Tildes positive feedback

Jan 2nd, 2020
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  1. More thoughtful dialogue
  2. No tracking, multiple themes
  3. Lack of trolls and genuine folk.
  4. Respectful, friendly discussions
  5. Nice layout, good discussions, promise of not being incorporated and staying a community project
  6. I like the community and the level of content and discussion.
  7. TIldes is a "safe space" in that it hosts high quality, highly moderated discussions with zero tolerance for bigotry, bad faith participation, or other issues plaguing most social media sites.
  8. Low-volume discussions which are easy to follow
  9. I'm new - don't know
  10. Sensible discussion and maturity of its users.
  11. The conscious effort by Deimorz to make it better
  12. Casual, not filled with dumb pun threads
  13. Simplicity, no assholes, no tracking, no advertisements.
  14. It's not yet overrun with trolls.
  15. Design, moderation, functionality, topics.
  16. A lot of offbeat content gets posted here that I otherwise wouldn't ever hear about. I like the obscure stuff a lot. Give me more of it!
  17. It's a close-knit community with no "platform politics"
  18. moderation, content
  19. The community it's building.
  20. The community.
  21. Thoughtful conversation
  22. High quality content. The word counts and running time are nice touches!
  23. Smaller community and everyone here seems well mannered. No trolls etc.
  24. The culture of open discussion and thoughtful responses.
  25. High-quality, 'slow-form' content with a minimalistic design that doesn't needlessly drain your attention
  26. Private, open source, more civil
  27. No jokes or memes, only discussion
  28. User Interface
  29. No fluff and stupid repetitive jokes
  30. The friendly community and the collection of high quality content and (usually) discussion
  31. The content.
  32. The community it has.
  33. The mission statement - to build a better community
  34. Easy to participate in a meaningful way.
  35. Netiquette is alive and well there.
  36. I already answered these questions. If you don't have my responses, sorry, but I don't have time to answer them again.
  37. It's small and hasn't exploded into a bunch of idiots yet
  38. Its content doesn't target the least common denominator. It's not taken over by cat pics and outrage-bait.
  39. Not gone to shit from popularity
  40. Great community where people speak with sincerity and conviction but not hostility.
  41. High quality discussion
  42. Its ability to cater to discussions.
  43. Small community but not super cliquey, easy to curate through tags, I like the different sorting methods. I also think Deimos is a pretty cool guy overall and he runs things relatively transparently
  44. Good content that's high quality
  45. Smaller scaled and more reasonable discussions in the comments. Contents is also more focused on interesting reads and videos, rather than memes, which I like as well.
  46. It's an alternative to reddit in a sense.
  47. Thoughtful, non-accusational discussion.
  48. A place to talk where I believe people are interacting in good faith.
  49. Light, fast site without bloat. I enjoy the diverse group of ideas and cultures present.
  50. friendly people
  51. Wide variety of interesting links with, while certainly far from optimal, ... bearable comment sections
  52. idk im not here enough tbh
  53. Tildes has a very intelligent and thoughtful userbase. I never feel like the smartest person in a thread.
  54. The funding model
  55. Super light interface
  56. The focus on interesting and unique discussion on all types of things along with the focus of bringing interesting and unique news and questions to the site, along with attempting to seriously organize groups and posts in a coherent manner.
  57. It is better than reddit! Also more civil user base.
  58. Thoughtful conversation, minimal fluff, and a user base with the appearance of some level of education and expertise.
  59. The people
  60. Small, friendly community
  61. no profit motive
  62. The friendly people and atmosphere
  63. Smaller community. Comments seem to be generally higher quality. Compared to Reddit Invite system
  64. ---
  65. Open and generally positive discussion
  66. Small community
  67. Good quality of discussion, nice people. Decent links aggregated and not blocked in places where most things are.
  68. 1) High quality of discussion and the high level of respect community members afford to each other, 2) The small community leads me to be less suspicious of astroturfing and general attempts at manipulation. I can be more confident that I am reading the genuine thoughts and feelings of commenters.
  69. Quality of discussion
  70. The plan for a revenue stream really makes this worthwhile. Anything to avoid the pitfalls of advertising revenue.
  71. The high quality conversation.
  72. It's free from a lot of fluff content such as pictures and memes.
  73. The civility.
  74. The people in the community. The smallness of Tildes' world is nice for me, I see usernames I know regularly. Sort of related, there's no: pun trains, or "Nice" comments, or any of the regular stuff you would see on Reddit. Not that Reddit is _awful_, but I like having higher quality conversations here.
