. There are plenty of dangerous places in Equestria these days, not long ago we were under attack by some lunatic centaur by the name of Tirek."
  34. >You take a gulp from the cup; the milk was warm and good. You wondered for a second where this was from- but then it hit you- if they asked you what places you both were as you traveled towards Canterlot... you would be in trouble. Why? Because you don't have any idea of any city name besides Canterlot and the Crystal Empire.
  35. >Sure Discord told you some names, but who says he is one hundred percent saying the names are right? You won’t run that risk.
  36. >You gotta play your cards safe.
  38. >And so, you decided to explain how your adventure started with the help of your uncle, Sombrero Negro, which you based on King Sombra, you explained that he gave you the tickets for a train to leave town with some spare money and how the supplies such as food and water that you had in this adventure were from a farmer and teacher friend of your family, Queso Querida, you based this made up character in Queen Chrysalis of course.
  39. >As far as your made up story goes, they believed it all, except for one thing that wasn’t made up.
  40. >”I find your adventure solid, I really do, but, pardon me for being rude, I thought for a second you two did steal at some point. Can you please elaborate how your sister- Epona, was it?” Octavia looks at Epona asking her, which Epona nods happily to her. Octavia holds a smile for a second and goes serious again to you. “How can she find such gems… with so little effort?”
  41. >You whip some sweat off your forehead as she finishes her sentence. Wow, for a moment there you thought she was going to ask something more serious!
  42. “Oh, that’s easy to explain. It’s my sister’s especial talent! Well, one of them. Ever since we were in Mexicolt, she could find rupees in different places. Bushes, under rocks, pounds…” You shrug. “We never actually asked ourselves at home about this, we just let it happen.”
  43. >”I see…” Octavia says as she was admiring one rupee that Epona handed to her; it was a single red rupee. “And you use these rupees instead of bits? Without knowing their price in the market? That’s just irresponsible, then again, you two are just kids so you wouldn’t know their actual value on the market. …Maybe I should call that pony expert in gems to see the value of these.” Octavia whispered to herself while giving one last look into the red rupee.
  44. “Well, now that you point that out… I have to ask something. We’ve been on the run for a while, y'know? And using my sister’s rupees… it took me time to notice, but I never realized that my sister likes her rupees not as souvenirs, but as memories of places we have been through. The other day she showed me this yellow rupee that…” Jeez, you nearly said about how that rupee was the first one when you two met! You need to cover that one up. “That she said she found when we left Mexicolt, and she says it’s okay to use them as we go on our adventure, but I don’t like that, I don’t want my sister’s memories to end up down in the market.”
  45. >With such motivated speech, Octavia was moved by your words and took a sigh.
  46. >”And that’s why you need a roof to live under while also studying so you don’t use your rupees at the expense of your sister, I presume?”
  47. >Well, you just wanted their signatures to enter that school and get an easy trip to the Crystal Empire, although you know already you will just mess around. Like, come on, Discord’s mission? As if he really wants to know where the Crystal Heart is hiding.
  48. “Yeah. It would only be temporary; we don’t want to be a load. We are foals like you said and you two seem to be really busy mares and I apologize for asking to be under your care!”
  49. >Ew! Talking respectfully hurts! It huuuurts! You will have to clean your tongue with toothpaste and orange juice after this!
  50. >Octavia looks at Vinyl for a second; they nod at each other while smiling. “I hope you understand sleeping will be hard on weekends because Miss dubstep here likes to explode the roof and I’m very strict on many, so many things.”
  51. >Eh, could be worse.
  52. >You shrug while leaving the nearly empty mug of milk on the table. “I don’t think it can be worse as we had it before, we accept any terms you throw at us!”
  53. >Epona nods excited. “Yes! We don’t mind! I can sleep at night despite my brother snoring like an Ursa Major!”
  54. >Bhawa- What?
  55. “Hey! I do NOT snore! You do!”
  56. >”No-oh! You do!” Epona was winking her eye while putting her tongue out at you. She was totally declaring war!
  57. “At least I don’t get stuck inside vases as I try to hide my rupees like other ponies do!”
  58. >Epona gasps and is taken aback. “You don’t?! How! Teach me, brother! Teach me!”
