New Re-route

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  1. Before:
  2. Talk to Zess T, crush contact lens, order contact lens in shop
  3. -Play game until Flurrie-
  4. Leave Boggly Woods
  5. Return to surface
  6. Ultra Hammer Early, buy contact lens, give to Zess T
  7. Walk left to West Rogueport, go in sewers, Teleporter Room Early
  8. -Play rest of game-
  9. Palace Skip with Ultra Hammer
  11. Now:
  12. SKIP Zess T, SKIP crushing contact lens, SKIP ordering contact lens in shop
  13. -Play game until Flurrie-
  14. Leave Boggly Woods
  15. Use Hazard Respawn Glitch to get to West Rogueport through sewers
  16. Double Jump up to the room with Teleporter Room Early
  17. -Play rest of game-
  18. Palace Skip with slower method that doesn't require Ultra Hammer
  20. Skipping Zess T and subsequent cutscenes saves ~96 seconds
  21. Slower Palace Skip costs about 60 seconds.
  23. Therefore we save about 30 seconds.
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