Mitama's Training - Alina and Hinano Chapter

Mar 3rd, 2018
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  1. Mitama's Training - Alina and Hinano Chapter
  3. Chapter 1:
  5. White Wing: ......
  6. Mitama: Welcome! ♪ What can I do for you?
  7. White Wing: ...Plans.
  8. Mitama: Hm...?
  9. White Wing: ...Tomorrow.
  10. Mitama: You don't need a reservation if it's for an adjustment. ♪
  11. Mitama: Will a higher-up be visiting or something?
  12. White Wing: ...Yes.
  13. Mitama: Ah, but! At that time, I...
  14. White Wing: ...We are aware.
  15. White Wing: ...You do not need to go.
  16. Mitama: Ah... well, when that higher-up comes here...
  17. Mitama: Perhaps you're saying I should complete any business I have at hand?
  18. White Wing: ...Yes.
  19. Mitama: That's fine.
  20. Mitama: Okay then, I'll be prepared and waiting. ♪
  21. White Wing: ...Please.
  23. ---
  25. Hinano: Fuffuffu...
  26. Hinano: Finally... it's finally complete...!
  27. Hinano: Now if I put dilute this solution and stir it...
  28. Hinano: M-... m-m-... my heart's desire...
  29. sfx: *bang*
  30. Hinano: Oh sh-...!
  31. Hinano: My hand... slipped...
  32. *flash, bang, smoke*
  33. Hinano: *cough cough cough*...!
  34. Hinano: A screwup for the first time in ages.
  35. Hinano: The gas mask I had ready to go in the worst case scenario came in handy at least...
  36. Hinano: ......
  37. Hinano: (Still, no good, huh...)
  38. Hinano: (I even thought I was prepared for everything.)
  39. Hinano: (This is what you get when the hand that's holding the test tube trembles at the critical moment...)
  40. Hinano: (I haven't completed recovered from that incident... have I?)
  41. Hinano: Well then...
  42. Hinano: Better start preparing for cleanup and report myself to the club advisor.
  43. Hinano: ...I've got to get the stuff for tomorrow's science event ready, too.
  45. ---
  47. [The next day...]