  59. >Wait that wasn’t what you wanted to happen! Dang it!
  60. >As you two continued your little fight, Vinyl and Octavia were laughing about it, not getting into it and maybe thinking that this wasn’t a bad decision.
  61. >”A little company wouldn’t hurt us, right, Tavi?” Vinyl says to Octavia while you were ‘discussing’ with your sister. “Besides, when we both get busy, you can always call that friend of yours that was a babysitter, right?”
  62. >”…” Octavia stares blankly at Vinyl. “That’s a last resort call, I really don’t want to call Anna here… she can be a little… overprotective with foals.” Octavia turns her head and looks at a calendar that was across the living room. “But I think I will have to give her a call next Saturday since I have a play in the Canterlot’s gardens.”
  63. >”Hey! I’m not busy next Saturday! You don’t need to call her if I’m not busy! We will only have two foals at home! No more!”
  64. >Octavia rolls her eyes. “Leaving you with two foals, the more reason I need to call her.”
  65. >Vinyl crosses her hooves and turns the contrary way Octavia was looking at. “Fine, do what you want!”
  66. >Octavia puts her cup on the table and smirks at Vinyl, even if she wasn’t looking back. “We totally got three foals at home now.”
  67. >As Epona and you continued discussing nonsense, you suddenly start to feel tired. You didn't know what time it was, you only knew it was late, but you didn’t know how long it has been since the start of the day. Your eyes were feeling heavy and your yawning was giving your exhaustion away.
  68. >And without finishing your discussion with Epona about how much you hated soup more than her does because it was the wettest of foods, you fell asleep on her shoulder.
  70. -Dream transition-
  72. >[…?]
  73. >”I don’t think it will be trouble, the young Prince needs to get used to it.”
  74. >[…]
  75. >”She is not ready yet, so I recommend waiting.”
  76. >…
  77. >You slowly open your eyes and rub your eyes with your right hoof. You were no longer in Canterlot, but you were inside a big dining room, sitting besides Maria who was holding a smile while she realized you woke up.
  78. >”Nice meeting you again, Golden Prince. I’m so glad you joined us in our private party, this time with some important guests, one that you are familiar with.”
  79. >You did feel extra presences in the room with you besides Maria, and you were correct. Sitting in front of you and deep in a slumber was nopony else than Sweetie Belle. Nothing at this point in your life amuses you right now; besides, Maria is here so this is clearly a dream.
  80. “Maria I-“ You started to talk to Maria, but before you continued, you felt some extra inner strength… something you haven’t felt since a long time ago…
  81. >Oh... ohh! You recognize this energy! This power! Bahaha! Ahaha! Oh! It’s back! It’s back!
  82. “Bahahaha! Ohoho! W-Why do I feel my body tickling? I feel so energetic! So chaotic! I feel like laughing over bad puns and jokes! Bahaha!”
  83. >This wasn’t just normal! You were feeling so out of yourself! Your body was hyperventilating! You were feeling dizzy but you had no problems with it! You feel like when you attacked the town! Just… just that you were feeling it 1000% more! And consecutively!
  84. >You feel like dancing! You feel like screaming! You feel chaos running through your veins!
  85. >”I see you noticed the magic that you had before the spirit of chaos himself decided to nullify it.” Maria giggles to herself. “Tonight we shall be enjoying a private tea party with two guests; we’re just waiting for our dear guest wakes up from her exhaustion. So, in the meantime, we shall wait patiently while enjoying ourselves some tea.”
  86. >Hah! Screw that! This is a dream! You don’t need tea when you are asleep! You want to use magic again! Why drink fancy tea when you can do some mischiefs around here?
  87. >But Alberto! What’s the difference between drinking tea and doing chaos in a dream? They are the same! They won’t change anything! You are just dreaming so, therefore, nothing you do here makes anything real!
  88. >Hahaha! SHUT UP VOICE AND LET ME DO AS I PLEASE! I don’t need logic when I want to do what I WANT to do! Heck, I’m even breaking third person while thinking!
  89. “Ah, that’s okay! I can wait! I really can! I just feel like building a whole castle just to take it down! No! You know what! I will just do that while I wait for her to wake up! Bahaha! Bahahaha!”
