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  1. I found a few bugs, first, the Yeti had damaged me even before it came, and it did it for very far lengths, I couldn't pick up wood in the cave by the cavemen (EDIT: NEVERMIND, THE MESSAGE JUST SAID TO PICK IT UP, IT DIDN'T SAY CLICK I GOT CONFUSED), and one caveman was named 3 JUST 3. I also could damage them, they weren't saying anything, and they got hurt until they had just about no health. They were bugged for sure, I thought. When I pick up a bow, the arrows still point to it, even when I already have a bow, the guide says to "pick up a bow". The arrows just go in the same position in the rabbit, maybe make it freeze when it hits the rabbit so it stays and looks more realistic. Also, before starting a fire in the cave, the lake doesn't do damage, or what I think, because I was trying to find my friend who was lost. Some of these may not be true, its probably patched, I am just trying to edit my answer. Also, my health does not heal. Also, after finding the core, I died, so I respawned back at the portal?!?!?! I also then had to fight the yeti at night. The damage was weird with the bow, first I didn't loose a friend, second, I couldn't kill the yeti, third, the yeti couldn't do dmg to me..
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