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  1. > Overhaul a little the QUrl error reporting.
  2. > Update some error messages in QUrl::errorString()
  3. > Add Q_UNREACHABLE / Q_ASSERT to two conditions that can't happen
  4. > Move QUrlPrivate to qurl.cpp and mark all methods as inline
  5. > Change QUrlPrivate::setAuthority to return void
  6. > Remove the annoying qWarning when QUrl::setPort is out of range
  7. > Update QUrlPrivate::setScheme: EmptySchemeError never happens
  8. > Make QUrl::errorString() usable for QtTest output in invalid URLs
  9. > Make QUrl::toString() / toEncoded() return empty for invalid URLs
  10. > Add two compound URL invalidity cases for isValid()
  11. > Fix DIB image reading.
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