  90. >Goodness! You feel like if you just drank a whole pack of energy drinks! It’s the best feeling ever! Does Discord feel this mighty always?! Oh ho ho! A ha ha! You can’t stop for a second laughing even in your thoughts!
  91. >”So, did the little empress learned anything after waking up her powers? Or are you taking your time?” You hear Maria talk to somepony in the room, but none other than Sweetie and you were currently in the dining room.
  92. >Hah! And you thought you were crazy, she’s just talking to herself!
  93. >”I see. No need to rush then, take your time, Ronove. Surely the little girl will do wonders in the future with her magic.” Maria says, you still don’t figure who she is talking to.
  94. >But do you care? You don’t! You gotta release some stress and go boom boom some sandcastles!
  95. “Alright! You talk to yourself all you want, I will make some use of my chaotic magic before I wake up! Bahaha!” You touch the table twice with your hooves and a camera appears floating in front of you with a green alien hat that you were wearing on top of your head. “Hey! What’s up everypony! Today we’re gonna build a sandcastle just to destroy it the second we finish it! Follow me!”
  96. >You jump from your chair and land on the floor straight with your head. “Bahah! A dream means no brain damage amage damage!” Somehow, you did feel the hit in your head, but did you care? “I don’t care let’s go!”
  97. >”Okay, my patience can go so far.” Maria says annoyed, her left eye twitched and using her magic she grabs you by the ear and brings you back to your chair at the table.
  98. “Hey! What gives! Let me do chaos! CHAOS!” You struggle from the chair, but you weren’t moving an inch from it. “LET ME BE! I CAN DO ANYTHING NOW!”
  99. >”You are going nowhere, mister. Remember your manners while you are at a tea party with us.” Maria got very close to you and with a dead stare, she whispered in your ear. “Stop giving bad impressions, just for once. You don’t want to see me mad.”
  100. >Well, you actually did want to see her mad!
  101. “Hah! Suit yourself! I still can use my magic indoors!” You clap your hooves together and think about the jester outfit from the fight you had with Aether Tale, just by thinking, you were wearing it now. “Much bettah! Now, can I have some black coffee? I need coffee!”
  102. >Maria takes a sigh while levitating her golden smoking pipe. “Can we switch godchildren for a day- no, for one hour, Ronove?” Maria smokes from her golden smoking pipe and expels the smoke. “I suppose you are right.”
  103. “Okay, tell me who you are talking to! I’m curious to know! Tell me! Tell me! TELL ME! AAAAAAA!“ Your mouth was shut by a yellow aura. “Mmmmmm!”
  104. >”You are not ready yet. Just relax while our guest wakes up, it shouldn’t take much time, so please, hush and wait patiently.” She releases her magic from your muzzle and you are able to talk again. “If you do so I will allow you to drink something else other than tea.”
  105. >Just with that last sentence, you obey Maria and wait patiently like a good dog, even wagging your tail! (Which you forgot you want to chase). Oh boy, you will get some tequila! Unless she is tricking you! Which you think she is but anyway you’ll play along! Because you have nothing else to do?
  106. >Weren’t you supposed to do chaos and make a live documentary on destroying a castle?
  107. >SILENCE, THOUGHTS! Just drink the dream tea!
  108. >Since this is a dream, you clap your hooves twice and the tea from the cup raises and travels in circles until it reaches your mouth, which then you proceed to drink and taste.
  109. >Hey, this is pretty good actually… it kind of made calm you a little, just a tiny bit. You gotta remember to drink this to calm yourself if you overdo it. Not like you cared about your etiquette but you do end forgetting things when going coco in the loco with your magic.
  110. >In the meantime that you were waiting for Sweetie to wake up, you clap your hooves and cast a spell on you, one which hides your presence. Does it work? You don’t know nor care! You just wanted to look mysterious to confuse Sweetie a bit! Why? Just because!
  111. >Jeez, you’re gonna need lots of tea. Speaking of which, the teacup was refilled by a floating teapot. You sense the other presence holding that teapot, so it wasn’t Maria’s magic, but the other guest.
  112. >You just nod your head, not thanking him but going head straight into that sweet tea. “How can this be so tasty?” You ask yourself.
