Evidence for the Biblical God

May 28th, 2021 (edited)
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  1. For absolute proof of a general creator and designer, I recommend checking-out "Stephen Meyer", and other Intelligent Design advocates, on YouTube, is a great place to start.
    Here's a Good Overview on Intelligent Design:
    Here's a video on Stephen Meyer's "Darwin's Doubt", which goes into more depth on ID:
    James Tour has some incredible content on Organic Chemistry, and its complexity:
    The Privileged Planet Documentary:
    Privileged Species Mini-Documentary:
    There is a lot of content on Intelligent Design, and the main reason I share some of it is because it does a pretty good job of demonstrating complex information systems.
    The strange thing about many of its advocates, though, is that they tend to be fairly logical from a chemical or mathematical approach, but then they often hold to old earth theories.
    For more on that, you'll have to skip to point #3, and see content from Jason Lisle.

  2. After establishing that the universe has clearly been created, I think it's a good idea to consider Don Patton's two videos on Old Testament and New Testament Archaeology, but Don also has some incredible videos on geology that are very worthwhile, as well.
    Some people make excuses about the ability to connect a scientifically provable creator to a specific identity, but this can be easily achieved by learning a little history.
    I think this is the OT video:
    And I think this is the NT video:
    This one is probably good, too, but I haven't watched it in a while:

  3. Then, consider Jason Lisle's content, in general, but especially his video on the "Ultimate Proof of Creation", and perhaps his presentation on "Fractals".
    This is one of the UPC presentations:
    Here is the Fractals video:
    Here's a young earth video he does, using the cosmos as proof:

  4. Also, Kent Hovind, though somewhat criticized, actually does have a lot of strong content which a lot of people don't realize is essentially a collection of the work of a lot of other experts in various fields and disciplines.
    So, even though his core video presentations are a bit older, the information still hold's up, today, and it can lead you to a variety of other scientists that have done some amazing work, as well.
    Here is the first video in his 7-video seminar:
    I think that's actually a playlist file, so it should contain the whole series.

  5. There are two videos on Amazon Prime, which will teach you a great deal about church history and the development of the Bible, called "A Lamp in the Dark" and "Tares Among Wheat".
    Here's the LID link:
    Here's the TAW link:

  6. Lastly, I have to recommend a couple videos by Walter Veith, about modern corruptions to Biblical texts.
    I don't really recommend any of his other content, but he does such a thorough job explaining this issue that I have to share these two videos.
    Battle of the Bibles - History of Corrupt Manuscripts:
    Battle of the Bibles - Demonstrating Actual Changes to the Text:

If I could top it off, at the very end of the road, is the KJV Bible.
Once you actually believe the Bible is true, it is incredible what you begin to understand.
The scripture makes it clear that the things of God cannot be understood by the lost, and so it's this catch-22, of sorts, because you have to actually seek him "in sincerity and in Truth", or you cannot find him.
The scripture makes it clear that the whole world actually knows God, but they "suppress the Truth in unrighteousness".

Please consider these recommendations as general overview, which I think is strong enough to change a person, but it does not cover every little thing that might bother any given person.
It does, however, cover the foundational issues, which I believe, when addressed, should result in a change of heart that is based on Logic and Reason, Truth and Evidence, and ultimately a Spiritual encounter with the Living God.

I wish you well, and I hope you look into these things.
God Bless You, and thanks for reading. :)

Psalm 34:8 (KJV)
O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him.

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