  48. Hinano: ...And so!
  49. Hinano: Even a veteran science club president who has overcome much adversity...
  50. Hinano: ...can cause an explosive incident like this!
  51. Hinano: Therefore...
  52. Emiri: ...Perfectly prepare your experiment preparation!
  53. Emiri: Doing it kids only is a no-no, always! ☆
  54. Emiri: ...And that's that!
  55. Emiri: Does everyone get it~?
  56. Kids: Yeeees!
  57. Hinano: Emiri... you...
  58. Hinano: Whaaaat, Myaako-senpai?!
  59. Hinano: You're just my assistant, but you always take the juiciest lines at the end.
  60. Hinano: ...Will you please stop that already?
  61. Emiri: But I mean, I was just feeling it!
  62. Emiri: The answer bell rang in my head with exactly what you were going to say next, Myaako-senpai!
  63. Hinano: That's just because you've been my assistant for a long time...
  64. Emiri: Yep, yep!
  65. Emiri: I've heard "don't perform dangerous experiments" like 1.51 million times already!
  66. Emiri: Ah, but! Myaako-senpai.
  67. Emiri: So what were you doing? What was that experiment that made smoke poof everywhere?
  68. Hinano: Uu...
  69. Hinano: That's... well, you see.
  70. Hinano: ...taller...
  71. Emiri: Huh, what was that? I couldn't hear it very well.
  72. Hinano: That's... getting... taller.
  73. Emiri: One more time! So that everybody can hear you!
  74. Hinano: You're the only one who needs to hear it, aren't you?! What am I gonna do if everyone hears it!
  75. Emiri: Yeah, yeah! Say it with that exact volume!
  76. Hinano: ...I was trying to make a drug that would make me taller.
  77. Emiri: Whaaat?! A drug to make you taller?!
  78. Emiri: In other words... you're saying a drug to make you taller?
  79. Hinano: That's exactly what you said! What was the point of repeating it again?!
  80. Hinano: ...But, it didn't work.
  81. Hinano: My failure from five years ago ended up floating into my mind.
  82. Emiri: Hm, five years ago?
  83. Hinano: I told you before, didn't I?
  84. Hinano: A dangerous experiment of mine caused a release of toxic gas.
  85. Hinano: When I was on the brink of death, I made a wish to Kyubey to save my life.
  86. Hinano: The drug I was trying to make at that time was also a drug that would make me taller...
  87. Emiri: ......
  88. Emiri: That certainly does make me nervous.
  89. Emiri: So that you don't have to do something like that again, Myaako-senpai...
  90. Emiri: I'll part with about 5cm of my height and give it to you...
  91. Hinano: ...I'm not sure if you're trying to comfort me or not, but that kind of pissed me off!
  92. Hinano: Well, anyway.
  93. Hinano: I'll keep my hands out of any more dangerous experiments.
  94. Emiri: Huh, why?
  95. Hinano: ...Because I don't want to make my cute kouhai sad.
  96. Emiri: --?!
  97. Emiri: Myaako-senpai... that's so kind & totally kyooot!
  98. Hinano: You...! I told you not to hug me!
  100. ---
  102. Hinano: (Emiri went home...)
  103. Hinano: (Sneaking back to the club room is pathetic, even I can admit that to myself...)
  104. Hinano: (I just... can't give up here.)
  105. Hinano: (My dream... my longing.)
  106. Hinano: Emiri, I'm sorry.
  107. Hinano: I... lied to you.
  109. ---
  111. Chapter 2
  113. Emiri: Mi-mi-mi... Mitamaccho! Please, help!
  114. Mitama: Oh? What's happened to get you so panicked?
  115. Emiri: Senpai...! Myaako-senpai...!
  116. Emiri: ...Passed out in the science clubroom!
  117. Mitama: Wha-...? Oh no!
  118. Hinano: ......
  119. Mitama: She's out completely... pardon me.
  120. Mitama: Her soul gem is okay, hm... it doesn't appear to be life-threatening.
  121. Mitama: But I am concerned that it seems quite impure.
  122. Mitama: We need to hurry and purify it...
  123. Emiri: Use my grief seed!
  124. Mitama: Okay. She should be all right for now...!
  125. Emiri: Great! Mitamaccho, you have my total thanks!
  126. Emiri: I was worrying about whether I should take her to the hospital, but...
  127. Mitama: I wouldn't really say I'm a doctor of magical girls, but...
  128. Mitama: This time, I think you made the right choice bringing her here. ♪
  129. Hinano: ......
  130. Hinano: ...nn?
  131. Hinano: Where am I...?
  132. Emiri: Mya-... Myaako-senpai!
  133. Emiri: Myaako-senpai woke up!!!
  135. ---
  137. Mitama:, in short...
  138. Mitama: The result of drinking the "height" drug you were developing...
  139. Mitama: ...was that all this happened, right?
  140. Hinano: That's correct... I'm sorry to have worried you...
  141. Hinano: The moment I drank it, I was overcome by violent stomach pain.
  142. Hinano: I seriously thought I was going to die...
  143. Hinano: (And what's more, I didn't end up growing any taller at all...!)
  144. Mitama: You should be thankful to Emiri-chan for finding you and bringing you here!
  145. Emiri: No, no, I don't need thanks!
  146. Emiri: Since Myaako-senpai weighs so little, it was easy to carry her!
  147. Hinano: Uu...
  148. Hinano: I am tiny, after all...
  149. Emiri: Myaako-senpai...
  150. Emiri: Why do you want to get bigger so much?
  151. Emiri: Even though you're so kyoot just like you are...
  152. Hinano: Emiri.
  153. Hinano: ...I apologize for breaking my promise to you and running right back to dangerous experimentation.
  154. Hinano: But to me, that's the one thing I have to draw a line on compromising.
  155. Hinano: That's my origin as a scientist.
  157. ---
  159. Chapter 3:
  161. My origin is...
  162. from watching "entertaining science experiment events" as a child.