  113. >"Are you Discord? Is this some sort of prank again?" You hear from the other side of the table, Sweetie Belle finally wakes up from her slumber and was asking questions to the figure or pony that you couldn’t see or talk to.
  114. >You can’t help but notice Sweetie’s appearance; the poor thing was just bruised up in that armor of hers. Did she go to war? Who sends a child to war? Discord?
  115. >Nah, he just sends kids to other dimensions.
  116. >"But aren't you supposed to...? Ugh! This is so confusing! It doesn't make sense!" Sweetie Belle complains, probably from her confusion since it was her first time around a pair of witches.
  117. >Well, that’s your cue to talk!
  118. “As my father would say, what's the fun in stuff making sense? You'll get used to it, it's a dream after all... they can do anything, we can too!”
  119. >"Wait a second... Anon?"
  120. >She probably knew somepony was here too but since you cast that funny spell that was totally not necessary at all, she didn’t know it was you. So, let’s blame it on the outfit!
  121. "Oh, right, I'm wearing this disguise that makes me look all mysterious. Sorry!"
  122. "You like my new outfit? It holds all my chaotic powers! Neat, huh? As neat as your armor!"
  123. >Does it, though? You did say that just to sound cool. But powerful armor wouldn’t be that bad!
  124. >Oh, right. You do have a mask with a silly smile on so she probably can’t get a good view of your beautiful face! So you decide to remove it and poof it away with your magic. DREAM MAGIC!
  125. >Still no words from her? She was just staring at you as if she saw a ghost.
  126. "What's wrong, Sweetie? You look like you’ve seen a ghost! Bahaha!" You say, trying to move the mood a bit, but she was still frozen in place. Are you talking with the wall?
  127. >”What happened to you?” She finally begins talking.
  128. “Me? What happened to you! You look like an amazon! Great armor, though. But not as good as my jester clothes! Baha! Baha!”
  129. >For a moment you feel as if Maria has left you and only Sweetie Belle and you were in the dining room. For some reason, she decided to leave you alone with her. No matter where you searched, Maria was nowhere to be found, and you feel that whoever is with Sweetie Belle was gone too, as she tried to look around as if she lost someone in a split second..
  130. >” Have you seen yourself in the mirror? …What happened to your mane? Your coat? Your… eyes? Was it Discord’s doing? You do look like him, except for the eyes.”
  131. >For a second your heart skipped a beat and you felt a bit anxious.
  132. >What did she say?
  133. >Did your- did your mane and coat did change? Then why didn’t Epona didn’t say anything? Or the other pony, Vinyl Scratch, why didn’t she say something? Is it normal in Equestria to change colors?
  134. >No… don’t think about it! You are beginning to sweat! That’s no good! Keep your cool, Anon!
  135. “I… I haven’t changed! I was always this pretty, bebe!” You clap your hooves and make a giant mirror appear. “See? I look the same! Mira! There wasn’t a sudden change in my colors at all! This is normal!”
  136. >Now, you are not the kind to get worried about anything happening from now on, but, you see as the words you were saying came from the mirror and were in red, the same exact words.
  137. >Red lies…
  138. >How come… you can see your own truth or lies in the mirror?
  139. >Suddenly, the dining room starts shaking and the giant mirror you summoned was crushed by falling debris. Maria was again at your side and you weren’t close to Sweetie as you were before.
  140. >…Did Maria want you to see that? That you could ask yourself in the mirror to determine truth from lies?
  142. >…
  143. >After talking for a while with Sweetie Belle, about what she was doing, where you were and your ‘mission’ that Discord gave you, you ended up doing some random magic tricks just for the sake of it being a dream. It was so relaxing that you forgot you had your chaotic magic off the charts and you controlled your laughter from time to time.
  144. >Sweetie, or Penumbra as she calls herself now, felt good from this change of events, although she has a lot to do when going back to the Crystal Empire, what with the dragons and Sombra…
  145. >And you nearly forgot that you probably fell asleep in that apartment… wonder what happened after that.
  146. >”So… how do I wake up? I want to continue and talk to Sombra about… various topics. I feel as if I don’t wake up, it’s gonna be a trouble for him.”
  147. >Maria takes a puff from her smoking pipe. “Anon, be a dear and tell your little lover to wake up, she just needs to walk across that blue door behind her.”