  75. It's what reddit used to be.
  76. I like that it's a small forum where I recognize most people.
  77. Most of the people are nice and don't immediately jump to attacking you, unlike on reddit.
  78. Hints of early Reddit/Digg comments.
  79. The content is high quality
  80. Civilty and quality discussion
  81. How nice everyone is in the comments, also the solarized dark theme is pretty dope.
  82. Rational instead of emotional content rises up
  83. hopefully a fallback for Reddit
  84. Has a variety of entertaining links and such like reddit, but without the unneccessary fluff and with actual intelligent discussion of the content.
  85. Organized content, thoughtful topics, Good source of information/discussion, logical and adaptable system, privacy protection, upstanding community, i consider it similar to a safe space on the internet
  86. The propensity for clear and reasonable discussion.
  87. The community
  88. Quality comments
  89. Philosophy, small community, demographic
  90. Quality moderation that promotes discourse over any specific ideology
  91. Discussion quality is high
  92. High quality, curated content.
  93. Quality discussion and content
  94. Community of reasonable individuals.
  95. Community, quality
  96. The kindness in the comments and discussion
  97. It's a smaller community.
  98. Its not focused on social media and is transparent about money/donations. Also no ads.
  99. The fact that the community is pretty small and focused on common interests that mostly match mine.
  100. Significantly fewer ad and political campaigns. Fewer authoritarians/authoritarian apologists (tankies, fascists) Better quality of discussion, even on controversial topics.
  101. Thoughtful conversation is valued more than memes and trolling
  102. The discussions and seeing when a new post is made after I've already looked at a topic.
  103. Kinda like Reddit but without the memeing and shitposting.
  104. Quality discussion
  105. Excellent discussions.
  106. small, meaningful discussions. I recognize some people across the site
  107. UX, community
  108. Actual discussions between people
  109. It has much more well thought out and well argued discussions, where most people respect each other and have reasonable discussions, unlike some other forums (reddit).
  110. Good topics, conversations, and technical aspect (the site itself is fast and clean and good privacy etc).
  111. Its mere existence, outside of other sites and hopefully the last bastion of the old internet
  112. The community wont dog pile on any comments or bully out of the conversation.
  113. The community is more focused on sincere discussion than most platforms and tries to avoid too much "noise" like meme responses and inside jokes.
  114. Smallness, slowness.
  115. A great dedicated community focused on level-headed discussions based on reason.
  116. Small, close community. Open and intelligent discussion
  117. Good discussions and willingness to communicate and understand each other. Also, Deimos.
  118. discussion quality, mobile site
  119. The lack of annoyances and crap caused by Reddit's karma system and pushes toward monetization.
  120. Curated Content
  121. Friendly community, lack of bigots.
  122. How unlike Reddit it is. Or perhaps it's like Reddit on its first year. The users and mods are great.
  123. The discussions
  124. Pictures/Videos/multimedia doesn't have any advantage over text submissions/discussion topics. As such, a good discussion has a viable opportunity to be seen on the 'front page.'
  125. Quality, civil discussion.
  126. I get a lot of info about fields I don't necessarily have that much interest in.
  127. Fairly neutral news and discussion
  128. Small, pre-September community
  129. The strong stance on the type of content and comments allowed on the platform.
  130. Its more private and more niche, a closer community.
  131. No harassment, trolls, etc
  132. Design philosophy
  133. coming from reddit, it's fairly easy to use
  134. The depth and the feeling that most everyone here is invested in building a better community.
  135. Post tagging
  136. The caliber of conversation on the more nuanced topics
  137. Sensible moderation. Clear goals. Privacy concerned. Civility and niceness.
  138. Deimos
  139. Topics
  140. Community, original content, serious discussions.
  141. Owned/operated by a non-profit with the goal (I believe) of being fully user supported.
  142. Good moderation
  143. finding new and interesting and well-puttogether opinions
  144. There tends to be higher quality discourse and less garbage than other similar sites.
  145. What I most like about Tildes is constructive discussion.
  146. Overall quality of articles, links, and discussions.
  147. it's very simple in design and feels like it could be a really good reddit alternative
  148. It's lightweight, fast, customizable, has a great community, and a very responsive dev.
  149. Relaxed and articulate community
  150. Simplicity
  151. Push for more in depth conversation and smaller community.
  152. No low-effort garbage
  153. Fast page loads. Organized.
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