  163. The intellectual curiosity that was sleeping inside of me was awakened at that moment.
  164. The moderator at the time was a sexy, long-legged older girl in a white ...
  165. I thought that in the future, I would also like to stand dashingly in front of the children like she did.
  166. Emiri: Oooh!
  167. Emiri: I see! I get it!
  168. Emiri: Basically, Myaako-senpai's ideal is...
  169. Emiri: Number one! A person amazing at experiments!
  170. Emiri: Number two! A person who can science teach to kids!
  171. Emiri: Number three! Sexy and long(!) legs type of person!
  172. Emiri: So that's right?
  173. Emiri: ...Hm? The third...
  174. Emiri: ......
  175. Emiri: Yeah!
  176. Hinano: What's with that smile! You're so noisy!
  177. Hinano: ...In the end, of those things that I admired then, I could only accomplish one.
  178. Hinano: Just broadening the minds of children with science.
  179. Hinano: Because I almost died five years ago, I'm scared to perform dangerous experiments.
  180. Hinano: And my height is... as you see.
  181. Hinano: And at last, when I turned 18, I figured I could make a drug to grow taller, but I went too far.
  182. Hinano: ...And almost killed myself again.
  183. Hinano: Go ahead and laugh at your stupid and thoughtless senpai...
  184. Emiri: ...I won't laugh.
  185. Hinano: Huh?
  186. Emiri: ...I'm not going to laugh.
  187. Emiri: Because...
  188. Emiri: I became a magical girl because I wanted to be the cutest little devil there was, y'know?
  189. Emiri: was a spur of the moment decision!
  190. Hinano: ...You really do have an attitude!
  191. Hinano: But, well... this feeling can't stay the same...
  192. Hinano: It still causes problems over and over...
  193. Hinano: ......
  194. Mitama: Hmmm... she's still a way off from being fully recovered.
  195. Mitama: Her soul gem still looks impure.
  196. Mitama: Mm... Hinano-san?
  197. Mitama: She looks like... she's getting worse?
  198. Hinano: ...... ......
  199. Emiri: ...Myaako-senpai?
  200. Emiri: ...Myaako-senpai! Pull it together!!
  201. Mitama: Ah, this isn't good...
  202. Emiri: Huh, is something bad gonna happen?
  203. Mitama: We need to get her outside as soon as possible! Help me!
  204. Emiri: Kay!
  205. [Barrier appears]
  206. Mitama: --?!
  207. Mitama: This is... a barrier entrance?!
  208. *flashes*
  209. Mitama: ...Kya!
  210. *flashes*
  211. Emiri: Ah... wawawa! ...Oh no!
  212. *screen goes white*
  213. Emiri: Myaako-senpai was...
  214. Mitama: ...pulled into the barrier?!
  216. ---
  218. Hinano: This is...
  219. Hinano: Did... I pass out again?
  220. ???: Heh...
  221. Hinano: --?!
  222. Hinano: You, who are you?!
  223. ???: I am you. You are me.
  224. ???: You understand, don't you? You should, since it's you.
  225. ???: I am the me that you continued to nurture in your heart.
  226. ???: Your "desire." That is me.
  227. Hinano: Why have you appeared in front of me?
  228. ???: That's because...
  229. ???: I will defeat you, so that I can become "me"!
  230. *Hinano transforms*
  232. ---
  234. Hinano: *pant pant*
  235. ???: You're persistent, aren't you...
  236. ???: But you can't defeat me.
  237. ???: I am the you from a time when you were freer.
  238. ???: A pure crystallization of you created from your "longing".
  239. ???: You, who kept your gaze averted from me for fear of making a mistake...
  240. ???: ...have no chance to win against me!
  241. *flash*
  242. Hinano: --?!
  243. *doppel appears*
  244. Hinano: (Woah... what is this?!)
  245. Hinano: (A monster like this... was inside of me?)
  246. Hinano: (......)
  247. Hinano: (When I observe it closely...)
  248. Hinano: (The reagents suspended around it... all of them are deadly poisons.)
  249. Hinano: (It's like an amalgamation the thoughtless younger me would have come up with...)
  250. Hinano: (A sexy white labcoat and long legs...)
  251. Hinano: (This is certainly the product of my aspirations.)
  252. Hinano: (So I'm going to be pushed around my entire life by this thing...)
  253. Hinano: (...while making the same mistakes over and over, am I?)
  254. Hinano: (Making the same mistakes, like five years ago and today.)
  255. *flash*
  256. Emiri: Myaako-senpai!!!
  257. Emiri: No, no! I don't want us to part like this!
  258. *flash*
  259. Hinano: ...Huh?!
  260. ???: How's that!