  148. “She’s not my-“ You cough on your hoof as smoke comes from your mouth. What? “Did you just make me smoke?”
  149. >Maria just giggles as you continue coughing.
  150. >Right, don’t give the colt wine but making him smoke, fair and square.
  151. “The witch at my side says to just go across that blue door behind you, Sweetie.”
  152. >Sweetie Belle turns around and sees the blue door you were talking about, then she looks back at you while tilting her head. “Is it safe, though?” She asks.
  153. >”As long as it’s not a yellow door she has nothing to-“ Maria was saying, but suddenly, she disappears in midair.
  154. >Sweetie Belle starts to fade away too.
  155. >The whole dining room began to fade.
  156. >You were alone in a dark room.
  157. “Huh? I’m about to wake up or what?” Your voice echoes in the void that you were in, and nobody replied.
  158. >You start to walk, although you don’t feel as if you were moving anywhere.
  159. >After walking what feels like an eternity, you found a throne that looked like it was made up of shadows, it reminded you of Discord’s throne for a second.
  160. >You could barely spot someone sitting on that throne made of pure shadows; the figure of a foal was sitting on it.
  161. >The foal was struggling to get out of the throne, as if something made it stay still in there, sitting, watching… it was giving you chills up your spine.
  162. >Scratching your mane and not saying a word about it, you decide to ignore it and turn around to look up for the exit from this dream.
  163. >And then you find it, a yellow door appeared in front of you.
  164. “Speak of the devil…”
  165. >Didn’t Maria just say something about yellow doors?
  166. “…She probably said not to open them, but what else I’m going to do? Sit around and wait for all eternity to wake up? Meh!”
  167. >With the decision in your head, you touch the door with your left hoof and decide to open it, but the door was locked.
  168. >In a blink of an eye you were suddenly sitting on the throne that you looked just a few seconds ago.
  169. “Uh? What?” Why I am sitting here? I was just walking over there!” You try to point, but your hooves were stuck on some shadow spikes that made them unable to move. “Ugh! What is this? I didn’t sign up for this!”
  170. >Part of the throne was disappearing, with you in it. Second by second, your hind hooves were fading away and everything was turning into pure darkness.
  171. “No! No! Wait no! Why is this happening? What kind of nightmare is this?! Amaaaaa!”
  172. >Nobody could hear your scream as you were alone, just by yourself.
  173. >Half your body was already gone.
  174. “E-Epona! Sister!” Your breathing was out of control as only your neck and head was visible. “SWEETIE BELLE! MARIA! …DISCORD…!”
  175. >…
  176. >..
  177. >.
  178. “Discord… Discord… WAH-”
  179. >You begin opening your eyes as you wake up on the floor near a bed.
  180. “…My head… hurts.” You rub your head while getting up from the floor. “Did I… fall from the bed? Wait, where I am?”
  181. >
  182. >On the bed that you most likely were asleep in was Epona, drooling in her sleep while her hind leg twitched a bit. A cute sight if you may say, one that nearly made you forget that… nightmare.
  183. >You notice an open window in the bedroom you were sleeping, it was slightly opened enough for some wind to lightly stroke your mane. You step closer to it, the moon was in the top of the night, the moonlight illuminating little of the bedroom. You take a look outside to admire the view.
  184. “So, I’m back in Canterlot.”
  185. >Well, not that you left it! You were just dreaming all this time. It just… that dream felt too real.
  186. >You stare down at your right hoof; it was still shaking from that nightmare.
  187. “Too real, too darn real.” You were frowning, it was a terrible nightmare, but you decide to ignore it and move on, you can’t just get worried about a dumb nightmare anyway.
  188. >As you were about to close the window, you notice on your right hoof that you were wearing a silver bracelet that had what looked like a tiny screen with the face of a colt that looked like megaman; it was sleeping.
  189. >Oh! You recognize this! It was from your GameColt And-
  190. >You take a big yawn, you just… didn’t sleep very well after that last part of your dream. You decide to rather look this tomorrow in the morning and now it was just time to sleep it off.
  191. >You climb up your way to the bed, and roll on the sheets; strategically you use Epona as a second pillow and put her hoof on your belly level.
  192. >Her comfy fur and mane was enough to send you to sleep once more.
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