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Email to Chris Perkins

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  1. Subject: Invitation for Chris Perkins to visit Reddit.com and do an AMA/Interview
  2. To: press@wizards.com
  3. BODY:
  5. If this message could be forwarded to Mr. Perkins, that would be
  6. amazing. Thanks!
  9. Chris/Mr. Perkins/Overlord DM,
  11. My name is [redacted], and I'm a new DM. I am also a member of the online
  12. community of Reddit.
  14. If you have never heard of Reddit, it is a pretty simple link- and
  15. text-sharing community organized into smaller "sub-reddits" for just
  16. about every interest you can think of. You can post links, images,
  17. blocks of text, and have people vote on whether or not your submission
  18. contains good content and comment on it. I frequent a number of
  19. subreddits related to tabletop gaming, including /r/DnD, /r/rpg,
  20. /r/worldbuilding, and others. There is thing on Reddit called an
  21. "AMA", or "Ask Me Anything". It's kind of a like a community-driven
  22. interview. Someone can post an AMA, and Reddit users can ask
  23. questions, and that person can respond. It's a great format and allows
  24. for a number of threads of conversation and lots of info being shared.
  25. You can spend as short as an hour answering questions, or up to
  26. days/weeks, if you feel so inclined (the thread stays open, and you
  27. can always come back an answer more questions), though usually a
  28. couple of hours is suggested. It's a very open format and usually
  29. quite informal.
  31. As an ad-hoc representative of /r/DnD, I would like to invite you to
  32. do an AMA with us at your leisure. We would love to have you come
  33. answer some questions (and maybe even ask some of your own). Here are
  34. a few sample questions that a few people have indicated they would
  35. like to ask (you can see the full thread here: http://redd.it/1hfc39):
  37. - "What fuels your imagination and desire to DM/GM? Do you ever get
  38. tired of it and if so, what do you do?"
  39. - "Who inspires you most as a DM/GM?"
  40. - "Will podcasts be more frequent with NEXT? They have been
  41. intermittent during 4e but I always enjoy them and would love for them
  42. to become more regular."
  43. - "What brought you to where you are today, in terms of the world of
  44. tabletop gaming?"
  46. If this sounds like something you like to do, feel free to email me
  47. back and I can give you more info and/or walk you through creating a
  48. properly set-up AMA thread. And regardless, you are more than welcome
  49. to make an account on reddit and join the community; fans are always
  50. happy to see celebrity figures show up in the comments/submissions.
  52. Thanks for reading, and regardless of whether or not you get back to
  53. me, keep doing what you're doing. You're a huge inspiration, and I
  54. hope that one day I can be half the DM you are :D
  56. [insert signature here]
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