  261. ???: With those short arms and legs of yours, you literally cannot reach me!
  262. Hinano: ......
  263. ???: Have you lost the willpower to fight back?
  264. ???: If so, then I won't hold back...!
  265. *Hinano disappears*
  266. ???: ...Y-... you dodged me?
  267. Hinano: I'm sorry, but...
  268. Hinano: I'm not dying yet!
  269. ???: Guaaah!
  270. Hinano: There's someone who adores her "Myaako-senpai"...
  271. Hinano: ...who's waiting for me!
  272. ???: Nguu...!
  273. ???: A tiny thing like you...!
  274. Hinano: You see, the me right now...!
  275. Hinano: She may have failed to become a sexy, mature kind of girl, but...
  276. Hinano: I'm popular among the kids for being "little, friendly, and approchable"!
  277. ???: Uggh!
  278. Hinano: ...And also, you see, it was because of this appearance of mine...
  279. Hinano: ...that I was also able to meet my cute kouhai!
  280. ???: Guaaah...!
  281. ???: *pant pant* You... don't you have any regrets?!
  282. ???: Of long legs, of white labcoats, having these sexy dynamites...!
  283. Hinano: ...I do.
  284. ???: What?!
  285. Hinano: ...But, well...
  286. Hinano: I've felt more like I'm okay like this rather than having to do it...
  287. Hinano: Because I've been blessed with great comrades!
  288. ???: ......
  289. ???: In the end, are you giving up? On the height drug...?
  290. Hinano: No, research shall continue.
  291. ???: ......?
  292. Hinano: Research on a "completely safe height drug"...!
  293. ???: --?!
  294. ???: That in itself... is a goal that stimulates my ambition...
  295. ???: I look forward to its completion...
  296. Hinano: ......
  297. Hinano: She actually agreed to it...!
  298. Hinano: --?!
  299. Hinano: What is it now...?
  300. *flash*
  301. Mitama: The barrier... unravelled?
  302. Hinano: ......
  303. Emiri: Myaako-senpai???!!!
  304. Emiri: T-... thank goodness!! You came back!!!!
  305. Hinano: ...Emiri. I'm okay now.
  306. Hinano: I need you thank you as well, Mitama.
  307. Mitama: I'm so glad!
  308. Mitama: Emiri-chan was shouting with teary eyes. ♪
  309. *flashback*
  310. Emiri: Myaako-senpai!!!
  311. Emiri: No, no! I don't want us to part like this!
  312. Hinano: ...Huh?
  313. Hinano: Then... the voice I heard was...
  314. Hinano: ...actually Emiri's?
  315. Emiri: Hmm?
  316. Hinano: ...Emiri.
  317. Hinano: The reason I was able to come back is because you were here.
  318. Hinano: ...Thank you, truly.
  319. Emiri: Huh, what what? You're so formal!
  320. Mitama: Fufufu... ♪
  321. Mitama: ...Now then, Hinano-san will need some time to recover.
  322. Mitama: So how about the adjuster gives you some special service? ♪
  323. Emiri: Oooh! Seriously, seriously~?!
  324. Emiri: Myaako-senpai! Good for you!
  325. Hinano: ...Yeah, it is.
  326. Hinano: Now, today was very tiring, so I'm going to go home...
  327. Emiri: Thank you, Mitamaccho!
  329. ---
  331. Alina: ......
  332. Mitama: My, Alina? Welcome! ♪
  333. Alina: ...There was absolutely no point to the reservation, was there?
  334. Mitama: It seems like I've kept you waiting. I'm sorry...
  335. Mitama: Ah, right, right... about that barrier earlier!
  336. Mitama: You created that so Hinano-san could be isolated, right?
  337. Mitama: You protected us from that scary doppel, didn't you? ♪
  338. Alina: ...Because carrying her all slowly would have made it likely you wouldn't have escaped in time.
  339. Alina: If the adjuster died, that would be a bad situation for Alina.
  340. Mitama: I need to express my gratitude properly! I'll give you some special service, too, Alina! ♪
  341. Alina: It's not often that I happen to be there at the moment of a release...
  342. Alina: Since I got to see something interesting, I don't really need any sort of gratitude.
  343. Mitama: Now don't say that! Let's start with an adjustment. ♪
  344. Mitama: Please continue to favor me with your business. ♪
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